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Download fresh and free Marketplace content

Available for download off the U.S. Xbox Live Marketplace is quite the mix of free themes and gamer pictures. All, like we said, FREE! You can download and choose between Children's Miracle Network content, Rock the Vote content, Stride, Saw V, Star Ocean 4, etc. Also, don't forget to grab your free Dead Space Elite Suit as soon as possible, because it's only available for a limited time. List of fresh and free XBLM content after the break.

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Rock Band 2 bonus track registration is online

Free. Is there any word half as awesome in the English language? Harmonix agrees and is now accepting redemption codes for the twenty downloadable tracks that were included with the purchase of Rock Band 2 (the code is located on the back of your game manual). Once the registration information is filled out and you receive your confirmation email you get to play the game ... the waiting game that is.

Unfortunately this process is only a precursor to the tracks being made available which Harmonix promises will be "in a few weeks." When the tracks are available gamers will automatically receive an email that includes a unique code which is then used to grab the tracks from the Xbox Live Marketplace. The track list for the free content has yet to be released, however, the official Rock Band forums has a possible set list if you're eager to spot possibilities. Regardless of the track list, this could be the best "free thing" ever made available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. You know, unless you count those Nacho Libre gamerpics.

How to get your 500 point LIVE is 5IVE present

We know some of our fellow fanboys have been Xbox Live subscribers since the service launched in 2002 and, per the LIVE at 5IVE festivities, they can request their free 500 Microsoft points. But Microsoft (ever so conveniently) didn't really outline a way or make it clear on how to obtain the free goody bag of Microsoft points. Greedy monkeys! But thanks to TeamXbox, they stumbled across the online form and we thought we'd share.

If you've been an Xbox Live subscriber since 2002, make your way to the registration website and fill it out. Once completed, submit that bad boy and wait patiently by your inbox. Then, by December 21st, those who "qualify" for their free 500 points will be emailed a redemption code. It's that simple. Oh, and if you try to beat the system and fill out the form knowing that you haven't been a Live subscriber since 2002 then Microsoft will delete your gamertag and wipe out your entire Gamerscore*. Don't mess with Microsoft

*Just kidding ... or so we think we are.

[Via TeamXbox]

More gifts. LIVE is 5IVE sponsoring free themes

The LIVE is 5IVE branding is far from over with the Microsoft marketing team releasing a set of six free dashboard themes to the XBLM.

The free themes include Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Mech Assault, Halo 2, Ghost Recon 2, Gears of War and an Xbox LIVE is 5IVE branded theme. But as with anything free, the production quality on a few of these is lacking, especially the LIVE is 5IVE and Wolfenstein themes. Watch out for their guide backgrounds ... eesh! Though, we must say that both the Halo 2 and Gears themes are actually quite enjoyable. Anyhoo, all your free theme'age is listed under the "Xbox LIVE is 5IVE" heading on the Marketplace, so go and get your download on.

XBLM freebies: HP, Transformers and Sidekicks

We're not huge supporters of branded XBLM gamer pictures or themes and aren't all about "selling out" when it comes to downloading them. But when the content is free (the 100% free kind of free) then we find no harm in taking a look at the goods ... it's our sick obsession.

Major Nelson gave us a heads up some newly free gamer pictures and themes that await on the Marketplace. Canadian Live members can get themselves both a free Transformers movie sponsored Chevy Camaro gamer picture and a pretty dashboard theme. US Live members have access to a free gamer picture (slash) theme download featuring HP's BlackBird 002 gaming rig and a free set of gamer pictures (slash) theme featuring the new T-Mobile Sidekick LX. Then of course there are is some older (and still free) content including the Ford Sync and LG Mobile. Wait ... we're starting to sound like peddling fools taken over by the corporate giants and their large pocketbooks. We feel dirty now ... that is unless a new Camaro outfitted with a BlackBird 002 gaming setup and a Sidekick holster would appear at Fanboy Towers. Then we'd feel dirty, but be really happy.

Free Lil' Bush and more on the Marketplace

It's another beautiful Summer day featuring free TV episodes and a music download off the Xbox Live Video Marketplace. Just what exactly is free this week? Well, let's pull out our shovels and dig through the Marketplace to find out. Free for download is the premiere episode of Comedy Central's new series "Lil' Bush" as well as episodes one and two of CBS's "Clark and Michael". Also, if we would have mentioned this earlier, LOGO's "Curl Girls" premiere episode was free, but just became paid content and is now 160 Microsoft points. Sorry about that. But there is a newish music video available for download from Ankle Injuries as part of the Zune Ignition sponsorship. That's about it for free downloads today, so fire up the Marketplace and find your free download treasure matey. Ahoy!

Free TV episode, theme, and picture pack

You smell that? Yes sir, it's the smell of free content available on the Marketplace including a TV episode, a theme, and a few gamer pictures. First up, MTV was kind enough to offer the season two premiere of Rob and Big for free, so go give that a watch. Next is Ocean's 13 who is dishing out the goods with a lackluster theme and a set of gamer pictures, again all for free. So, navigate the Marketplace like a true sailor and find your free content, because it's your birth right! That is, only if you live in the United States.

