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Origins of Faith: Trailer outlines the beginnings of Mirror's Edge

A flash-based trailer showcasing one of the most impressive looking titles to hit this holiday? OK, EA we'll bite. In a society seemingly ripped from the pages (in concept) from a George Orwell novel, Mirror's Edge is the story of a world where citizens are trained and controlled. After a failed resistance the city has grown sterile and without emotion but now a new group leaps from rooftop-to-rooftop in search of freedom from control. How does Mirror's Edge rank on your holiday buying list?

Download in HD (98MB)

Video: Mirror's Edge proof of concept footage

Today, EA released an interesting Mirror's Edge video showing off what the game looked like before it became, well ... a game. This new "Proof of Concept" trailer was one that was created to test to overall concept and serve as a benchmark for what they wanted to achieve in Mirror's Edge. Like we said, the footage is rough around the edges and done way before Faith was chosen to be the main character, so don't be alarmed by the chracter's manly arms. Enjoy the show!

Mirror's Edge jumps, rolls, lands on November 11

Earlier in the week PC gamers were treated to an alarming rumor that Mirror's Edge wouldn't deliver the goods until 2009, today the good and bad news has been revealed to all. Console gamers are getting some alone time with Faith, first. Today Electronic Arts announced that the Unreal Engine 3 powered parkour-simulator from DICE will be delivered on November 11 on the Xbox 360 and PS3 while PC gamers will get the title later this winter.

EA also revealed that a demo of the tutorial stage, also known as the stage featured at E3 and PAX, and a scene from the single-player campaign will be made available. As an added bonus, those who pre-order the game after September 26 will receive a code to unlock the Time Trial mode within the demo. We're jumping for excitement ... and to hurdle ourselves over this red staircase.

[via Joystiq]

Bad Company assaulted by DLC, free weapons, update

IGN reports a veritable cornucopia of news regarding Battlefield: Bad Company. The leaderboards have been expanded to include 500,000 players (up from 50,000), which should give more gamers a chance to see their names up in lights. Also, two of the campaign levels -- Acta Non Verba and Par For The Course -- are being retooled for multiplayer and will be available in an upcoming map pack (no word on when it will release or how much it will cost). Along with the map pack, an update is being prepared that should fix server and Dog Tag lag. Finally, and perhaps most interesting, codes are being given out to unlock three of the five (somewhat controversial) weapons that were only available to those who took part in the game's launch promotions. To unlock the different weapons, simply enter the codes below in the unlock section in Bad Company.
  • Recon Kit - QBU88 - your3mynextt4rget
  • Special Ops Kit - UZI - cov3r1ngthecorn3r
  • Support Kit - M60 - try4ndrunf0rcov3r
The remaining weapons can still be unlocked by checking your stats on the Bad Company website and joining the EA Veteran's Program.

[Thanks, Patrick]

Video: Jumping Mirror's Edge gameplay

Fresh from the Games Convention comes new Mirror's Edge gameplay footage depicting a few solid minutes of action packed running, jumping, diving and climbing. The first "Energy Plant" gameplay video (embedded above) shows off some rather sexy moves and acrobatic sequences all ending in a watery slip-n-slide. The second video (after the break) is a bit less exciting and kinda shows what happens when your jumping skills aren't up to par. It's Mirror's Edge video goodness, now go watch.

[Via Game Stooge]

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Bad Company's Conquest Mode DLC now available

Attention Bad Company fanboys, a brand new mode is now available for your favorite gold grabbing FPS. We're talking about the brand new Conquest mode of course. Calling it brand new isn't exactly accurate though, as Conquest mode is actually the traditional gameplay mode seen in previous Battlefield titles. Taking place on four modified maps, Conquest has players battle to deplete the opposing teams 'tickets' by capturing flags and, of course, killing enemy soldiers. In short, it's the mode Battlefield fans all know and love. It's available now on Xbox Live Marketplace and, best of all, it's free.

Conquest added to Bad Company this week

Expected to go live this Thursday, August 7th is a new multiplayer game mode for Battlefield: Bad Company called Conquest. A game mode that was first seen and made popular back in Battlefield: 1942. In Conquest, players capture and control flags where, once a flag is captured, that team has the ability to spawn soldiers from. Oh, and the Conquest update will be free, so have no Microsoft point worries.

We'll see you on the Conquest battlefield, soldier.

Video: Five minutes of Mirror's Edge

Embedded after the break is 316 seconds of in-game footage from DICE's Mirror's Edge that was demoed during E3. And while this isn't super new news, this is the first time we had a chance to view Faith's impressive five minute adventure and we figured we'd share it with those who haven't had a chance to view it either. There's plenty of jumping, sliding, enemy kicking and color coded obstacles to take in, so make your way to the break and complete your Mirror's Edge video viewing. If you don't watch the footage then Faith will be sad. You don't want to make Faith sad, now ... do you?

