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Xbox 360 Facts 'n Stats are statilicious

Breaking news! This just in! The Xbox 360 is a success! As part of their press release blitzkrieg, Microsoft decided to supply us with some Facts 'n Stats ammunition to prove how awesome the Xbox 360 and its community really is. So, we're passing along the news.

Supplied in their Facts 'n Stats are little statistical gems post-marketing spun for easy digestion. Little gems like 18 million Xbox 360 games have been sold worldwide, which is twice as many sold as both competitors combined. And another stating that Xbox Live has garnered 7 million members and that in the last year a new member has joined Xbox Live every 8 seconds. Or how about one of our favorites that since November, sixteen third party Xbox 360 titles have broken into the top ten best selling games (NPD figures) while third party titles on the PS3 or Wii have yet to achieve any top ten status. Fun, isn't it? More Facts 'n Stats enjoyment can be had after the break.

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Microsoft will be Bringing it Home during E3

Sweet, sweet news just hit our inbox a little bit ago confirming that Microsoft will be Bringing it Home once again for this year's mini-E3. The Bringing it Home campaign kicks off July 10th and will run through July 13th giving Xbox 360 fans a chance to experience E3 media through Xbox Live and Xbox.com. You'll be able to download free E3 news updates, HD trailers, themes, gamer pictures, and game demos straight off the E3 floor and onto the XBLM. Microsoft also promises a few surprises along the way, so be sure to keep an eye on the Marketplace ticker for the latest updates. Make your way to the break to see what content and which games will be offering up media when Bringing it Home kicks off.

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Paul Wall to show off his Madden skillz

Big rapper and grill connoisseur Paul Wall loves his Madden and challenges you to a few quarters of fun. As part of Xbox.com's Game with Fame, Paul Wall will be playing Madden '07 this Saturday, June 30th on Xbox Live from 7-9:00PM eastern. So, if you're up for some football fun or just want to put the rapper in his place, send a friend request to gamertag GWFPaulWall before Saturday night rolls around. Gaming, rapping, and talking about grills ... now that's what Xbox Live is all about.

Live Top Ten: Shadow runs fast

This week's Live Top Ten let the dust settle from last week's onslaught of demos. The top three remained unchanged, with Guitar Hero II moving into fourth, pushing the Shadowrun demo down. One of the other demos from last week, Tenchu Z remains in the same spot, and the Arcade game, Prince of Persia actually moved up to eighth. Also, though its demo has been on the list for the past week, the retail version of Shadowrun has made it on the top ten list, and will hopefully continue to climb. Full breakdown of the list after the break.

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Microsoft preps Xbox.com for E3 coverage

Last year Microsoft gave gamers unprecedented access to major gaming conferences including the X06, the Tokyo Game Show and E3. And even though this year's E3 has shrunk a little, Microsoft will still be giving gamers and insider's look into what E3 2007 has to offer. Xbox @ E3 will feature trailers, on demand service, blogs and other media on Xbox.com and presumably over Xbox Live. Currently, they have some content up including a look at how the new mini E3 benefits everyone and a must see list that hints at the Halo 3 campaign being demoed at the conference. Take a gander through the current Xbox @ E3 goods and countdown the days to an exciting E3. Bring it on!

SEGA hopeful for Rally Revo demo

Speaking to Eurogamer, Guy Wilday, the head of SEGA Racing Studio, claimed that he'd like to see a pre-release demo of their upcoming title, SEGA Rally Revo, which is set to debut in September. Wilday noted that the team will "look to do potentially 360 and PS3 downloadable demos before release." Not exactly the most concrete of promises, but we'll take what we can get. Wilday further comments that the challenge of creating demos comes from balancing how much of the game one is allowed to play. As Wilday puts it, "We want people to get the experience of the game without giving the game away." Whatever the team decides to do, finishing touches are still being put on the game proper, so the demo will have to wait.

With two major racing titles -- Forza 2 and DiRT -- just released for the 360, are you considering SEGA Rally Revo?

Going all in on XBL poker challenge

A new Play and Win giveaway has started over at Xbox.com featuring everyone's favorite once free XBLA game Texas Hold 'Em. The Alltel Texax Hold 'Em Challenge started yesterday and all you have to do to win is sign up for the giveaway from now until July 12th and play the game online. Every day you play you receive an entry to win prizes including an Xbox 360 Elite, Microsoft points, or a set of poker chips. What's cool is that you don't even have to be good at poker to win prizes, you just have to play online to enter. Which is a good thing, since we can't tell the difference between say ... a three-of-a-kind-pair and a full house.

Infinity Ward rejects Live Anywhere

In an interview with Infinity Ward's studio head Grant Collier, IGN discussed everything Call of Duty 4 and got the company's opinion on Microsoft's Live Anywhere initiative. Grant said that after Microsoft pitched the idea of incorporating Live Anywhere into their games they felt that it wouldn't work with their projects and simply said "no way". Collier says such a system is best suited for "card games or Tetris or something like that" and not the RTS or FPS genres. Microsoft didn't have a convincing argument to Infinity Ward's complaints and didn't respond to them.

Collier's take on Live Anywhere directly conflicts with Microsoft's view of bridging multiple gaming platforms like their latest gem Shadowrun, which is a FPS and incorporates the technology. So, maybe that's why phone calls weren't returned ... they hurt Microsoft's feelings. Big bullies.

