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Rumor: Alan Wake trailer to debut during Finnish Max Payne movie premiere

Here's an interesting rumor for you. Word on the Finnish streets (yes, Finnish streets) is that a new Alan Wake trailer will be debuting during Finland's movie premiere of Max Payne on October 17th. Because, you know, developer Remedy is based in Finland, so why wouldn't they debut the trailer in their home land. This delicious Alan Wake rumor comes from video game magazine Pelaaja who seems quite confident that this new Alan Wake trailer will be debuted in a few weeks. We're a bit more skeptical because, after all, it is Alan Wake. A game that has been M.I.A. for far too long.

[Via Crispy Gamer]

Remedy: Alan Wake still being worked on, admits dev has been difficult

"A small update" has just been posted over on the official Alan Wake forums by Remedy's own MikaRMD, aimed at giving everyone a secure, warm, fuzzy feeling that the dev team is still hard at work on Alan Wake. You know, just in case you thought it kicked the development bucket or something. Also, in their post, Remedy candidly mentions that with Alan Wake's development, "if everything had gone perfectly smoothly there probably would be a game out for you guys to play already." Going on to say that "designing a completely new game can be hard, and sometimes you need to take a detour to find the best route forward." In other words and to be frank, development of Alan Wake has been a b*tch!

[Via Shacknews]

Remedy: Alan Wake NOT confirmed for TGS

Last week, news surfaced surrounding a MSN Games sponsored promotion from 2007 that promised one lucky winner their digital likeness in an Alan Wake demo that was set to premier during the 2008 Tokyo Game Show. This of course nearly confirmed that a new Alan Wake trailer or demo would be shown at this year's TGS ... or so we thought.

The Remedy development team just confirmed via the official Alan Wake forums that the "promotion referring to TGS took place in 2007, and is old news" meaning that the MSN Games promotion "was not an announcement that Wake would be shown at TGS 2008." A statement that isn't a flat out denial that the game will make an appearance at TGS, but it's far from confirmation that we'll see anything Alan Wake later this year. And we were starting to actually buy into the idea that Alan Wake wasn't total vaporware. Humph.

[Via CVG]

Would You Rather ... Shipping Now Edition

In our continuing effort to bring you fresh and interesting content, X3F presents Would You Rather ... a weekly feature that asks you the hard questions. The point? If you had to choose one or the other, which would you go for?

This week in Would You Rather we're taking a look back at Microsoft Game Studios' 2008 Yearbook and wishing for a miracle. For a miracle to come. While the lineup looks rad, we're upset at the lack of info (or date!) for Alan Wake and Peter Jackson's mysterious Halo project.

So we got to thinking, if you had to pick one of them to hit store shelves this year which would you choose? The brand new IP from Remedy, Alan Wake or the "revolutionary" Peter Jackson Halo game?

Feel free to share the reasons for your vote in the comments. We'll share the results of the poll during the next edition of Would You Rather ... which hits X3F every Wednesday.

Last weeks WUR results can be find after the jump ... come in and check it out for free!

Continue reading Would You Rather ... Shipping Now Edition

2008 Yearbook: Microsoft Game Studios

After a solid year for the Xbox 360 in 2007 many thought the system could never showcase the same amount of quality exclusives in a single year.

In the 2008 Microsoft Game Studios Yearbook, we've compiled a list of this year's graduating class with a detailed account of each title's current status and the stories surrounding them.

From heartbreaking cancellations, surprise feature announcements and expected sequels, the 2008 MGS Yearbook is filled with fun facts and information on your soon-to-be favorite titles. Also included in the yearbook are special joke awards given to each title that releases in 2008 that poke fun at the details most commonly argued about in the comments.

From Ninja Gaiden II to Alan Wake, the 2008 Microsoft Game Studios Yearbook will have something for everyone.

Ladies and gentlemen allow us to introduce the 2008 Microsoft Game Studios graduating class ...

Spring Showcase no shows: Halo Wars and Alan Wake

Now that the onslaught of Spring Showcase information has mostly subsided (we've still got some hands-on impressions on the way), we have some time to reflect. There were many games on display at the Spring Showcase, which makes the absence of two of Microsoft's premiere titles stand out. The games about which we speak are Alan Wake and Halo Wars. While Alan Wake is perhaps less anticipated (thanks to its seemingly eternal development schedule and its status as a new IP), it's pretty strange that a high profile title like Halo Wars was absent. According to our friends at Joystiq, who spoke to Microsoft on the matter, the Spring Showcase wasn't considered the proper venue for the two games.

It's kind of hard to believe that an event designed around letting journalists try their collective hand at all the latest games isn't the right venue for these games (or any game, really). We suppose it's fair to say that Alan Wake -- a survival horror game -- might require more intimacy to appreciate, but Halo Wars? Perhaps Microsoft thought journos wouldn't be able to grasp the controls in the 30-45 minutes of playtime they were allowed.

Whatever the reason behind the decision to leave out two of Microsoft Games Studios' biggest titles from the Spring Showcase, we hope we'll see something soon. And we really hope that their absence doesn't portend any delays.

Microsoft: No Alan Wake release day yet

Since its reveal at E3 2005 action-thriller fans have been clamoring for more information on Alan Wake. Developed by Remedy, the team behind Max Payne, the PR camp has been quiet on new details for the title and today is no different. Speaking with Venture Beat, Microsoft's Shane Kim dissapointingly continued Alan's media blackout. "We haven't announced a firm date for Alan Wake." Kim added that Microsoft, who announced it would exclusively publish the title for Xbox 360 and PC at E3 2006, would set a release date for the title when it was ready.

