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Xbox 360 in car accident, but lives!

Over on the official Xbox forums, ZiKrOnIx posted his very own personal story of tragedy. You see, poor ZiKrOnIx got in a car accident which is bad enough, but the real tragic part is that his ... gasp ... Xbox 360 was involved too. The curvaceous gaming console was thrown from his car, ran over, hard drive cracked, power brick thrown, and faceplate crushed. And the end result? He took his battered 360 home, fired it up, and was greeted by the friendly glow of the dashboard. Yup, it's still working even after all the brutality it endured. If you have any Xbox 360 abuse stories, please tell your story below. And if you're the sick and twisted type, go check out the horrific pics after the jump.

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1. Now all he has to do is wait for an electrical fire when one of the busted connections/components inside decides to short out!

Posted at 8:34PM on Nov 16th 2006 by Tucker

2. thats why you put your seatbelt on your 360 while traveling with it.....

Posted at 9:00PM on Nov 16th 2006 by x36ea

3. That's great, this guy gets in an accident and his 360 lives, I am playing GOW today, and mine dies!!!!

What's odd is mine works sometimes, then other times has the three red lights...then it goes back, and freezes, and then plays again. What the hell?!

Besides that, it's out of warranty, and I can't do shit about it....except pay out the 140.00!

Posted at 9:29PM on Nov 16th 2006 by Zach

4. xbox360 abuse story... uh... mmm... i applied the fall update patched before it was fixed.

needless to say it's now on its way to the repair center.

i wish i could say it lived. i really do.

Posted at 9:50PM on Nov 16th 2006 by mark

5. "The power brick was ran over but shows no signs of damage."

now that's just funny

Posted at 11:59PM on Nov 16th 2006 by get over it

6. OUCH! Ohh man.....My Launch 360 died while updating a patch, and killed one of my gAMES along with it COD2....And the funny thing I sold it back to eb games for 30 bucks they didnt even check if it was broken or not LOL

Posted at 1:05AM on Nov 17th 2006 by Broken_Speed

7. I posted this several times, but my Xbox 360 was in a car accident too, a head on collision when the Xbox was sitting in the passenger seat. you can imagine the force that the console hit the dash.

When I picked it up again, I noticed that there was a screw rolling around inside it and a very unholy rattling sound, also the DVD drive was clunking. But did it work?? Yes, and for another 8 months before I used the warranty to get a new one, it was still working fine, but I thought i would get it changed anyway.

Posted at 5:07AM on Nov 17th 2006 by David Wright

8. FYI 3 red lights means you have dirty power comming in - put it on its own outlet with a good surge protector.

Posted at 9:23AM on Nov 17th 2006 by Paul

9. I tried everything, everything on the xbox website, and everything I could think of. Luckily, I have a good friend who is a manager of an EBgames, he told me to come in this morning and exchange it.

Posted at 9:36AM on Nov 17th 2006 by Zach

10. @4, Zach

I have the exact problem with mine -- I bought the 360 during launch last year, never had a problem with it up until recently after buying Gears of War.

Played Gears of War for about 15 minutes the first... turned it on the next night and it froze up. The unit would boot up and then freeze immediately. The three red lights ensued shortly thereafter, indicating a hardware failure. Tried a number of different outlets, although being an ex-Best Buy employee I have Monster power stations for pure AV....

I spoke with Microsoft and units purchased prior to 12/31/2005 have a one-year manufacturer warranty. I'm waiting on the box they're shipping to me to get it fix. Three weeks down and no GoW/Contra.

Posted at 11:19AM on Nov 17th 2006 by Fox News Reader

11. ...that just pisses me off.

I keep mine in a fully-ventilated area with no gear around it and a small fan blowing on it....but yet I'm on my fourth 360 since launch. This guy gets his chucked out of a car and physically jacked up...and its a-ok.


I'm considering buying a small, cheap, mini-fridge putting some holes in the rear of it to run the cables out of it then sealing the holes around the cables and setting my 360 inside of the you think that 'might' keep it running kewl???


Posted at 11:49AM on Nov 17th 2006 by DaStuph

12. I never had an issue with my 360 until I loaded Gears of War. After that I couldn't play a game for more than 2-3 minutes before it froze up or three red lights came on.

Everyone says that it is a coincidence that it stopped working when Gears was put in, but that seems like &ullsh!t after reading about how many other people have had the same issues.

I have delivery confirmation they got it yesterday, but I don't think they will get it back to me before Thanksgiving. Son of a ...

Posted at 12:45PM on Nov 17th 2006 by PBone

13. If you've been through four 360s, it's not because they're overheating. It's probably because your house or apartment (or cardboard box or whatever) has bad power lines. Poor grounding, surges, spikes, etc. can kill sensitive electronics easily.

You need a UPS backup system with a kickass level of surge protection.

Posted at 4:08PM on Nov 17th 2006 by ZeroCorpse

14. DaStuph - please don't take this the wrong way, as I'm sure it will come across as offensive or a personal attack. Be assured it's not, I'm just wondering aloud - and definitely not about you specifically.

I don't understand reports of people going through three and four units. Maybe your first one breaks, fine. The second one? Strange luck. But the statistics of three or more units consecutively failing for the same user seem mind-bogglingly impossible, and I have to wonder about environmental factors.

Do these people have really noisy power lines or something? Doing something weird with the system? Live in some radiation zone? Hell, is the cat peeing on the unit? I just don't understand.

I mean, I guess there's always a statistical possibility of this occurring, but if that's the case than I think you folks need to run out and start buying some lottery tickets ASAP!

Posted at 5:12PM on Nov 17th 2006 by Tucker

15. Insane. My 360, which had been running fine for months, also died while playing Gears of War. I thought it was just a coincidence, but apparently not, given that four other people here have reported the exact same kind of failure.

It worked fine for a day or two, but I really didn't play it much. It was when I attempted to play online co-op that it first crashed. And then it crashed and crashed again, throwing up a checkerboard pattern on screen each time. Eventually I got the ring of death on startup.

There's too many reports of this for it to be coincidental.

Has anyone else's 360 died while playing Gears of War?

Posted at 6:09PM on Nov 17th 2006 by Chris

16. My 360 lived the most pampered of lifestyles. Fanned constantly, fed the best phattest games, and it ended up still hating me with its three angry red lights right before it had a coronary. I await its return from the MS hospital, and if it has another attack, I am thinking it will need the radical smashmyps3 treatment or have to go for a car ride....

Posted at 7:49AM on Nov 18th 2006 by justin

17. Umm, I had mine on its own UPS and got the 3 red lights, also tried it on a separate outlet with no UPS and it still flashed angry. I think 3 red lights may mean other things as well...

--FYI 3 red lights means you have dirty power comming in - put it on its own outlet with a good surge protector.---

Posted at 7:56AM on Nov 18th 2006 by justin

18. Now this is really crazy..i have a launch console and never had a problem with it except a few lockups from time to time, but rarely..i got GOW yesterday and today i played it most of the day...and from out of nowhere...BAMM..console locked and the famous 3 red lights!! I mean..WTF?? It was solved with a reboot of the console and i was able to play without problems for a good 2 hours after it. I just find it really weird that alot of people are reporting problems when playing GOW...very strange..

Posted at 3:33AM on Dec 2nd 2006 by mainman

19. your xbox 360 looks very "cool", it has that "tough" feeling to it. now microsoft should make skins like that!

Posted at 5:19PM on Jan 27th 2007 by david

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