The best way to manage your XBL friends list

Our good friend Chris Paladino over at the Gamerscore Blog decided to write up an article explaining how he handles his ever bloating Xbox Live friends list. Chris, being a high status celeb, receives numerous friend requests which constantly pushes him towards the 100 friends limit and so often he has to remove people to keep it around 95. But how does Chris choose who he boots off his sacred friends list? With a spreadsheet, of course! He keeps track of EVERY time he plays with a friend, what game, random notes, and all kinds of other stats. Then, when it's time to remove some friends, he uses his spreadsheet proof to nix those who he hasn't played with and sends them a message stating that they no longer can fit on his list. Props to you Chris, you have quite the organized system.

Our friends lists requires weeding from time to time and we can safely say our list management is far from as organized as Chris'. But what about you? Do you have a hard time keeping your XBL friends list below 100 or are you rocking an exclusive list with 10 or so? Please, share your friends list strategies, etiquette and how you trim the fat when the fat needs trimming.

Sign up for Xbox Live Halo 2 Challenge

It's time to switch back over to Halo 2 for a while, because there's an Xbox Live tournament to join and Xbox 360 Elites to win. As part of Xbox Live Tournaments and Play & Win, players can sign up for the Halo 2 Challenge running from now until June 25th for a chance to win a truckload of prizes. Once signed up, play Halo 2 Rumble Pit and climb the rankings ladder, because the top 64 will advance through the finals and compete on the two new Halo 2 maps to find out who's worthy of their Spartan armor. Also, just for signing up and playing Halo 2, you're automatically entered to win an Elite, Xbox Live subscriptions and accessories as part of the Play & Win contest. Complete contest details are available after the jump.

So, un-learn all your Halo 3 beta tactics and hop online for some Halo 2. Which really means prepare for a whole army of modders, cheaters and those who like to standby. W00t!

Video: Hitler gets banned from Xbox Live

What happens when you put silly subtitles over dramatic foreign footage? Absolute hilarity, that's what. Now combine this already potent combination with making fun of Adolf Hitler and it's even funnier. Combine that with the Xbox 360's superior online capabilities and you have got yourself some comedy gold. Come on, Microsoft? How could you ban Hitler? He had 2000 MS Points! What the hell can he do with them now? Then again, we suppose that's what happens when you play with a modified console (who would have thought that Hitler was a 1337 h4xx0r?). At this rate, Hitler may have to do the unthinkable: settle for a PS3.

We pity the customer support representative who has to take Hitler's call.

Warning: This video is decidedly NSFW, as it contains both foul language and, erm, Hitler.

[Thanks, Vic]

Live Top Ten: Betacular

This week's Live Top Ten shows a trend that will continue on through to the 10th. The Halo 3 Beta is being played a lot, by way of our actions Crackdown. Not enough to knock Gears of War of its top spot, but certainly enough to give the retail game second, and the beta in accesses in third. Of course, there is more on the list worth noting other than those three worth mentioning, such as the DiRT demo, or the free XBLA title, Aegis Wing. Full list can be found after the break, or you can just go back to playing the beta. We'll encourage you in your habit.

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New firmware prevents modders from being banned

A few weeks ago Microsoft dropped their ban hammer on any modded Xbox 360, but the modding community has quickly adapted. A new firmware version has just been released for all 360s with the TS-H943 DVD drive preventing against any Xbox Live detection attempts and allowing the 360 to play all "backup" game copies. This firmware update ultimately prevents Microsoft from "seeing" the modded 360 thus not allowing them to ban the console from Xbox Live. Now we'll just have to wait and see if Microsoft can counter the modding community's left hook with a jab of their own. Let the fists fly!

[Via Xbox-Scene]

DLC has yet to find the sweet spot

Reuters writers (we rhymed!) have jumped head first into the whole downloadable content debate and discuss how it's changing not only the consumer's view, but how developers think. They bring up topics like how big the microsotransactions market is, how much Microsoft profits, and how developers are now approaching additional content. Most importantly, they touch on how companies have yet to find a perfect formula for pricing DLC that is universally accepted and even mention how angry the community was when the GoW map pack turned out to be $10. Full article after the jump.

We've already crossed this bridge before and know that from a gamer's point of view overpriced content sucks big time. But do you think developers are making progress in finding a pricing "sweet spot" that you can live with? Or are you preparing yourself for DLC pricing to only get worse?

[Thanks, un1qu3 n3wy0rk]

Hour of Victory demo coming next week

Hour of Victory, Midway's next entry into the often neglected WWII genre, will be receiving a demo next week on Xbox Live Marketplace. The demo will arrive next Wednesday, giving eager gamers a chance to try the game before it assaults retail on June 22. While it's true that the WWII genre is somewhat saturated at this point, Hour of Victory attempts to stand out from the rest of the crowd by offering a character switching gimmick. There are three characters in the game, boasting different specialties and presumably different personalities (sort of like a hairier, sweatier Charlie's Angels). There is the stealthy spy type capable of stealth kills and other forms of sneakery, the out-and-out soldier eager for a brawl, and the sniper, who, um, snipes things. To get an idea what you'll be in for when the demo drops, check out a trailer for Hour of Victory after the break.

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