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Snack Strong to win Xbox Live or an Xbox 360

Not only is Doritos sponsoring the Unlock Xbox contest, but they're also rewarding gamers for snacking strong. Through July 22nd, when you head over to Snack Strong Productions and make your way to the Xbox 360 building (stupid flash) you can instantly win an Xbox 360 prize bundle. Heck, you don't even need a code from a Doritos bag to enter as one will be supplied. What's even better is that anyone who registers and plays will be emailed a 48 hour Xbox Live code just for playing. So, go register, get your free code and enter every day for a chance to win some hardware. Everyone's a winner when they Snack Strong ... or something like that.


Up close and personal with the Halo 3 Xbox 360 [update 1]

You've heard about it and have seen a few pictures, but we wanted to share with you some higher res up close and personal shots of the Halo 3 Xbox 360. After digging around some press kits we stumbled upon the images in the gallery below of the Halo 3 Xbox 360, pretty green controller and headset and man are we enjoying the design. Go ahead, take a look at the high res photos in our gallery below, you'll be glad you did.

Also, we're trying to contact Microsoft to clear up some confusion we have about the included headset. You see, and the press materials we received specifically state the bundle will include a wired headset (now confirmed). But we heard from E3 and Bungie stated in their Weekly Update that they were going to include the Halo 3 wireless headset instead. So, we aren't sure which it is, wired or wireless, but we'll be sure to pass along any clarification when we get it. Until then, take a look at the photos below.

Update 1: We just got confirmation from Microsoft that the pictured wired headset will be included in this bundle. The wireless Halo 3 headset will be a separate purchase for $59.99. All cleared up.

Gallery: Halo 3 Xbox 360

Sunday deals offer free Live and gift cards too

Today is Sunday and that means it's time to talk about this week's Xbox 360 super-Sunday-deals-of-money-savings-greatness! As usual, Circuit City has all the savings this week by offering up a free year of Xbox Live with purchase of any Xbox 360 console. You want video game deals? Well, if you're looking to get your Madden on later this year, plop down a preorder on Madden 08 and Circuit City will give you $25 towards a order. And if Madden is too long of a wait to play football, this week NCAA Football 08 is available and if purchased at Circuit City they'll give you $10 gift card to boot.

There you go, that was the best of the best Xbox 360 deals this week. Pull out your plastic and shop, shop the day away!

E3 panoramas are 360 degrees of rotating fun

If you haven't stopped by for a while we sincerely recommend that you check out the E3 panoramas they've created and posted for you to enjoy. These 360 degree rotations allow you to view all kinds of fun E3 locations like Microsoft's E3 conference stage, behind the scenes action, the always interesting E3 crowd and the oh-so-large Santa Monica ferris wheel. Everyone knows that playing with virtual panoramas is amusing, so quit depriving yourself and rotate the day away!

Video: CoD 4, Too Human, Rock Band and more

Things are chugging along here at E3 with new trailers and game videos hitting the web at a rapid fire pace. So again we rounded up the latest and greatest in visual media for your viewing pleasure. To kicks things off we recommend giving Microsoft's Xbox 360 video compilation a watch as it features a bunch of 360 games you'll be playing this year. It's a great primer video. Also, after the break you can view trailers from games featured at last night's conference including a lengthy Too Human trailer, Call of Duty 4 demo, Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed demo, Rock Band and Project Gotham Racing 4. Get to watching soldier, it's your fanboy duty!

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Xbox 360 Facts 'n Stats are statilicious

Breaking news! This just in! The Xbox 360 is a success! As part of their press release blitzkrieg, Microsoft decided to supply us with some Facts 'n Stats ammunition to prove how awesome the Xbox 360 and its community really is. So, we're passing along the news.

Supplied in their Facts 'n Stats are little statistical gems post-marketing spun for easy digestion. Little gems like 18 million Xbox 360 games have been sold worldwide, which is twice as many sold as both competitors combined. And another stating that Xbox Live has garnered 7 million members and that in the last year a new member has joined Xbox Live every 8 seconds. Or how about one of our favorites that since November, sixteen third party Xbox 360 titles have broken into the top ten best selling games (NPD figures) while third party titles on the PS3 or Wii have yet to achieve any top ten status. Fun, isn't it? More Facts 'n Stats enjoyment can be had after the break.

Continue reading Xbox 360 Facts 'n Stats are statilicious

Special Halo 3 Xbox 360 console announced

Yesterday, rumors were flying around the internet that a new gray Xbox 360 would be revealed. Well, we were close as a new Xbox 360 was shown, but it wasn't gray. Microsoft just announced that they'll be releasing a special edition Halo 3 Xbox 360 sometime this Fall. This army green Halo 3 360 is accented by yellow highlights (think Halo 3 wireless headset color scheme) and includes a matching green 20GB HDD, wired headset, and wireless controller. The package will also include a play and charge kit and limited edition theme and gamer picture set. But what's most interesting is that the console WILL include an HDMI port on the back. So, it's kind of an Xbox 360 Elite/Premium hybrid where you only get a Premium style 20GB HDD, but you also get Elite style HDMI connectivity with only component cables included. Again, Microsoft did not set a firm release date or pricing for the new console.

Halo 3 Xbox 360 bundle contents recapped after the break including a bigger photo of this army green wonder. Oh yeah, Halo 3 game sold separately.

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Microsoft's E3 conference is over ... the aftermath

Microsoft's E3 press conference ended earlier this morning and boy oh boy do we have stuff to talk about. Actually, we have so much to talk about that we'll be breaking down all the announcments into digestible blog "wraps" recapping the news in themed categories. So, be sure to watch for those blog wraps throughout the day. But right now we're sure you want the quick and dirty rundown of what Microsoft announced, showed and demoed at this year's E3. And who are we to say no? Check out a the quick rundown of what we learned during Microsoft's E3 press conference after the break with more info to come later in the day.