And now, the 6 Pac-Man contest winners...

After giving a single copy of Pac-Man away yesterday, today we have 6 lucky winners from the 309 commenters. The winning numbers, provided by, are: 253, 171, 166, 246, 32, 121. Which means that NYBOY07, Nukie, Jared Brown, DjDATZ, Riley420 and Justin A should expect an email sent to them with their redeem code for Pac-Man on Monday. Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone for participating. Keep your eyes on X3F for future contests and giveaways. Thanks to Uncle Gamer and Gamerscoreblog for supplying us the six codes.

Free episode of The Andy Milonakis Show

Last night, while drinking a diet Mountain Dew and flipping through XBLM content, we came upon a free TV episode download. And you know how much we love our free content here at X3F. Episode one of season three's The Andy Milonakis Show is on the XBLM to download for free! For the new season, Andy dumped the red, is sporting a blue button up shirt and is moving to LA, which is exactly what this premiere episode touches on. We're not sure why Hilary Duff is in the episode or even if we like the show, but it's free so it needs a good watching. Give The Andy Milonakis Show a download, Hilary Duff guest stars and it features talking turtles too!

Free TV show downloads on XBLM

For a limited time you can hop on the XBLM and download free episodes from two new television shows. The first free episode is called "Halfway Narc" and is from Comedy Central's new series Halfway Home. It's a comedy on Comedy Central so it must be funny, that is if you have a funny sense of humor ... yah dig? Your second free episode is called "Let's Get it On" from a newer show airing on Spike TV called Bullrun. We can almost guarantee that a show hosted by Bill Goldberg featuring cars and explosions will increase your testosterone level by five fold. Again, the episodes are free so why not give them a chance and start downloading. That is, unless you are afraid ...

Free HD South Park episode coming this week [update 1]

South Park fans and HD aficionados will be happy to know that the first ever high definition episode of South Park will be coming to the XBLM ... for free! WIRED is reporting that as part of South Park's eleventh season premiere this Wednesday, Comedy Central has teamed up with Microsoft to offer the HD exclusive episode "Good Times With Weapons" this Tuesday for free. Best Buy is also offering this HD episode for free on HD-DVD with the purchase of any Xbox 360 console or HD-DVD player add on. Note to Comedy Central, we love South Park, we love HD content, and we love free content ... so keep this up. We must ask, anyone looking forward to watching South Park in high definition this Tuesday?

Update 1: It looks like everyone in Europe will be sharing in the South Park love

[Via Joystiq]

Cologne and movie = free gamer pics and themes [update 1]

It has been a while since we've received free themes or gamer pictures from the XBLM, but that drought is no more. Jump onto Xbox Live and navigate to the gamer pictures and themes section, new releases of course. There you'll find three free downloads today. First up is from the the new Xbox Rewards program where you'll be able to get a free Old Spice Reward Challenge theme. But be warned, no guide background and a single image for every blade makes this free theme moderately worthless. The other free downloads come from the movie called Shooter, featuring Marky Mark Wahlberg. Here you can download a free picture pack and a theme for the movie. The theme is actually good featuring a blue Shooter logo for the guide and shots from the movie on each blade. That's all we have today for free goods, so get downloading.

Update 1: Fixed spelling error. And we counted each download separately, one gamer picture set and two themes.

Win 1600 MS points: The Xbox360Fanboy Challenge

Ryan of HammyDown sent word that they're giving away 1600 Microsoft Points (delivered to you from Amazon) to the first person who answers all of their self made Xbox360Fanboy questions. If you remember, Ryan created a little song called White Button Thugs back in July and has recently started the HammyDown website which gives away hardware, gift certificates, PC games and other goods to loyal members of the site. We're flattered that HammyDown created a quiz about our little fanboy site and that they're giving away 1600 Microsoft Points with no strings attached ... but what's up with that doped up pig? Ryan, we love you man, but your pig really needs to be cleaned up and checked into rehab stat. Go win some Microsoft Points!

$100 gift card free with Xbox 360 purchase [update 1]

Again, the holiday deals just keep rolling in. This week at Toys R Us when you purchase a Xbox 360 premium pack you'll get a free $100 Toys R Us gift card. The offer looks to be only available in-store as we haven't been able to unearth any information on their website. This has to be one of the best deals on a new 360 purchase in a while, especially for parents who need to pick up other gifts at the toys retailer with the $100 gift card. Or you can totally be a hardcore gamer and pick up a game or two, maybe an extra controller, or even some candy! Spend your $100 gift card wisely.

Update 1: Replaced post's image with actual Sunday adscan. Having proof is a good thing.

[Thanks, Darrien W.]

Buy a cell, get a free 360 core, be happy

Over at they have an interesting holiday deal going on. New cell phone buyers can get a FREE Xbox 360 core system with any cell phone purchase from their site this Christmas season. It looks as if the site is based out of the United Kingdom and we're not sure how legit this company is, but maybe our fellow fanboys can enlighten us. Also, make note that you'll have to charge £199.99 to your credit card to get the 360 lickity split, but they promise to refund you soon after. We just thought we'd let you know as this is another holiday deal if you're looking to get a 360 this year.

[Thanks, Liam B.]

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