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EA goes Big Brother: Banning on forums could lead to game ban?

Apparently the internet police are in full force for people who want to talk out of turn. According to EA forum user 'eeapoc' -- allegedly, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 community manager Aaron Kaufman -- EA forum users who are hit with a banhammer for acting out could see themselves locked out of their own library of purchased EA titles.

As stated in the post, EA is implementing a new regulation that forum users must tie their message board account with their EA master account, created during the EA game registration process. A ban of the forum account would then ban players from games tied into their master account and other EA titles. Presumably the ban would restrict online capabilities of a master account's purchased games, only.

"If we ban you on the forums, you would be banned from the game as well since the login process is the same. And you'd actually be banned from your other EA games as well since its all tied to your account," the post from user 'eeapoc' told forum goers. "So if you have Spore and Red Alert 3 and you get yourself banned on our forums or in-game, well, your Spore account would be banned to. It's all one in the same, so I strongly recommend people play nice and act mature."

Two things to note, this process only seems to pointed at PC users but EA does run their own servers over Xbox Live and, as Kotaku reported, neither EA's Terms Of Use page or the general Forum Help information list any criteria for behavior that may get you banned, so it may be a moderator's own judgment call.

Well EA, Orwell called. He wants his totalitarian society back, please.

Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams teased within the depths of the PS3 original

According to internet chatter, a teaser trailer for 2K Marin's sequel to the critically acclaimed shooter has been discovered. CVG is reporting that a teaser for the upcoming sequel unlocks within the menus of the PlayStation 3 version when the game is completed. The trailer opens with a title card that reads "Atlantic Ocean" and pans away from a Big Daddy stuffed animal being held by, what looks like, a grown up Little Sister as she looks off into the water. Pillars then begin to form around her and the title screen reveals the name "Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams."

Joystiq has contacted 2K Games for confirmation on the game and trailer.

[Thanks, webster1990]

Rumor: Next Xbox to improve 360 games

Here's an interesting Xbox 720 (you know, the next Xbox console) rumor. According to Xbox Evolved and their "sources", Microsoft is planning on implementing "forward compatibility" into their next console creation. Saying that the next Xbox will improve upon current 360 titles, increasing frame rate, draw distance, graphics, textures, etc. Interesting rumor, but we can't help point out that Xbox Evolved's use of the term "forward compatibility" doesn't really make sense.

If the Xbox 720 were to play Xbox 360 games and improve the the overall experience, that's simply called backwards compatibility. Just like the Xbox 360 plays (some) original Xbox games. So, we're not entirely sure what Xbox Evolved's rumor news is really about, because we sort of expected the Xbox 720 to play and improve the overall experience of 360 games. That is unless they're talking about future Xbox 360 games adding code to make them forward compatible with the 720. Actual code on the disc that the 720 will use to improve the features, look and experience. That's what we'd call a forward compatible Xbox 360 game.

[Via Game Stooge]

MGS4 360 rumor rears its eyepatch once more

Coming as proof that you just can't keep a good rumor down (just ask the 360 Blu-Ray rumor) IGN is reporting that the longstanding Xbox 360 Metal Gear Solid 4 rumor has surfaced once again. The news comes by way of a report from Morningstar, a Japanese investment research firm, which focused on multiplatform trends. In the report a Konami public relations representative, in regard to Metal Gear Solid 4, was quoted as saying, "We're actively looking into a release for the Xbox 360."

As IGN notes, a single quote hardly adds up to any assurance that MGS4 will see the light of day on 360. This is especially so given that series creator Hideo Kojima has denied the rumor to the point of saying that he's tired of being asked about it in every interview. If somone doesn't make good on this rumor soon, we'll have to start one about MGS4 hitting the next Xbox.

[Via Gamestooge]

Rumor: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 headed to the 360 [update]

Update: Jonah F. pointed out that Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is a backwards compatible title, meaning there there's a possibility it will release as an Xbox Original versus the XBLA. We're cheering for the XBLA.

Marvel vs. Capcom
fanboys rejoice! Word on the collective internet street is that the old-school fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom 2 will be releasing to the Xbox Live Arcade or as an Xbox Original in the not too distant future. The rumor stems from the game's listing on the ESRB ratings search website where the game was tagged with both Xbox 360 and PS3 descripters. Though, since its discover, the listing has mysteriously disappeared. No matter, we have enough photographic proof (see above) as we need. So, fanboys, how excited would you be for some HD Marvel vs. Capcom 2 XBLA action?

