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GDC08: Xbox 360 hardware sales reach 18 million

In an interview with Eurogamer, Microsoft's John Schappert sat down to discuss all things Xbox 360, mentioned that (to date) Xbox 360 hardware sales have eclipsed the 18 million unit mark. Not bad, but not amazing. January was the last time we were officially updated on units sold, when Microsoft announced that 360 worldwide sales hit the 17.7 million console mark. So, 18 million units by the end of February seems to fall in line with the 360's sales trend. Microsoft will have to be on their game in 2008, because warding off the RROD, dealing with the Wii's increasing North American sales and defending against a tricky PS3 who's gunning for second place will take some effort. Then again, who's really worried? We have GoW2, Fable 2, Halo Wars and a stellar XBLA lineup to ignite sales.

January NPDs put PS3 in front of the 360

Well, well, well. If it isn't the lowly PS3 finally making a move in January and actually beating the Xbox 360 in terms of number of units sold in North America. Yes sir, you can color us NPD shocked and impressed.

According to the just released January NPD sales numbers, the Xbox 360 has come in a disappointing third place in the console wars, only managing to sell 230,000 consoles while the PS3 moved 269,000 and the Wii sold 274,000. But before you storm the streets in a fit of rage, know that there is some sort of explanation for the third place outing ... there wasn't enough stock. You see, according to Microsoft, they haven't been able to replenish the retail channels quick enough post holidays, resulting in less Xbox 360s on shelves and less 360s available to consumers. So, if that theory makes you sleep better at night, then go with that and know Microsoft is producing 360s as fast as possible and should regain its sales lead over the PS3 come February NPD. Hopefully.

We also wanted to mention that not only has Call of Duty 4 claimed the number one sales spot selling another 330,900 copies in January, but Rock Band made its top ten NPD sales debut too. You can review the rather gloomy NPD ranks and numbers after the break, though we advise keeping one thing in mind. It was lack of stock at retail ... lack of stock at retail ...

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US 360 shortage acknowledged by Microsoft

After weeks of reports that Xbox 360s were nowhere to be found in the United States -- we've been discussing it on the Fancast for about a month now -- Microsoft has finally owned up to it. Speaking to Reuters, Microsoft's head of global marketing and comedian extraordinaire Jeff Bell cleared the air saying, "you could say we misjudged demand." Bell noted that many retailers have no stock at all, and in fact are dismayed by the state of affairs. Bell even says that 360 sales are likely to see a dip for January and possibly February, but he expects that Microsoft will be able to meet demand as spring approaches. We won't have to wait too long to find out just how much the shortage affected Microsoft's sales either, as NPD numbers are expected to drop later today. You can bet we'll be here to report them when they do.

For the moment, at least, it seems that any rumors of a new 360 model (or a new SKU entirely) have been put to rest.

[Via Joystiq]

Dead Space to be equal on PS3 and 360

Speaking at an event in London yesterday, EA executive producer Glen Schofield assured gamers that the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Dead Space will be identical. "The plan has to be, and it will be, on parity with the 360," said Schofield, responding to a question about any potential differences between the two versions. When asked about the challenges of multiplatform development, Schofield responded that it was "difficult." He added, however, that while development thus far has been lead on the Xbox 360 version of the game, the team plans to shift to the PS3 as the lead platform within "a month or two." Schofield noted that one of the reasons that multiplatform games often look better on 360 (something seen in several EA games) is that developers have had more time with the 360 and also that the PS3 does present several difficulties. "It's a beautiful machine and it is very powerful. It's just it's not as easy to develop for right now," said Schofield. He assures gamers, however, that the 360 version of Dead Space won't be "gimped" because of programming difficulties presented by the PS3. Let's hope not.

[Via Joystiq]

Wireless 360 controller tops battery life test

According to a feature from the folks at GamePro, Xbox 360 owners can expect more gaming bang for their battery-life buck. Multiple tests on the Xbox 360 wireless controller, SIXAXIS and Wii Remote were conducted to see which one would last the longest. Scraping the bottom of the battery-life barrel was the PlayStation 3 SIXAXIS which only held out for 18 hours and 41 minutes; mainly due to the lack of auto-off functionality. Second place went to the Nintendo Wii remote, doubling Sony's time at 36 hours and 43 minutes. Xbox 360's wireless remote topped the list at 56 hours and 56 minutes. While the article states that the Xbox 360 dashboard battery indicator isn't as accurate as the PS3 or Wii, a single-day charge and play session always lasted longer on Xbox 360. In case you were wondering, the irony that anything associated with the Xbox 360 won a reliability test was lost on no one.

