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Built-in HDD 'prematurely' killed off the original Xbox

"The hard drive in every Xbox killed us" admitted Peter Moore who, in an interview with guardian, mentioned that it and the cost associated with the drives was one of the main reasons Microsoft chose to move away from the original Xbox so quickly.

The Xbox's built-in HDD was "why we prematurely left the original" Moore admitted, "we were still selling it [the console] at $199 and the hard drive was like $70 ... it was killing us, and there was no way to bring the price down. So in the end we determined at around the 25 million unit mark that we just needed to slow this thing down and just not sell any more, and move to the 360 as quickly as we possibly could." Intriguing. Maybe now with the 360's not so mandatory HDD, we'll see a console life cycle that'll last beyond five years. Maybe?

[Via Shacknews]

120GB HDD price drop to $149, still too spendy

Looking to increase the size of your hard drive? You know, swap your Xbox 360's measly 20GB or 60GB hard drive for a whopping 120GB of storage goodness all without having to tap into your 401K? Well, you're sorta in luck, because GameDaily was able to probe Microsoft enough to learn that the 360's standalone 120GB HDD has officially dropped its retail price to $149. That's a $30 price drop from its original $179 price tag.

That said, we don't have to tell you that $149 for a 120GB HDD is very spendy and, as GameDaily was keen to point out, you could technically plop down an extra $50 and buy a brand new 360 Arcade. True, you wouldn't get any additional storage capacity with the Arcade, but you'd have a 512MB 256MB memory card and a backup just in case your primary console decides to ring out.

Sorry Arcade users, Soul Calibur IV requires an HDD [update]

[Update : So it looks like the good folks over at Microsoft messed up. The page has now been updated to reflect the fact that the game actually doesn't need a hard drive.]

So according to the game's page, Namco Bandai's fourth installment fighter isn't going to be playable for those arcade pack owners out there. While Microsoft's doctrine that your SKU wouldn't matter when it came to the simple act of playing games has been broken before (FFXI, etc) we really didn't expect to see it in a fighting game.

It could be that the HDD requirement refers to the game's Create-A-Soul mode (which would obviously require space to save created players). But has the game really been created in such a way that doesn't simply disable that feature for a user without a hard drive? The page could be a mistake of course, because to have to leave a certain section of the potential player base (however small) unable to purchase your game just seems a bit strange. As much as this is worth complaining about, let's hope that the game uses the 360 HDD's reserved 6GB of caching space so as to avoid the mandatory install of the PS3 version (which seems to be the most likely situation, considering the PS3 HDD install is just about the same size as the 360's reserved cache.)

Amazon discounts 20GB and 120GB 360 hard drives

Going hand in hand with this week's retail Xbox 360 deals thus making this a money savings morning, we bring you word that has a few good deals on Xbox 360 hard drives. Money savings on both the 20GB drive and uber large 120GB model.

As part of their gaming "Deal of the Day", today and today only has discounted the 360's (already overpriced) 20GB hard drive to $65 and the 120GB hard drive to $135. As always, Amazon doesn't charge shipping on orders over $25 and (for most buyers) is also tax free. So, if you're in the market for a new 360 hard drive, today just might be the day for you to jump in and ease the purchasing pain by saving yourself 25% off of retail. Every penny counts.

[Thanks, Ben]

Reminder: win a 120GB HDD for Xbox 360 [update]

[Update: The giveaway is now closed and our winner selected. Once the winner is verified, we'll put up an announcement post.]

Hey kiddies, don't forget that we're giving away a 120GB hard drive for the Xbox 360 in celebration of the impending arrival of Halo 3. Entering the giveaway is incredibly easy, and it will take you less than two minutes. That's two minutes for 120 gigabytes of awesome. All you have to do is head over to the official giveaway post and enter. You've got two hours to do it before we pick our lucky winner, so get to it already! Oh, and if you don't win fear not, because we've got lots more stuff to give away this month. Keep your eyes peeled next week for the next bit of swag*.

*Hint: next week's swag is even better (and more valuable) than a 120GB hard drive. Think about that.