[Via Game Stooge]

Rumor: Mirror's Edge demo releasing Nov. 6th

According to the Mirror's Edge pre-order page over on, the long promised Mirror's Edge demo will release to the XBLM on Thursday, November 6th. Which, if true, would be in line with EA releasing a demo prior to the game's retail release on the 11th. So, we say bank on November 6th being the release, because the only reason we're slapping a rumor tag on this is because EA hasn't officially confirmed it yet. We can't wait!

[Thanks, thw]

Rumor: Xbox 360 holiday bundles to include family friendly games [update]

Update: Swedish retailer has the rumored Arcade, Pro and Elite holiday bundles for sale and pictured on their site. It's more proof, but we still have no "official" word from Microsoft. Thanks Dirty Whirlwind.

Just as was done last year, Microsoft may be looking to release special Xbox 360 packages that are bundled with a few free games to entice holiday console purchasers. And according to our insider Gamestop tipster, this holiday Microsoft will be bundling family friendly games with all three major 360 consoles.

We've been informed that the Xbox 360 Arcade model will come packaged with SEGA Superstar Tennis and both the Pro and Elite models will come bundled with Kung Fu Panda and LEGO Indiana Jones. Sadly, we don't have any picture proof of the new bundles or a solid release date, but we'll keep digging to see whether or not the holiday game bundling is legit. For now, we advise being optimistically skeptical.

[Thanks, Travisto]

Rumor: Crüe's "Dr. Feelgood" album lands as Rock Band DLC Oct. 14

According to a post on, Mötley Crüe's 1989 album Dr. Feelgood is being prepped as the latest album for Rock Band, set to release on October 14. No price for the album is listed but the standard $2 per track seems most likely if the information is accurate.

While the information seems plausible, we're waiting on confirmation from Harmonix before we throw confetti in celebration. Our sister site Joystiq has contacted the developer on the matter and we'll keep you informed of any updates.

Rumor: EA on the prowl, looking to buy Epic Games

Rumor word coming from Game Guru is that Electronic Arts is in the market, not only for a developer, but also for a gaming engine. Believe it or not, EA is said to be looking to purchase Epic Games and the Unreal Engine. Gasp!

Game Guru claims that EA is looking to gobble up developers of established franchises and quality lineups, which Epic Games fits the bill with Gears of War and Unreal Tournament as well as the added bonus of the Unreal Engine. Seeing that EA's attempt at purchasing Take-Two ended in failure, it wouldn't be entirely out of the realm of possibility that EA would ponder the acquisition of a company who's engine (Unreal Engine 3) powers a good chunk of the industry's titles. Just think, the future could see EA owning exclusive rights to Unreal Engine 4 and somehow involved in GoW ... maybe? ... meh!

[Via Game Stooge]

Rumor: COG tag the start of a GoW2 viral campaign [update]

Update: As pointed out by matt247, Eurogamer is giving away one of these metal COGs in a Microsoft sponsored giveaway. Maybe this isn't viral, maybe it's just promotional?

After Gears of War 2 community manager SixOkay Twittered a hint, telling us to take a closer look at the latest GoW2 video featurette (specifically at the 1:07 timestamp), we decided to take another look at the video. And upon launching the HD video, putting on our reading glasses and navigating to the correct spot, we came across something rather interesting.

At around the 1:07 timestamp, a few frames flash on the screen that show a large, metal COG tag in a man's hand (larger frame grabs in the gallery below) with the text "EVERY TAG TELLS A TALE" written below. Could this be the start of some sort of Gears 2 viral campaign? The launch of some crazy awesome promotion? Or could it just be the announcement of a $2,000 platinum COG tag that's going to go on sale exclusively at We dunno, but we think it'd be smart to take SixOkay's advice and "stay tuned..."

Gallery: Gears of War 2 COG Tag

[Thanks, to everyone who sent this in]

Rumor: Alan Wake details headed our way this Fri.

