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Portal: Still Alive to bend space on the XBLA this Wednesday [update]

Update: Major Nelson confirmed with us that Portal: Still Alive will be priced at 1200 Microsoft points.

Attention -- the Aperture Science Enrichment Center cordially invites you back to experience its award-winning testing facility very soon on the Xbox Live Arcade. Play it again and for the first time with the complete original, 6 advanced maps and 14 new challenge maps. GamerScore Blog officially announced today that Portal: Still Alive will land on the marketplace on October 22. Unfortunately no price was revealed, which makes us think we're going to have to open the wallet wider than the average 800MS points. We can still dream, together.

[Thanks, HazyCloud]

Age of Booty plunders and CrazyMouse nibbles XBLA

We've got two new games landing on Xbox Live Arcade today. First up, we have Crazy Mouse, which is about a mouse that is just ka-razy for food. It's kind of like Pac-Man, but with mice, weapons, and food. On the other end of the spectrum we have Age of Booty, a real time strategy game of sorts, which has players scrambling to upgrade their pirate ships and capture hapless towns. Without a doubt though, the best feature of Age of Booty is that the trial version actually lets you try out Xbox Live multiplayer for a full two days. Why haven't we seen this feature before?

We're not sure, but we can tell that Age of Booty is (rum) barrels of fun. CrazyMouse will run you 400 points while Age of Booty requires 800 points of your hard-earned plunder.

Crazy Mouse also headed to XBLA this week

Chinese developer Ultizen just announced that their arcade title Crazy Mouse will be releasing to the Xbox Live Arcade on Wednesday, October 15th. And it'll be the first mainland China game to release to the XBLA.

For 400 Microsoft points, Crazy Mouse purchasers will get to experience 30+ levels of mouse scurrying, four player online multiplayer and all the cheese you can consume in one sitting. Not really, but one could speculate that an unlimited cheese eating buffet offer would help the game sell. As long as there's bleu cheese, we're in.

Age of Booty travels the XBLA seas this Wed.

Just as we were informed, Certain Affinity's pirate themed strategy game Plunder Age of Booty will be releasing to the Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday, October 15th. For 800 Microsoft points, you can expect an almost board game-like strategy game that supports four player Xbox Live versus, eight player system link, comes packed with 25 multiplayer maps and even a map editor. It was also developed by the "designer of the multiplayer game for Halo 2 and Halo 3" which is a blatant name drop if we ever heard one. Now if only we could remember where we buried our Microsoft point treasure ...

Gallery: Age of Booty (XBLA)

Surprise XBLA threefer: Stickball, Beat'n Groovy, and Shadow Assault

Here's some random Arcade news for you. Today being new release Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday, we're being treated to the only Arcade game that was announced, MLB Stickball. Or so we thought. Magically and mysteriously, Microsoft decided to release two additional XBLA games, making today an XBLA threefer!

The three new releases include the already mentioned MLB Stickball, Voltex Inc.'s rhythm game Beat'n Groovy, as well as the game formerly known as Tenchu: Shadow Assault, Shadow Assault/Tenchu. All three games can be purchased for 800 Microsoft points and we have a hunch that you won't find all three games to be equally enjoyable. All we can say is that, this week, XBLA in Brief is going to be a fun one.

MLB Stickball hits XBLA this week

Well this one came right out of left field. After two weeks of big name games hitting Xbox Live Arcade, we are greeted this Wednesday with MLB Stickball from 2K Sports. We know next to nothing about the title, though a pair of screenshots reveal what looks like stickball featuring super-deformed versions of familiar players from Major League Baseball. Gamescore Blog also notes that players can unlock baseball cards and earn extra points for hitting certain objects. So, breaking a window will earn points then? Count us in.

MLB Stickball will be available this Wednesday for 800 Microsoft Points.

Gallery: MLB Stickball (XBLA)

Mega Man 9 blasts XBLA tomorrow

Remember old school fans and rejoice. Making his triumphant debut on the Xbox 360 tomorrow is Megs himself in Mega Man 9 for the Xbox Live Arcade. Priced at 800MS points ($10), Mega Man 9 was specifically designed to reignite nostalgic thoughts of classic Mega Man adventures on the NES with a retro look, old school graphical glitches and punishing difficulty.