Borderlands on the 360 will require a HDD

Concluding a Games Convention demo of the 2008 release Borderlands (that Diablo meets Mad Max shooter), the president of Gearbox Randy Pitchford confirmed with 1UP that when the game releases, it will require a HDD if played on the Xbox 360. Pitchford is fully aware of Microsoft's opinion on HDD required games, but still sticks to his studios' development guns stating that Borderlands needs a caching HDD due to the unique nature of the game and all its randomly generated missions of randomness. Honestly, we're just curious to see how Microsoft will handle games and developers when talk of HDD required games begins to bubble up. Cue death stare!

Snag 20GB HDD for $50, 120GB for $145

Let's face it, 360 accessories are expensive. In the case of hard drives, 360 accessories are ridiculously expensive. As a service to our readers, we bring you the news that you can snag a 20GB 360 HDD for the tempting price of $49.90 from (for now at least). Add $2.59 for shipping and you've got a brand new hard drive for $52.49. Not bad. But wait! there's more. Why grab a measly 20GB HDD when you can get a 120GB HDD for the bargain price of $144.99 ($35 off retail)? Head over to and you can purchase one for $164.99. Just slap on the promo code "Paypal20" and pay with PayPal and you'll get an additional $20 off. After shipping, you'll pay somewhere in the range of $150. Again, not bad.

Read -- 20GB deal at GoGamer
Read -- 120GB deal at Newegg

[Via TechBargains. Thanks, djphatjive]

Elite owners, get HDD migration cable for free

New Xbox 360 Elite owners who've upgraded from a Core/Premium 360 may have been a little bummed to find out that there is no way to transfer an old HDD's data over to the Elite. But fear not, because Microsoft will give you a HDD migration cable for free ... you just have to ask for it. Either give Microsoft a ring-ring on the telephone or use the official migration cable order form and send it off. Full details can be found here. And be sure to keep using your 20GB HDD until the migration cable arrives, otherwise you'll have game saves on two HDDs causing you to lose data. And lost data is the suxorz.

[Via Digg]

Data transfer demo for your new HDD

If you're a current 360 owner and are in the market for a new 120GB HDD or the Xbox 360 Elite in the coming weeks, then you'll be dealing with some HDD data transferring. And thanks to Major Nelson's data transfer demo, the whole process will be painless. In the embedded video above, Major and his clothes twin Albert walk you through the whole thing step by step and even do a little Xbox 360 Elite unboxing to boot. It's actually quite simple and should take less than an hour to move all your data to your new 120GB behemoth. And, as if it wasn't mentioned enough, the data transfer will be permanent and can only be done once. So, make sure this is what you want, as there's no going back.

Save some cash, use your own 120GB HDD

The hard drive prophecy has come true. Xbox-Scene is reporting that the new version of HDDHackr has been released allowing the use of an unlicensed 120GB hard drive for your 360 storage. The HDDHackr program uses the newly found 120GB signature and will allow anyone to use a specific 120GB WD HDD for their 360 storage saving roughly $100 over Microsoft's official Xbox 360 120GB HDD. Though, you'll need to be somewhat familiar with hacking programs and PC hardware setup to get the drive up and running. But, if that's your thing, you can save big bucks and up your Xbox 360 hard drive capacity to 120GB the l33t way. So, is anyone up for the challenge?

120GB 360 HDD worth only $100

Perhaps you've heard of the brand new, super fancy Xbox 360 Elite. You know, it's black, has HDMI and a 120GB hard drive, and it's super cool. You may have heard that the Elite has been utterly gutted, all of its vitals exposed to the world. It just so happens the 120GB hard drive was part of this dismantling process. With the drive cracked open and exposed, we can finally see the wondrous, ultra high-tech hard drive that justifies Microsoft's $179 price tag. Or can we?

