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Naruto: The Broken Bond demo breaks to the XBLM

Available for download off the Xbox Live Marketplace is a 765MB demo for Naruto: The Broken Bond. A game demo that we're sure you've been eagerly anticipating in the wake of all the blockbuster Xbox 360 titles releasing this Fall.

Here's a fun fact: Did you know that The Broken Bond will support 30 different Naruto characters and be the first and only Naruto game on a gaming console to feature online multiplayer? Did you also know that we spend too much time researching The Broken Bond in an effort to lengthen this blog post? Well ... we did.

[Thanks, yanya]

Grab free Bad Company Community's Choice DLC

Flying a bit under the radar (at least, our radar) was the release of new Battlefield: Bad Company downloadable content on Halloween day. Nothing too exciting except for the fact that the DLC is comprised of four new multiplayer maps that are 100% free! You know how much we love our free DLC.

The 265MB Bad Company Community's Choice Pack features two DICE chosen maps (Crossing Over and Ghost Town) as well as the two community chosen maps Acta Non Verba and Par for the Course which actually includes golf carts that you can drive around in. Make the jump for a video preview of each map and get downloading. You know, because it's free and you probably have a urge to go golf cart cruising.

[Thanks, to everyone who sent this in'

Mirror's Edge demo vaults onto Marketplace (lands on feet)

Do you have any of "those" friends? You know the ones. The ones that still think that video games are exclusively the domain of kindergartners, and anyone who plays them beyond grade school is a mentally stunted weirdo? If so, we suggest heartily that you show them the Mirror's Edge demo that just landed on Marketplace. If they're able to take in the beautiful, visceral visuals and still walk away unimpressed, we suggest you try again. Only the second time, you should play whilst wearing a smoking jacket and sipping on a glass of cognac, preferably while sitting in a wingback leather chair. If that doesn't work ... well, you don't need "those" kinds of friends.

Mirror's Edge demo leaps onto the XBLM this Fri.

To heck with its rumored November 6th release, because EA just announced that the long awaited Mirror's Edge demo will be releasing to the Xbox Live Marketplace this Friday, October 31st (BOO!) Yes sir, come Friday you'll finally get the chance to live out your childhood career dreams and become one badass female messenger. Joy!

The Mirror's Edge demo will include the entire prologue, a brief tutorial and a chuck of the game's single player campaign. Additionally, those who pre-ordered the game will be able to use their special code to unlock the demo's time trial mode. Who knows, if the demo turns out to be golden we may demand a trilogy without a need to play the retail version. Yeah ... our hopes are high.

Gallery: Mirror's Edge

[Via Joystiq]

Stop at nothing, download Tomb Raider: Underworld demo off the XBLM

If you haven't already discovered, there's a Lara Croft'erific Tomb Raider: Underworld demo available for download off the Xbox Live Marketplace. Huzzah!

The demo download weighs in at a hefty 1.3GB and demands that you "explore everything" and "stop at nothing", so you may want to do that. Explore and don't stop, download and try it, smile and be happy ... trick and treat!

New World Tour DLC releases before the game

Available for download off the Xbox Live Marketplace is fresh Guitar Hero World Tour downloadable content that's actually releasing prior to the game's retail release on October 26th. We're guessing this DLC is targeted to those who have a bit of an obsession when it comes to being "prepared" for a game's release.

This previously revealed World Tour DLC includes three classic rock tracks available for 160 Microsoft points individually or 440 points as a track pack. There is also free DLC, both the Neversoft Track Pack and Guitar Duel Track Pack can be downloaded for the price of some megabytes of your hard drive. View today's new World Tour DLC after the break and enjoy your release preparation downloading.

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Presidents of the U.S.A. to release Rock Band DLC on election day

Thanks to their involvement in the U.S. election, The Presidents of the United States of America will be releasing three musical tracks as Rock Band DLC on Tuesday, November 4th. Coincidentally, that's election day.

As part of the partnership between Xbox 360, Rock the Vote and The Presidents of the U.S.A., a three song RB track pack featuring "Dune Buggy", "Ladybug" and "Feather Pluckn" will be available for purchase off the XBLM for a yet to be announced price. Oh, in case you were wondering, 35% of Xbox Live voters consider "Job and the Economy" as the most important issue in this year's election. Word.