Giving us a smidgen more proof that a new Alan Wake trailer will be debuting alongside the new Max Payne flick, comes videogaming247 and their two cents in regards to the rumor being legit. According to VG247 and their Finnish source, the new Alan Wake trailer rumor is "100 percent true" and they say that we'll learn more about the trailer goodness this Friday, October 3rd when the Finnish magazine Pelaaja will reveal additional details.

Again, we're skeptical, but are becoming increasingly interested in the possibility of fresh Alan Wake news. How exciting!

Alan Wake trailer to debut during Finnish Max Payne movie premiere [update]

Update: This rumor is no longer a rumor, because it has just been confirmed to be real. Click here to learn more.

Here's an interesting rumor for you. Word on the Finnish streets (yes, Finnish streets) is that a new Alan Wake trailer will be debuting during Finland's movie premiere of Max Payne on October 17th. Because, you know, developer Remedy is based in Finland, so why wouldn't they debut the trailer in their home land. This delicious Alan Wake rumor comes from video game magazine Pelaaja who seems quite confident that this new Alan Wake trailer will be debuted in a few weeks. We're a bit more skeptical because, after all, it is Alan Wake. A game that has been M.I.A. for far too long.

[Via Crispy Gamer]

Rumor: Max Payne 3 in development at Rockstar Toronto

According to CVG, Xbox 360 World magazine claims that Max Payne 3 is currently in development internally within Rockstar at its studio in Toronto, Canada. Responsible for the fan favorite beat-em-up The Warriors, Rockstar Toronto would be taking the reigns from Remedy - who is currently working (we hope) on the Microsoft exclusive Alan Wake.

Details on the rumor are scarce as a release date, let alone an announcement date, has been set. We wouldn't be surprised if this rumor were true considering the credits of the Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (PC version only) proclaim, "Max Payne's journey through the night will continue." According the Rockstar career page, Rockstar Toronto is seeking experienced Xbox 360 and PS3 programmers, so we know something for this generation is planned. Take Two has yet to respond to Joystiq's request for a comment on the rumor.

[via Joystiq]

Rumor Control: The Xbox 360 Slim [Update]

Many of our tipsters are flooding us with the same information; according to a blog named Split-Screen, Microsoft confirmed and announced a Slim model of the Xbox 360 at a recent event in India. Instead of just posting the rumor without checking sources we decided to do a little detective work to confirm or deny the existence of the Xbox 360 Slim.

An email to Xbox 360 community guru Larry Hryb - aka Major Nelson - asked two questions. First, did someone at Microsoft mistakenly announce a Slim version of the Xbox 360? Second, was there even a Microsoft event held in India?

The second question may sound strange but considering no major outlet has reported on the event happening as well as a lack of listing for the event on the Xbox India site made us question the "event" even took place. The last news update on the Indian site was from August 2008 and the forums are suspiciously barren of any "event" mention, which seems suspect. In response to our inquires Major sent us a note saying, "I have no knowledge of an event in India and therefore anything related to one. I think we all know that if we had something to say, we'd be saying it."

Is the console possible? Aboslutely. Our sister site Engadget ran a story months ago outlining the possibility due to Microsoft developing smaller CPUs for the console. However, we're more than a little skeptical about this one. Stay tuned as more inquires to Microsoft are taking place.

[Update: According to TheAngryPixel, Microsoft India has released a statement denying any such announcement regarding an Xbox 360 Slim took place. The original source on this rumor, Split-Screen, says one explanation is that its writer made a mistake. Rumor Busted. Full Microsoft-India quote after the jump.]

Continue reading Rumor Control: The Xbox 360 Slim [Update]

Rumor: Call of Duty: World at War perks leaked

According to PlayStation Universe, the entire list of Call of Duty: World at War perks have leaked online. While this rumored list appears legit enough we haven't been able to confirm it, yet. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare players will recognize such perks as Stopping Power, Extreme Conditioning and the dreaded Martyrdom.

The list also includes vehicle perks and such interesting perks as Bouncing Betty which is said to work the same as the Call of Duty 4 claymore perk and Toss Back which apparently resets the fuse when tossing an enemy grenade back. Call of Duty: World at War hits stores this November. The full rumored perk list can be found after the jump.

[via Big Download]

Continue reading Rumor: Call of Duty: World at War perks leaked

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