[Via NeoGAF]

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DC producing Mirror's Edge prequel comic

Electronic Arts has announced a partnership with DC Comics to produce a six part comic series based on the upcoming run-em-up Mirror's Edge. The comic will take place before the events of the game and chronicle the back-story of its main character, Faith, promising that "Frame by frame, page by page, [readers will] learn more about the events that shaped both her and the city." The comic will be penned by Rhianna Pratchet -- who is also the writer of the game itself -- and drawn by artist Matthew Dow Smith. The first issue will be available at the San Diego Comic-Con this weekend. Details on when the comic will be more widely available are still up in the air.

[Via Joystiq]

Edgy new Mirror's Edge screenshots

Earlier this morning, we were treated to a new Mirror's Edge trailer full of informative story bits and all kinds of animated action. Sadly though, no actual in-game footage. But that's where the release of NEW screenshots comes in and that's exactly what we have. Gently added to the gallery below are four super fresh Mirror's Edge screenshots depicting the game's gorgeous environments, Faith's pants and two screenshots are green! Yes, the game doesn't only feature blue and orange prettiness, it does green too! Amazing!

Gallery: Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge story trailer gets animated

There are two things that can be concluded from the animated Mirror's Edge trailer above. One, Mirror's Edge sounds like a freaking awesome game. Two, somehow, before everything is said and done, there will be a product tie-in with Esurance. You know, the (arguably annoying) commercials with that pink haired chick what sells the auto insurance? Yeah, those. Anyway, the trailer above is still flippin' sweet and we are totally pumped to see the game for ourselves. To prepare to see the game at E3 next week, we've been running around and jumping from rooftop to rooftop. We live in the suburbs, so it's proving rather difficult.

Get your own Faith used Mirror's Edge runner bag

Mirror's Edge, that game that's all about first-first person action featuring the lovely main character Faith, will be hitting retailers this Fall and if you're willing to complete a pre-order, you can score some free runner bag swag.

GameStop is running (ha! running!) an exclusive pre-order promotion where all Mirror's Edge pre-orders will receive an exact replica of Faith's runner bag as seen in the game. The runner bag (pictured above), is a stylish banana yellow color, with seven different compartments and enough room to store and carry your Xbox 360 console. Just image how cool you'll look running down the streets, shopping at the mall, carrying your books to school or entering a business meeting with this Mirror's Edge bag. Just imagine!

[Thanks, Neuromancer]

DICE cares, Bad Company updates inbound

Who would have thought that all your whining, groaning and moaning would actually inspire change in a video game? We guess only developers who're considered "cool" actually listen to their community, and in the case of Battlefield: Bad Company, the DICE crew is listening to community feedback and taking action.

Posting on the official Bad Company website, team DICE wanted to let everyone know that they're listening and are looking into all the Bad Company improvements the community has suggested. The first update being the addition of a Conquest game mode that will be included in "The Conquest Pack" which is currently in MS cert. After that's complete, DICE promises to look into issues surrounding things like auto balancing and stat exploits. Remember kids, DICE listens and DICE reacts all because DICE cares.

[Via Shacknews]

Bad Company connection troubles? Just restart!

Having a difficult time connecting to EA's Battlefield: Bad Company servers? Well kids, you aren't alone. EA has acknowledged the fact that some Xbox 360 Bad Company gamers are having troubles connecting to the game servers. Though, take comfort in the fact that they are "monitoring stats non-stop and are working with several partners to locate any possible flashpoints and eradicate any hostiles we encounter." Ha! And until they release a fix, EA recommends simply shutting off your Xbox for 20 minutes, then giving it an old fashioned restart. Good luck!

[Via Eurogamer]

Join Bad Company for a Live Weekend

What's billed as an "explosive weekend of combat", EA and Microsoft have joined forces to host Battlefield: Bad Company Live Weekend! And the fun has already begun!

Kicking off today and lasting through Sunday, June 29th, the Bad Company Live Weekend offers up two fun events. First being the Play & Win where, once registered, Bad Company gamers can win all kinds of swag, autographed goods and one lucky winner will even come away with a gold dipped Xbox 360. Sounds expensive! The other Live Weekend event is a Play with Developers event that goes down early tomorrow morning from 3-7:00AM eastern. Pull the pin and jump into a weekend with some Bad Company. And because we can ... an explosive Solid Snake!

[Thanks, Chris]

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