[Thanks, marklar. Via Ars Technica]

EA predicts 360 sales to lag behind PS3's in '08

For whatever reason, the analysts over at EA decided to put their betting chips on the PS3 as the predict its sales to eclipse the 360's in 2008. For reals.

EA released their 2008 hardware sales estimates saying that the Wii (not surprisingly) is predicted to outsell all consoles, but EA's second place prediction is what has our heads confused. In Europe alone EA believes the PS3 will move 5-6 million consoles while the 360 only sells a measly 1.5-2.5 million units. EA goes on to predict that North American sales of the two consoles should be equal and, after the dust settles, worldwide sales in 2008 should put the PS3 at 9.5-11.5 million while the Xbox 360 will only manage 6-8 million. Either EA is smoking a lot of illegal drugs, simply decided to agree with Sony or they've gone off the deep end, because we do not see the 360's 2008 hardware sales to be that bleak. Eesh, eesh, eesh.

360 attach rate now 7 games per console

The Wii may consistently take the console sales crown, but there is no denying that the Xbox 360 sells the most software. As if to drive this point home, Microsoft CFO Chris Liddell recently told CNBC that the Xbox 360's life-to-date attach rate now rests at seven games sold per Xbox 360 Console. As Eurogamer points out, the latest attach rate is significantly higher than the 5.3 attach rate reported last January. Further illustrating just how momentous this feat is, Liddell pointed out that 360 owners are now spending more money on games than an Xbox 360 itself. It's an important point to make, especially for third party publishers. After all, companies want their games where the money is.

[Via Eurogamer]

Sony claims PS3 success over the 360

Sony CEO Howard Stringer is happy go perky when it comes to talking about the future of the PS3. Oh how bright the future is. Talking with Reuters, Stringer says that the "PS3 has now gone past XBox on the Christmas market" and that it is "moving into its own". Comparable to the growth of a tween becoming a teenager or something like that. Stringer then happily proclaims that the "PS3 is out of the woods and beginning to hold its own" when it comes to its competition with the 360. And we just hope that he's talking about Japanese sales numbers, because if he's referencing to North American sales then we'll have to be the bearer of bad news and say that the woods is much deeper and scarier than he thinks. But we'll let Stringer live in his fantasy world for as long as he wants, because he is a CEO. We'll just keep mum and let the numbers speak.

[Via Joystiq]

Microsoft's Xbox 360 division is seeing the profit

Compared to last year, Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division (the division that houses the Xbox 360) has pulled a metaphorical 360, going from major losses to major gains.

As part of their second quarter fiscal report, Microsoft revealed that sales from their Xbox 360 and Zune division rose three percent to $3.06 billion and was able to turn a profit. A profit of $357 million. Seeing a profit that high is in stark contrast with last year's financial numbers which saw the division losing $302 million. So, in effect, the Xbox 360 was able to reverse its losses and go up $650 million year over year. Not bad, especially for a Microsoft division that never saw a dime of profit in the original Xbox days. Congrats!

Rumor: the real reason for the RROD revealed

You may recall when Bungie leaving Microsoft was only a rumor. You may also recall most of the internet calling the source of this rumor as crazy. You may also also recall that the source was soon vindicated while the rest of the internet (including us) were made to look like gibbering idiots. All of this recalling is being done in order to reveal the following: the same site -- 8Bit Joystick -- is now reporting that an inside source at Microsoft has uncovered the ultimate reason behind the Xbox 360's egregiously high failure rate.

The truth behind the Red Ring of Death, says the anonymous source, is that Microsoft rushed the Xbox 360 in order to beat Sony's Playstation 3 to market. This ambition led to lackluster quality assurance and not nearly enough product testing, and the result -- as many 360 gamers will tell you - was disastrous. Furthermore, the source notes that there is no single culprit for failures, but rather a group of faults that can lead to an RROD. Whether it be substandard heat sinks, bad solder joints, or even bad chips, a myriad of issues can lead to hardware failure.

Is it all true? It's certainly not out of the question that MS may have rushed the 360 in order to beat Sony. After all, even with the 360's very real hardware issues, it currently enjoys a healthy lead over the Playstation 3. One thing we can be relatively sure of: Microsoft isn't about to confirm the veracity of the interview either way.

[Via Joystiq]

NPD: 360 sells 1.26 million and H3 is king of '07

We can finally put the guessing and speculation to rest, because the US's December NPD video game sales are here! Let's jump in head first without a helmet.