With next to no new information released since 2006, is Alan Wake still on your radar?

[via Big Download]

Alan Wake on Oct. 1, so says Amazon

Alright fanboys, get our your spoons and scoop up a big dose of skeptical sauce, Amazon has pinned a release date on Alan Wake. Yes, that Alan Wake. The same Alan Wake that currently rests in a state of media blackout. The same Alan Wake that we knew hardly anything about before the media blackout. Amazon, in all its prescient wisdom, has slapped a release date of October 1 on the game and is accepting preorders. How much weight are we putting behind this date? Considering the circumstances (blackout, remember), we'd say we're hovering just above zero.

That said, Alan Wake is ostensibly a survival horror game, so an October release date would at least make sense ('cause of Halloween, get it?). We'll see.

[Thanks, th3th0mas]

Alan Wake media blackout will continue

Wow, rumors spec and general vagueness doesn't last long these days as we already have an update to the Alan Wake media blackout story we posted a few hours ago. Earlier, we reported that an Alan Wake "Super Moderator" said that the information and media blackout would be ending sometime soon, and we took it as if he knew some insider stuff. Well, that isn't the case. ADM, the forum tech director, jumped in to clear the air saying that the previous remarks are "not 'news' and we don't know when the media blackout is to end" and recommends to "be patient and when we do know something we will post it up at or here. Don't read into comments too much." To be fair, Morry (the original news maker) did clarify his previous remarks calling it an "innocent comment".

So, there you have it. Nobody really knows the exact time-frame for when Microsoft or Remedy will unveil Alan Wake in all its glory. We have speculation, a few best guesses and in all reality, we should be getting some information soon if Alan Wake is still on track for a 2008 release. Our guess is E3 and we don't need a forum mod's approval to say that.

Alan Wake's media blackout should end soon

We're sure some of you are probably starting to think that the longtime announced, yet detail sparse Alan Wake has become vaporware by now. True, a 2008 release has been confirmed, but where are the informative bits and the huge media blowout? Well, according to a "Super Moderator" over on the official Alan Wake forums, all of our Alan Wake curiosities shall be fulfilled. Super mod Morry popped in a forum discussion about the lack of Alan Wake news in 2008 saying "Patience. The media "blackout" won't continue for too much longer." Hopefully our patience will hold strong, because we want to see what Remedy has created and we want to see now.

[Via NeoGAF]

Rumor: Gears of War 2 and Alan Wake at GDC

The video game industry's favorite insider darling Surfer Girl is back to her predicting ways, this time targeting Alan Wake and the highly anticipated Gears of War 2.

According to her long list of answers that she posted in response to readers' numerous questions, Surfer Girl confirms that Gears of War 2 will be making an appearance at GDC later this month and so will the somewhat forgotten Alan Wake. Surfer Girl goes on to claim other rumors including Mass Effect DLC as well as Halo 4's existence, but in the short term, GoW2 and Alan Wake making a GDC appearance is the hotness right now. Even if Mark Rein says otherwise.

Looking back, Surfer Girl has been able to keep a pretty solid track record for being spot about insider news, but know that her insider tips are not always perfect. So, take all her tips for what they're worth, analyze your GDC floorplan and pick up a copy of GamePro, because GoW2 announcement buzz is taking over the intertubes. Be prepared.

[Thanks, to everyone who sent this in]

Alan Wake, Fable 2 and others will release in 2008

Something we forgot to mention that was included in Dan Mattrick's ever enjoyable memo was the fact that, for the first time ever, a few Xbox 360 games have been confirmed for a 2008 release.

Nestled towards the bottom of Mattrick's memo he lists a few games that'll release in 2008 including the not so canceled Alan Wake and Fable 2 as well as Too Human, Halo Wars, Splinter Cell: Conviction and "several exciting yet-to-be-announced titles". Wait, did you get that? Alan Wake is no longer rumored, but is now confirmed for release this year! Double w00t, w00t to that! But don't get us wrong. We're totally happy to hear Fable 2, Too Human and the others are also confirmed for release this year, it's just that we've been in an Alan Wake drought as of late and hearing that it hasn't turned into vaporware makes us giddy. Anyhoo, it's nice to see some of the our 2008 game release predictions coming true and know that we won't be in a gaming slump after last year's amazing lineup. It's time to get your pre-orders lined up fanboys, because this year is going to be grreat!

[Via Joystiq]

Fable 2 and Alan Wake not at cancellation risk

After posting the rumor about an Xbox 360 game cancellation going to be announced this week, fanboys and the internet have been abuzz. Everyone is trying to figure out which Microsoft published title is getting the axe or if the rumor has any credibility. And today we're pleased to cross a few games off the list of cancellation possibilities with both Fable 2 and Alan Wake confirming that they're still in development and far from being canceled. Both studios were quick to distance themselves from this nasty cancellation rumor, confirming their green light status on their respective forums.

So far our top cancellation contenders have fallen through with Banjo-Kazooie 3, Alan Wake and Fable 2 all safe. So, what's left? We're done with our speculation, because honestly, we're starting to doubt the credibility of this rumor. But feel free to throw some more names out there, maybe more studios will start denying cancellation rumors and we can widdle down our potential list some more.

Read - Alan Wake denies cancellation
Read - Fable 2 denies cancellation

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