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Rumor: MS has purchased Capcom

Stick this one under rumor of the day. According to inside sources (speaking to the usually credible Evil Avatar), Microsoft has nearly completed its acquisition of Capcom. Yes, you read that correctly: "nearly completed." Not "Microsoft is considering it," but that they've already done the deed. Frankly, we find it a little suspicious that Capcom would sell just as it's reaping some of the best success it's had in years (Dead Rising, anyone?). Then again, a good chunk of that success can certainly be attributed to Microsoft's platform (Dead Rising again, and Lost Planet). Still, we find it hard to believe that Capcom would give up all the multiplatform cash, but if anyone has enough money to convince them otherwise, it's Microsoft. If true, it would be quite a move by MS, securing them the rights to several of gaming's most popular franchises. The ramifications of having Devil May Cry 4, Resident Evil 5, Onimusha, Street Fighter, and Dead Rising exclusive to one console would be staggering, especially for the competition.

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1-12-2007 @ 3:08PM

DeadPlasmaCell said...

Amen.. That would be very interesting.

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1-12-2007 @ 3:18PM

Jason said...

Funny how you forgot to mention Capcom's biggest franchise...Mega Man!

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1-12-2007 @ 3:21PM

DeadPlasmaCell said...

I love Mega Man but he's been dead for quite sometime..

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1-12-2007 @ 3:22PM

DeadPlasmaCell said...

Wait! but I forgot about XBLA and the potential for the old Mega Man games!

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1-12-2007 @ 3:23PM

EYECANDY said...

Devil may Cry a 360 exclusive? Wow that would hurt Sony if this is true.
I would love to see a Mega man FPS like Metriod. That would be sweet as hell.

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1-12-2007 @ 3:25PM

Mike said...

If its true ...... Impressive, very impressive. Capcom is a triple A developer, now lets see MS go after Ubisoft. That would be something.

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1-12-2007 @ 3:28PM

jtspanky said...

If this is true, it starts a bad trend in the video game industry. The reason the 360 is as good as it is, is to compete with Sony and Nintendo. If MS buys all of the developers and publishers then they, by default, win the console war since they obviously wouldn't develop for anything but the 360. At that point MS has no need to make better quality products or innovate (see: Windows).

Having a diverse market really benefits us. Without the Wii and PS3, the 360 wouldn't be as good as it is.

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1-12-2007 @ 3:35PM

fob2000 said...

Since I have a 360, I hope this is true, but in the long run this can't be good for gaming. When you look at MS's aquisition of Rare, it seemed to be good at the time, but limiting development on the Xbox/Xbox360 console really limited Rare's creativity IMO.

If anything, I would rather Capcom maintain its independence and make multiplatform games, including Devil May Cry for Xbox 360. For the time being, they need to work on Street Fighter 4 Hyper Super Killer edition for the arcade.

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1-12-2007 @ 3:35PM

BklynKid said...


I won't really believe it until I see something official but the thought of it excites the fanboy in me.

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1-12-2007 @ 3:37PM

AoE said...


I hope this isn't true.

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1-12-2007 @ 3:40PM

DomZ said...

Man am I glad I went with MS this Christmas. The more MS spends on game developers the more consoles they can invade the living room with so I expect to see more news like this in 2007.

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1-12-2007 @ 3:42PM

nick said...

resident evil 5 exclusive would be nice, i've been waiting to see what that's like since before the 3-6 came out.

AND, devil may cry - i've never actually played it (i've never owned a sony console), but it always looked pretty kick ass?

anyone out there played devil may cry and think it would be a great game?

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1-12-2007 @ 3:48PM

modeps said...

If this is true: holy craps!

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1-12-2007 @ 4:02PM

Measure said...

jtspanky, don't worry. If there's one thing to be learned from the history of the video game console, it's that once one company starts to revel in it's monopolistic success, another company can, and will, come along and remove it from the throne.

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1-12-2007 @ 4:16PM

Paul said...

I dont buy it... BUT it would be best for MS to do timed exclusives -the many will buy a 360 to have those games 6 months early...

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1-12-2007 @ 4:17PM

Jason said...

This is indirectly Japan's fault. By thinking an American console is trash, they are forcing MS to acquire franchises that will appeal to Japan's market. When I was in Japan, I saw MS had several Japan-exclusive franchises in the works for the 360 that would appeal to them (e.g., mech battles), but it's not selling well. By acquiring Capcom, MS can get more Japanese to purchase its console. And about Rare, to claim its ability to develop only on the Xbox limits its creativity is ridiculous, considering it originally only developed for Nintendo. MS saw Rare's potential and Nintendo had seemed to lose focus on Rare's abilities.

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1-12-2007 @ 4:19PM

Strider_J said...

holy smokes.

I know it's just a rumor, but, wow.

I'll agree with a previous poster here; my only worry would be that the quality of Capcom's games would suffer - much like MS's acquisition of Rare. Rare hasn't produced anything recent of grade A quality for me on the 360, or any platform for that matter. Viva Pinata? PDZ??? Come on now. Their best shot for redemption is to bring back Killer Instinct for the 360 in next-gen glory. But, then, that's only a rumor. How sad.

So now I'm thinking maybe the standalone game companies do fine on their own as a creative force for original games.

On a positive note though, if Capcom were still free to produce top notch software with the 800lb gorilla behind them, hey, I think we'd all be happy. Evolving the Street Figther series, maybe putting some of their many classics on XBLA, fresh and new game content, etc. Basically, more more more; is what gamers want.

But then, this is all just a rumor though =/

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1-12-2007 @ 4:23PM

Stumper said...

Yes nick, Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 3 were PHENOMENAL games. FAR better than God of War, though not as hyped.

I've been on the fence about which next-gen system to buy, but this would seal the deal. Nearly a death-blow the PS3 as well. DMC was about the only reason for me to get a PS3 (I think the Metal Gear Games - while I've owned and beaten all of them - are completely overrated)

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1-12-2007 @ 4:23PM

AJay17 said...

I so hope this is true.

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1-12-2007 @ 4:26PM

giddieon said...

this be shit for gamers all around... Number 8 is right... why compete when you can just buy the number one spot...

Windows for me is shit I have one machine left that runs windows and I will not be getting vista...

Capcom being bought out is scary if Microsoft intent is to by the number one spot we will see a decline in quality once they are top kit...

I would rather see 3 companies competing then one company owning...
Better for the gamers...

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