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New Xbox Experience relaunch was lies, all lies

Earlier in the week, rumor spread quickly across the internets regarding Microsoft's supposed plans to hold a five hour long New Xbox Experience relaunch event aired on G4 TV. An event that would celebrate the rollout of the Fall update, usher in free games, new game announcements and excitement galore. Well, that was total balderdash. Fake, fake, fake!

G4's own Adam Sessler confirmed the fact that the network and Microsoft have no plans for an event later this month, going as far as to dedicate his latest episode of "Sessler's Soapbox" to the topic specifically (vid after the break). Sessler not only denies the baseless (but totally awesome) rumor, but goes on to discuss politics and how irresponsible the media can be by not investigating or looking for answers. Damn the media. We always disliked those media folks.

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Halo 3 takes home Gphoria GOTY honors

Even though it released last September to a flurry of excitement, it is still the most played game on Xbox Live, still holds crazy ridiculous sales records and still has a loyal fanbase, which is probably why Halo 3 was selected as G4's Gphoria 2008 Game of the Year. Beating out other worthy GOTY contenders like BioShock, MGS4 and CoD4, Halo 3 barely squeaked away a win in the closest Gphoria GOTY vote ever. Decided by less than 40 votes. Watch Bungie's acceptance speak (flaming Recon FTW!) and give a congratulatory shout out to team Bungie. Long live the Halo 3!

[Thanks, Glitch W]

G4 TV brings their lineup to the XBVM

Microsoft recently announced that G4 TV has added a part of their television lineup to the U.S. Video Marketplace, of which two shows are already available for purchase. G4's animated series Code Monkeys, snowboarding reality show The Block and daily tech news show Attack of the Show (sorry, no X-Play) are all up for purchase for 160 Microsoft points each. Though, for whatever reason, Attack of the Show is currently missing in action. Also, as an introductory promotion, G4 is offering up Code Monkeys' "Dave's Got Boobs" episode for free, so grab the 242MB episode if you're interested.

[Thanks, StLouisRibs7734]

Rock Band to get whippy good Devo DLC

In an interview with G4's X-Play, Mark Mothersbaugh, member of the 80's red hat wearing group Devo, confirmed that Devo will in fact be releasing three tracks to the Rock Band DLC library. Though, Mothersbaugh kept his cards close and didn't reveal which Devo tracks they'll be releasing, when they'll hit the XBLM or for how much. But one thing that's nearly certain is that one of their Rock Band releases will be the uber hit "Whip It". Because if they put out a three pack of DLC and don't include "Whip It", then we and thousands of fanboys will have to perform a Devo Rock Band DLC boycott. And yes, Devo, that is a threat.

[Via Joystiq]

Earn H3 Recon armor with G4's Sarkathlon 2

G4 is challenging Halo 3 players to another round of Mr. Sark's forging torment which is now being called The Sarkathlon 2. And if you have the right blend of talent and persistence to outshine all your opponents, Recon glory will be yours.

For those out of the know, The Sarkathlon is a custom Halo 3 map that is created to test players' skills, wit and talent with the goal of completing all the obstacles in the fastest time possible. This time, for The Sarkathlon 2, we're being told that the Legendary Map Pack will be used and will be much, much, much more difficult. So difficult that Bungie has partnered with G4 to give the grand prize winner the exclusive (and so so elusive) Halo 3 Recon armor. The Sarkathlon 2 begins tomorrow and will run through Friday, May 2nd so keep your eyes on G4 tomorrow when challenge details and map download information will be revealed.

[Via HBO]

Video: First Prototype gameplay footage

Last night on G4's X-play, Morgan Webb got the chance to talk with Radical Entertainment and get a first look at a hands-on game demo of a little game called Prototype. And knock us off the sofa with a softball bat, this game has potential.

The six minute gameplay preview showcases a 20% complete build of Prototype where they highlight the main character's morphing abilities, the crazy about of mayhem that goes on at any given moment and some serious body dismemberment. All of our previous hopes and interests pertaining to Prototype have been further solidified after watching this hands on demo as we can truly say this game has a lot going for it. Destruction on a mass scale, super human abilities, visceral moments and a little thing called online co-op makes us giddy with anticipation. Watch the embedded hands-on demo above and check out the teaser demo after the break featuring some crazy helicopter hijacking. Just think ... the build you are watching is only 20% complete!

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Sessler says quit hating on Halo 3 already

G4's outspoken and somewhat controversial Adam Sessler is standing on his Sessler Soapbox again, this time defending Halo 3 against all the haters. And yes we were just as surprised as you, but it's fact ... there are Halo 3 haters out there. What a crazy world we live in.

Anyhoo, per the video embedded above, Sessler talks about the greatness that is Halo 3, why it is so damn fun and why the haters of the world should pretty much much quit their hating ways and lay off Halo 3 because of its popularity. And to be fair, he even says that it isn't the best game out there or even game of the year caliber (which we whole-heartily dispute), but it's a great gaming experience no matter how you cut it. So, if you know someone or are one who hates on Halo 3 for no particular reason other than your sad, jealous rage then take Adam Sessler's advice and shove your ... well, we'll let you watch the video for yourself. More gravy please!

[Via 1P Start]

Catch Major Nelson on G4

We wouldn't normally suggest you watch anything on G4 (Cinematech is alright), but tonight could be something special. Tonight, Larry Hryb, Xbox Live's Major Nelson, will be featured on Attack of the Show's "The Loop" segment. The subject: microtransactions. Ooh, we smell a Lumines fight a comin'! If you'd like to watch, you can check it out at 7:00PM EDT (11:00PM GMT). Hey, it could be worse, right?

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