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Microsoft's E3 press conference kicks off tonight

We've made it fellow fanboys! Tonight is the night when the speculation comes to an end and all (if not most) of our unanswered questions get answers. In less than an hour Microsoft will begin their E3 press conference live from the Santa Monica High School amphitheater at 11:30PM eastern. We'll surely get to see some Xbox 360 games, peripherals and hopefully be in for a few "OMG!" surprises. And this year you're in luck, because you have unprecedented access to this insider's only event. Not only will you be able to keep track of MajorNelson's updated Twitter stream and watch the press conference live on G4 TV (coverage starts at 11:00PM eastern), but Joystiq and Engadget will be live blogging straight from the event! Also, if technical difficulties can be cleared up, our very own Richard and David just might be able to do some live blogging of their own here at X3F. Remember, the conference starts at 11:30PM eastern!

And with less than an hour until the event begins, you have one final chance to share your opinion and predict what exciting news you think will come from Microsoft's E3 press conference. So fanboys, what are your predictions?

Microsoft gets sued: Scratched game disc lawsuit

We sort of figured that a consumer Xbox 360 lawsuit would pop up with all these red ring of death hardware issues, but we didn't think we'd see such lawsuit be based on disc scratching problems. A Florida resident has filed a class action lawsuit against Microsoft for disc drive problems associated with the console causing "destructive damages" to his video games. He is seeking to be reimbursed for cost of replacing such games and is suing for a payout of $5 million dollars. Now, we aren't claiming to be legal geniuses here, but wouldn't a Xbox 360 lawsuit targeted towards general hardware failures be a little more successful seeing all buzz around the issue? Oh well, these kind of lawsuits are quite normal and usually go no where, but we'll keep an eye on this to see if it gets any ground.

Gray Xbox 360 to make an E3 appearance? [update 1]

See something a little out of place above? Yup, far left, see that? It's an Xbox 360 ... but gray!

The big Microsoft E3 press conference airs tonight and so the Gamerscore Blog crew took a few pictures of the venue (a high school) where all the fun will be going down later and posted them to their Flickr account. But they obviously posted photos that they shouldn't have and quickly pulled a bunch of pictures featuring the venue and the rehearsal. But Joystiq reader Rickard Gudbrand was quick to take a screenshot of the one gray Xbox image (but we found a higher res one here) before it was pulled. Indeed, it is a gray 360.

So, what does this gray Xbox 360 mean? Well, we aren't sure and will have to probably wait until the press conference later tonight, but we'll go out on a limb and say it may have to do with either a price cut or be a reworking of what the Core system offers. Microsoft ... always wanting to surprise as if it were Christmas in July.

Update 1: We've stumbled upon a higher resolution version of the leaked photo. Enjoy.

[Via Joystiq]

Canadians get 4 games free with 360 purchase

Canadian gamers are in for a treat this week, because Future Shop has an Xbox 360 deal you can't refuse. This week Future Shop is offering the Premium Xbox 360 Forza 2 bundle for $499, but they are also throwing in three free games to boot! The three free games included are Crackdown, World Series of Poker: Tournament Of Champions, and Hitman: Blood Money plus Forza 2 equals four free games with a 360 purchase. Now that's what we call gaming in a box. Though, we recommend holding out until tomorrow night to see if the rumored 360 price drop happens. If not, go get yourself a 360 ... you deserve it.

[Thanks, DjDATZ]

A smaller, cooler Falcon should be soaring this Fall

Falcon. That's the code name for the project that'll not only make future Xbox 360s more reliable and make the hardware cheaper, but will also help Microsoft sleep better at night. Over at The Mercury News, Dean Takahashi talks about the Falcon project and how the new 65nm technology could be the answer to Microsoft's red ring woes. It is expected that the new 65nm CPU/GPU combo could be implemented as soon this Fall and would seriously help with hardware stability as the smaller chips produce less heat. The benefits are enormous and range from cheaper hardware, to more reliable chips, to less heat being generated. With project Falcon being so beneficial it'd be hard to believe that Microsoft isn't pushing to get the technology up and out the door as soon as possible. This Falcon could very well be the single best thing to ever happen to the 360.

Analysts expecting a Xbox 360 price cut

If you didn't already know, today Sony announced that they've trimmed the fat on their Playsation 3 by dropping the price by $100. Surprising isn't it? Now the obvious question is whether Microsoft will retaliate with a price cut of their own or keep things the way they are. Industry analyst Michael Pachter thinks a price cut will happen and has gone on record to say that Microsoft will announce a Xbox 360 price drop sometime during E3. How Mr. Pachter sees it is that they'll knock of $50 from the Core and Premium and take $80 off the Elite making the price points $249, $349 and $399. This is of course entirely possible seeing that Sony is stepping on Microsoft's price point territory. Also, we're thinking a price cut is overdue seeing that the console has been out for nearly two years at the same price. We'll just have to wait until tomorrow night to see what surprises Microsoft has up their sleeves and if our 360 will get a fat trimming too.

Video: Transformers transforming Xbox 360

That Summer robot blockbuster movie Transformers features all kinds of technological items changing form including cars, CD players and (our personal favorite) an Xbox 360. We've known about the transforming 360 for a while, but now we have video proof! Embedded above is a clip from the Transformers movie featuring a premium Xbox 360 turning into a Decepticon right out of the box. It's a short clip, but if you listen close enough you'll hear the signature sound of the Xbox 360 starting up. Yes ... our inner geeks are more than satisfied.

[Via ComNetSlash]

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