Buzz! Scene It? Box Office Smash demo on XBLM

Up for download off the Xbox Live Marketplace is a new Scene It? Box Office Smash demo that's aimed at testing your movie knowledge and convince you to part with your cash come its release. The 447MB (nice and light) demo features a sampling of video and textual movie questions all while promoting the game's Live features, big button controller capabilities and New Xbox Experience integration. Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Vader to invade Soulcalibur IV for a price

It's no longer a rumor, Darth Vader will in fact be coming to a SoulCalibur IV near you. Though, for a price.

On Thursday, October 23rd, the once Playstation 3 exclusive SoulCalibur IV Vader character will be available for purchase off the Xbox Live Marketplace. Purchasable for 400 Microsoft points. Yes, we'll admit, $5 for Vader is a bit expensive, but when you look at what you're getting in terms of getting the chance to pit Yoda against Vader in an epic SoulCalibur IV battle of awesomeness. Well, then it doesn't seem too bad. But we must ask, where's our unlockable Jar Jar Binks?

Rock Band DLC: Nirvana seven pack

HMXsean just announced the new Rock Band downloadable content for next Tuesday, October 21st and it's going to be all about Nirvana. A Nirvana pack of DLC consisting of seven master recording will be value priced at 800 Microsoft points or purchasable individually for 160 points. No more speculation, Nirvana is coming to Rock Band next week!
  • "Breed" by Nirvana
  • "Lounge Act" by Nirvana
  • "On a Plain" by Nirvana
  • "Polly" by Nirvana
  • "Something in the Way" by Nirvana
  • "Stay Away" by Nirvana
  • "Territorial Pissings" by Nirvana

World Tour set to offer Oasis album as DLC

After announcing their launch week plans for Guitar Hero World Tour DLC, Activision just revealed that Oasis' Dig Out Your Soul album DLC will be offered in its entirity or as individual tracks (eleven total) in 2009.

Though, you won't have to wait until 2009 to get your World Tour Oasis fix, because on Thursday, November 6th an Oasis Track Pack will be available for purchase off the XBLM. This three song pack will include tracks from the Dig Out Your Soul album including "Bag it Up", "Waiting for the Rapture" and "The Shock of the Lightning." Yah dig?

[Via press release]

Download fresh and free Marketplace content

Available for download off the U.S. Xbox Live Marketplace is quite the mix of free themes and gamer pictures. All, like we said, FREE! You can download and choose between Children's Miracle Network content, Rock the Vote content, Stride, Saw V, Star Ocean 4, etc. Also, don't forget to grab your free Dead Space Elite Suit as soon as possible, because it's only available for a limited time. List of fresh and free XBLM content after the break.

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Free N+ level pack leaps onto XBLM

Tiny ninja fans rejoice! A new level pack for the high jumpin', wall slidin' platformer N+ is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace. Oh, but that's not all. It's also 100% completely, totally free! So, that's pretty cool right? The folks at Metanet have also annoucned a new "contesque" in which you could win a copy of N+ on your platform of choice. All you have to do is send a picture of an N+ related costume or craft, or a piece of digital art. Head over to Metanet for full details, and go get that level pack!

[Thanks, Brian. Via Joystiq]

Mercenaries 2 'Total Payback' update is M.I.A.

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames fanboys who were excited to get their hands on the new Total Payback title update will, sadly, be dissapointed. Pandemic Studios has yet to release the new update, which was supposed to release on October 13th. The Mercenaries 2 forums are abuzz with angry gamers, so much so that forum moderators have been deleting threads that make mention of the Total Paypack update being delayed. We aren't sure what Pandemic's reason is for the delay or when it'll finally be released, but we've contacted them for comment and will update when we hear back.

[Thanks, Chris]

Madagascar 2 demo escapes to the XBLM jungle

It's a peculiar thing when a demo of a children's game winds up on Xbox Live Marketplace. On the one hand, we love demos. Of that there can be no doubt. Whether demos inform us of a game's greatness or its complete ineptitude, we are glad of the service they provide. On the other hand, it's hard to foster much interest in a Madagascar 2 demo, but we shall do our best. Let it be known that the game features "entire madcap Madagascar crew," ten levels, and multiplayer mini-games. Whether or not the game will be worthy even as achievement fodder, well, you'll let us know, won't you?

Oh, and the game includes "simulated gambling." We all love that, right?

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