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Video: Jumping Mirror's Edge gameplay

Fresh from the Games Convention comes new Mirror's Edge gameplay footage depicting a few solid minutes of action packed running, jumping, diving and climbing. The first "Energy Plant" gameplay video (embedded above) shows off some rather sexy moves and acrobatic sequences all ending in a watery slip-n-slide. The second video (after the break) is a bit less exciting and kinda shows what happens when your jumping skills aren't up to par. It's Mirror's Edge video goodness, now go watch.

[Via Game Stooge]

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It's not a glitch, Tiger is just that good

A video response to a classic YouTube video that poked fun of a glitch in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 where Tiger makes a shot for Par while standing on water is making the rounds this week online. EA Sports has released a new promotional video that tries to disprove the animation was a glitch by showcasing the skills of the real man himself. The video above, which was created in good fun, shows the real life Tiger Woods walk on water to a lost ball only to sink the shot with a slick chipshot. The video, which is used to promote the upcoming Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 release, concludes with the line, "It's not a glitch. He's just that good." Great viral video that will unfortunately be taken out of context. Enjoy it now on YouTube or wait for the CNN Special Report.

Team Fortress 2: Meet the Sandvich

There's something tragic about posting the Meat Meet the Sandvich trailer on X3F. While Team Fortress 2 is spinning in countless machines as we type, this content is another item that must be added to a laundry list of missing features from the console version of the multiplayer title. However, keeping with our readers love of all things related to TF2 "Meet the" videos we present the latest. Meet Team Fortress 2's "Edible Device" and shotgun replacement, the Sandvich. Now, who was working on that petition to get this content on the Xbox 360?

Video: EndWar's globally destructive trailer

Specially created for the Leipzig Games Convention, Ubisoft just released their latest EndWar trailer which is aimed at getting you, the consumer, pumped for worldwide EndWar shenanigans. And after giving it a watch, we're intrigued, but know our experience with the EndWar beta has already pretty much solidified our opinion of the game. But for those who didn't get in on the beta fun, what say you? You loving the trailer? You loving the EndWar? You loving life?

Castle Crashers: 15 minutes of castle crashing

With only eight days to wait for Castle Crashers to storm the Xbox Live Arcade (for 1200 Microsoft points), we're impatiently finding new ways to occupy our time until next Wednesday. We find that sketching Castle Crashers knight doodles helps relieve some of the built up excitement as well as baking mini knight shaped cookies (don't ask.) But for those of you who don't mind "spoiling" your first fifteen minutes of Castle Crashers fun, then make your way over to Destructoid. They have 15 minutes of exclusive Castle Crashers gaming footage (warning: you may want to mute) that should take the edge off your urges. We can wait, though. We'll just bake more knight shaped cookies in the meantime.

Far Cry 2's map editor is flipping amazing

Here's your jaw dropping amazing video of the day. After the break (or jump, if you're all about BIG videos) you can view a demo of Far Cry 2's map editor in action with commentary by a seductive narrator (not that we're complaining or anything). And it's a guarantee that you'll be impressed. Seriously, we had no clue Far Cry 2's map editor would be so vast, so customizable and so epic in scale. There are over 1000 objects, you can change the weather, the landscape AND even alter the environment's textures. It's hard to admit, but Far Cry 2's map editor puts Halo 3's Forge to shame. Hell, there is no comparison. We're flipping impressed with what the Far Cry 2 dev team has accomplished. A big round of applause to them.

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Video: The Godfather II is 100% mobster

Posted after the break is the debut trailer for a little game sequel known as The Godfather II ... have you heard? And after giving it a watch, we have a hankering that you'll want to partake in the activities of extortion, possibly some racketeering and maybe even a bit of blackmail. Because, you know, that's how mobsters roll in Godfather II. So, head towards the break for debut trailer love and, if you're interested in more Godfather II goodness, jump on over to the game's recently launched official webspace.