It turns out that the drive inside the plastic case is in fact a Fujitsu MHW2120BH 2.5" laptop drive. did some Google searching and discovered that these drives generally cost around $100. Not long ago, Aaron Greenberg stated that the drive in the Xbox 360 is comparable to a self-powered external hard drive for a PC. Alright, so there must be some sort of additional work that justifies an $80 increase above retail, right? The thing is, according to Shindakun, the 360 drive isn't self powered. You have to shut down the console to install it, because it's just an SATA drive with a proprietary connector. So, where does the extra cost come from? The plastic casing isn't that nice. Granted, there are R&D costs to consider, but $80 extra per unit seems a little steep. Without a direct explanation of the costs from Microsoft, we can make only one conclusion: we're getting ripped off.

Buyer beware.

120 GB hard drive snagged for $99

If the Xbox 360 has one consistent complaint, it is undoubtedly the cost of its peripherals. In particular, the price of its hard drive has been the most difficult to stomach. $99 dollars for 20 gigabytes seems positively ludicrous in today's world of cheap storage. The new 120GB hard drive isn't much better, clocking in at $179. Microsoft has defended the pricing structure, saying that they demand very strict specifications from manufacturers (things like drive speed, security, etc.), but it's hard to believe it couldn't be had for less.

Enter one lucky 360 fanboy by the name of Scooter. Scooter spotted a 120GB hard drive at his local Wal-Mart. Looking closer, the drive was priced at a cool $99.88. Seizing upon the opportunity, he asked a clerk to open up the case and ring it up. Of course, once the item was scanned, it came up as $172. After a quick interchange with customer service, it's revealed that Wal-Mart store policy requires that items be sold for the price at which they are marked (even if the price is incorrect). So, he walks out with a 120GB drive for a full $80 less than retail price.

Granted, we're sure the display price was corrected immediately following the sale, but it's nice to hear that at least one fanboy managed to stick it to the man. Our advice: scour your area Wal-Marts for mislabeled hard drives. You might end up with a killer deal. Follow the "read" link for photographic proof of the $99 120GB HDD.

[Thanks, Scooter]

How not to spend $179 on a 120GB hard drive

An X3F regular, AoE, has reminded us about a nifty little trick that lets you use SATA hard drives with the Xbox 360. We reported the story back in January. Just as a refresher, here's how it works: using a bit of software from Xbox-Scene, you essentially trick your Xbox 360 into thinking any Western Digital BEVS drive is actually an official 360 drive. Of course, you'll have to possess some hardware and software savvy to get everything humming along.

Before now, the software would work only allow for 20GB of space, because the ID located on each official HDD says as much. Now that official 120GB hard drives will be hitting the market, it should be possible to grab the ID file from a 120GB drive. Of course, we don't condone such things, nor would we have any idea where to find such a file, but there it is. So, if you've got the technical knowhow, you may want to wait a while before laying down 179 smackers for 120GB of space. We'll let you know as soon as this comes to pass (or not).

Xbox 360 120GB HDD advertising appears

It looks like promotional materials for the new "rumored" Xbox 360 120GB hard drive are surfacing. We received this picture from fanboy reader Ralph, who says it's a shot of Gamestop's promotional poster for the much rumored 120GB hard drive. Yes, we know it's a tiny picture, but Ralph says it's so small because it was sent to him via his trendy little Blackberry. Stupid Blackberrys and their small screens. So, is this confirmation of a new 120GB hard drive and possibly the Elite 360? Not exactly, but it makes for great speculation goodness. And we all know how much we love our rumors and spec.

[Thanks, Ralph]

Specialized 360 for IPTV in the works?

Speaking with Major Nelson in his most recent podcast, Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg spoke of the possibility of a specially configured 360 built with IPTV and DVR functions in mind. When questioned about DVR functions and the possibility of a larger HDD, Greengerg said, "clearly the current way the Xbox 360 is designed is not for that ... we did not build this box to be a High Definition DVR." Greenberg further states that it's possible that consumers will eventually purchase some kind of IPTV upgrade (possibly referring only to a larger hard drive) or purchase an IPTV specific 360 "configuration" from a service provider. Greenberg points out that a larger hard drive is really only necessary for DVR functions and that it's possible to run IPTV without a hard drive at all.

While this doesn't necessarily mean we'll be seeing an entirely new 360, it may be the first time an MS representative hasn't outright deflected the possibility of a larger HDD, and that's saying something.

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