The Xbox 360 sold 1.26 million consoles (wowzaz!) in December, barely trailing the Wii's 1.35 million, but completely dominating the PS3's 797.6K. But that isn't all friends, because the December NPD brings the added benefit of recapping what 2007's total sales were as well. And in 2007, the Xbox 360 made us proud selling 4.62 million consoles, with the Wii selling 6.29 million and the PS3 only managing to move 2.56 million. It should also be noted that the 360 leads in lifetime sales with 9.15 million units. Just saying.

Onto the software side of things, last December Call of Duty 4 on the 360 took the number one spot with 1.47 million copies, while Assassin's fell into number five (893.7K), Halo 3 at number six (742.7K) and GHIII at number nine (624.6K). Sorry kids, no Rock Band. And we're very proud to say that Halo 3 is the number one selling game of all platforms in 2007, moving a respectable 4.82 million copies, just edging out Wii Play's 4.12 million.

Our heads hurt, so feel free to click towards the break and look over the complete listings of December and 2007's hardware and software sales in list form. Remember, numbers are fun!

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Analysts: 1.45 million Xbox 360 consoles sold in Dec

The ever insightful crew over at the simExchange have taken the stage prior to the NPD releasing its official numbers to tell us what they think December's gaming sales will be. So, let's get to it kids.

According to simExchange's predictions, they believe the Xbox 360 sold 1.45 million consoles in December with the Wii moving 1.73 million and the PS3 selling 854,000 consoles. And if their estimates are correct, then we must give the 360 a pat on the back for keeping its distance from the PS3 and closing the gap on Wii sales, even if there were "shortages". Continuing our look into the simExchange's crystal ball of December sales we see that over 1 million copies of Call of Duty 4 on the 360 were sold and over 500,000 copies of Mass Effect flew off shelves. Overall, it is predicted that the industry as a whole will see a sales record in December with $2.48 billion in software sales. Make the jump to read simExchange's December video game sales predictions as well as their optimistic view on the PS3 and Blu-ray. You know, because Blu-ray is teh hawtness right now.

Over half of US 360 owners bought Halo 3

Do you live in the United States? Do you own an Xbox 360? If you answered yes to both of these questions, there's about a 1-in-2 chance that you own Halo 3. At least, that's what GameDaily says. How do they know this? Elementary, dear reader. With an Xbox 360 installed base of 7.9 million units in the US and 4.1 million copies of Halo 3 sold in the US, that's an impressive 52% of US 360 owners with a copy of their very own. Furthermore, Halo 3 had a profound effect on console sales. As analyst Anita Frazier noted, "That is why content is so important - a really killer game drives hardware adoption more than any other factor (including price cuts)." So, for the record, if anyone asks you, Halo 3 is the most successful thing ever.

[Via Joystiq]

Orange Box PS3 vs. 360 video

We know, we know, these comparison videos are sort of old hat nowadays, but with numerous reviews citing problems with the PS3 version of The Orange Box, this particular 360 vs. PS3 video is pretty interesting. The two videos posted by GameVideos compare Portal and Half-Life 2. For the most part, the games look virtually identical, as we've come to expect from more recent titles. Where the games differ is in the frame rates and loading times. In both instances, the PS3 version loads more slowly, though it takes much longer in Portal. Like, long enough to hike to the kitchen and grab a snack. Also, the PS3 version of Half-Life 2 seems to have some frame rate hitches, especially during autosaves. But enough blather, watch both videos after the break and judge for yourself.

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Breaking news: Xbox boss says Xbox best value

In a surprisingly candid interview with MSNBC Don Mattrick (AKA the new Peter Moore) shared his heartfelt opinion that the Xbox 360 represented the best value of the three major consoles, saying, "On a price per value basis, I think we win ... relative to Sony and Nintendo." He elaborated that his "consumer instincts" told him that the Xbox offered "the best blend of performance, price, online and games - by far." He elaborated further that the Xbox is really starting to rack up hit games, saying, "If you look at our quality ratings, there [are] more 85-plus rated games on Xbox 360, by a long shot, when you compare it with PlayStation 3 and Wii." He then tossed a bone to GTAIV, noting that it could be a "Halo equivalent" when it releases next year. Finally, Mattrick said that the Xbox 360 should be able to compete with the PS3's vaunted ten year lifespan, concluding that Microsoft will push its "fundamentals" and "over-deliver value and satisfaction to consumers." In this world of public relations, spin, and press releases, it's really nice to see someone step up to the plate and tell it like it is.

Hit the "read" link for the full interview, which also discusses Games for Windows, Xbox Live, and Mattrick's humble beginnings.

Author's note: the above article is written in a sarcastic tone. For maximum entertainment value (of which X3F provides the best), please read the article with this in mind. Also, we kid Don Mattrick, we kid!

[Via gamesindustry.biz]

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