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Fable 2 Pub Games gold exploit discovered

A crafty player on YouTube has discovered a glitch to quick piles of gold in Fable 2's Pub Games. While playing Tower of Fortune it is possible to quickly change a bet that makes the computer think you're betting low when you are placing a large bet. Think of it as the XBLA equivalent to Halo 2's BXR glitch. According to the video, the glitch allows players to amass millions in preparation of Fable 2's October 21 release but be careful as the trick isn't fool proof and can actually bleed your future Fable 2 character dry. You've been warned!

[Thanks, Wyatt]

Video: Trapping piñatas in Viva Piñata 2

Brand new Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise media released earlier today showing off some gameplay and how much the game looks, plays and feels just like the original Viva Pinata. Not that that is a bad thing, really, it's just an observation. Though, we can't help but say it mirrors its predecessor in every way, but is more refined, perfected and feature-rich. In other words, it's what Viva Piñata should have been, four player online co-op and all. Give the videos (one embedded after the break) a watch, take in all the piñata love and see how to trap pinatas. Yup, in Viva 2 you can box up those piñatas who are unlucky enough to be attracted to your garden by a vegetable. How devilish!

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Video: Bungie's acceptance video hints at next big Halo related announcement

Holy giant Bungie acceptance speech video hint at their next Halo project Cortana! Witness Bungie's latest canceled E3 announcement tease in their acceptance speech video for EDGE's Interactive Innovation award, which is similar to their Gphoria award acceptance speech but much more juicy in terms of clues regarding their next project. You'll have to watch the video for yourself to really understand what we mean, but if the Halo 3 characters making an appearance in multiplayer levels or blue wireframe environments have anything to do with it, then we're in for a super Halo surprise. Watch, analyze and tell us what secret info you can gather from the acceptance video. Oh, and "even though in Halo 3 you finished the fight, that doesn't necessarily mean that the ride is over."

[Thanks, Macedonia Mafia]

Video: Doing some Dead Space gardening

Here's a gory, explosive and dismemberment treat for you. EA just released a new "Garden" Dead Space trailer that you can view above and even if it doesn't carry the same emotional weight as the Lullaby trailer, it has plenty of fantastic gameplay to compensate. Damn, we just want to shoot the limbs off of everything after watching this. Dead Space dismemberment effects and eerie atmosphere FTW!

Video: Fall update game installation process

Looky here kids, it's the Fall dashboard update in the hands of some uber l33t dude who "magically" has the new dashboard installed on his Xbox 360. Even better, he (or she) demos the new hard drive game installation process using GTAIV. From the looks of things, the process isn't quick (copying gigs and gigs of data never is), but does actually copy over ever single megabyte from the disc. Though, you'll need the disc to load the game. Pop some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the Fall update game installation process.

[Thanks, DCB and SS1029]

Video: Peter Moore boxes Kim Kardashian

In the red corner, weighing in at 214 pounds is former Microsoft executive now turned EA Sports head honcho. With a legendary right hook thanks to the Spartan power he receives through his Halo 2 tattoo, witness the FaceBreaker boxing all-star Peter "Big Guns" Moore!

In the blue corner, weighing in at 142 pounds is reality show "star" and beautiful face who has dabbled in celebrity fashion, acting and the apparel business. Sporting a pair of short shorts, a ponytail of abuse and a sour attitude, welcome to the FaceBreaker boxing ring Kim "Big Bottoms" Kardashian!

Let's get it on, FIGHT!

Video: You too can skate 2 too

Behold the first in-game footage of EA Sports' sequel to skate, a chronologically numbered sequel appropriately titled skate 2. Set to the music of Public Enemy's "Harder Than You Think", this skate 2 debut trailer shows off some of the new skating moves, new environments and the new tricks. It looks like skate and it feels like skate, so it must be skate just with a number 2 attached. Anyway, give the trailer a watch and tell us what your early skate 2 impressions are.

[Via Game Stooge]

Video: Nazi evaporation in a new Wolfenstein

Embedded above is a brand new trailer for id and Raven Software's Wolfenstein (just Wolfenstein, no subtitle) showing off what Nazi killing and the second World War really looks like. You know, if the Nazi war machine was eradicated with both "conventional and supernatural weapons" that make bodies evaporate into an explosive blue cloud of electric death. It's Wolfenstein ... just watch and enjoy.

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