It isn't all wondrous in the world of Mega Man 9 however, as the already released Wii version of the game inadvertently announced all of Capcom's DLC plans for the game. Among the downloadable content are a playable Proto Man with charge and slide abilities and new modes. For perspective, when all leaked DLC is included in the price of Mega Man 9 the retro-style downloadable title increases to an $18 purchase. Do you plan on going retro this week?

War World brings war to the XBLA world this Wed.

Microsoft just announced that Third World Games' War World, an Arcade title that was revealed in 2006 and was supposed to release last August, will be kicking off October's Xbox Live Arcade goodness with its release this Wednesday.

War World, an explosive 3D mech shooter, will be available for 800 Microsoft points this Wednesday, October 1st and is releasing with all kinds of bells and mechanical whistles. The game supports 4 player Live co-op, online multiplayer, over 100 campaign levels, numerous multiplayer modes and "full HDR rendering". This title has been cooking in the development for far too long, hopefully it hasn't burnt to an unplayable crisp and will be worth the wait.

Gallery: War World (XBLA)

Duke Nukem 3D releases to the XBLA this week!

We've known it for quite a while already, but team Microsoft just officially announced that this Wednesday, September 24th, the Duke will be making his way to the Xbox Live Arcade with the release of Duke Nukem 3D. Huzzah!

For only 800 Microsoft points (no longer rumored), you'll be able to grab a copy of Duke Nukem 3D and re-live all your Duke destruction memories with over 39 levels of mayhem, an eight player co-op / versus multiplayer, saved films, a new rewind feature and even an unlockable art gallery. It's Duke Nukem. On the XBLA. This Wednesday. Kick a**!

XBLA: Domino Master the Feeding Frenzy

Wednesday morning is here again and time for another double-shot of Arcade goodness. Well, depending on your tastes that is. Available now on the Xbox Live Arcade is the action-platformer Domino Master and the first-person shooter Feeding Frenzy 2.

Wait. No, sorry wrong press release. Domino Master is a ... uh ... dominoes game and Feeding Frenzy 2 is the sequel to the original fish-eating simulator. Both asking a price of 800MS points, each title offers a good change of pace from other titles recently made available on the Arcade. We know what you're thinking, the change of pace is the recent releases have been good and you expect us to insult these titles. Really, must you be so angry? Where is the love?

Weekly XBLA: Feeding Frenzy 2 and Domino Master

Being a little slow on their announcement, today Microsoft announced that this Wednesday, September 17th, the Xbox Live Arcade will be receiving a double dose of Arcade goodness, with both Feeding Frenzy 2 Shipwreck Showdown and Domino Master seeing a release. Both games will set you back 800 Microsoft points and both games have, uh ... Xbox Live leaderboards? Yes, it's a stretch, but that's all we have. And now we're hungry for pizza ... darn.

Duke Nukem kicks the XBLA's a** and chews bubble gum on Sept 24th

Wednesday, September 24th. According to developer 3D Realms, that's the Xbox Live Arcade release date for Duke Nukem 3D. Duke 3D with saved films and a rewind feature! Huzzah! Just keep in mind that this isn't an official Microsoft release date announcement, so there's a 3% chance this release date could be wrong. And as far as pricing goes, that's still undecided, but 3D Realms promises to announce it in "a very short time."

[Thanks, to everyone who sent this in]

XBLA updates with another trio of titles

Good morning on this beautiful (depending where you are) Wednesday and say hello to a trio of new Xbox Live Arcade releases. Landing on the service today is the mini-golf, bowling hybrid of Rocket Bowl; the classic fighter Samurai Shodown II; and the popular Japanese board game Shotest Shogi (ironically not available for Xbox users in Japan).

Each tagged with an asking price of 800MS space bucks, this week marks the second consecutive three-lease Wednesday for everyone's favorite digital games service. We'd go into a whole witty spiel about this week's releases right about now but we're too busy praying to the waffle stuck to our ceiling that SamSho2 has a working online mode. What are our chances?

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