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Rez HD Standard Mode is 4:3

Keen observers on the official Rez HD forums are up in arms about the output of Rez's standard mode on Xbox Live Arcade. Instead of scaling the game to widescreen, the title outputs its standard signal to a 4:3 aspect ratio. While some are calling it the biggest meh of the year by saying the Standard Mode is supposed to output as 4:3, forum comments reminded us that Rez always scaled to fullscreen on the Dreamcast and PlayStation 2. The worst offender seems to be playing Rez on a standard definition television where black bars are visible around the entire image. This may or may not be big issue but we all remember that some people really care about those missing pixels. We'd be wondering what happened too but we're a little busy taping multiple controllers to our bodies.

[ forums. Image via flickr user Pryii]

Rez HD and Chessmaster Live land on XBLA

If you've been waiting impatiently ever since Rez HD was first announced for Xbox Live Arcade, then today is your lucky day because it's finally here. If, on the other hand, you haven't been waiting for the game with bated breath, then we'd say it's still probably your lucky day because Rez just so happens to be a good game. We suggest you crank up the synesthetic, vibratory goodness as soon as possible. If, however, all that sounds like too much stimulation, perhaps you'd rather play a leisurely game of chess. It's still your lucky day then because Chessmaster Live is also available today. Both games can be yours if the price is right. The right price, incidentally, is 800 MS Points each.

Gallery: Rez (XBLA)

Gallery: Chessmaster Live (XBLA)

Rez HD and Chessmaster Live storm XBLA this Wed

In a big old Xbox Live Arcade letdown, this week we get two games that we raise one less then enthusiastic thumbs up to. Yeah, we know we've been covering the release rumors a whole bunch last week, now they're officially confirmed and ... well, whoopee? We're of course talking about Chessmaster Live and (big yawn) Rez HD releasing to the XBLA this Wednesday, January 30th. Yup, sad huh? We know, we know, weeks like this really suck and you'd think Microsoft could wrangle together at least one enjoyable Arcade game a week, but we've been screwed again. You'll just have to settle for a 800 Microsoft point game of Chessmaster Live or (eww) Rez HD. On behalf of Microsoft, we're sorry.

KIDDING! Rez freakin' HD is coming to the XBLA in two days kids! Hear that? Rez HD is coming Wednesday! Free drinks on Richard! Get pumped up fanboys and put fresh batteries in those controllers, because Rez HD is but a few days away ... ZOMG! W00t!

Joystiq plays Rez HD, releases next week

If, like us, you missed out on Rez the first time -- it was originally a PS2 and Dreamcast title -- then you may want to check out Joystiq's recent hands-on session with Rez HD (complete with extra vibrating controllers). For those that are unaware of the trappings of Rez, it is one of several musically inspired games from Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Q Entertainment. 360 owners would know their work from the Xbox Live Arcade game Lumines Live. Imagine the musical qualities that Lumines applied to the puzzle genre and then imagine the same properties being applied to an on-rails shooter and you'll have some idea of what Rez HD has in store for XBLA. If that sounds like fun to you, head over to Joystiq to learn more.

Oh, and we should probably mention that the game is releasing on XBLA next week (January 30 to be precise).

Gallery: Rez (XBLA)

Rumor again: Rez hits XBLA next week

When rumors begin to pile up, you begin to ask yourself whether it's because the rumor is true or because you want it to be true. Keeping that in mind, we present you with a modified rumor, the original version of which we ran earlier this week. The rumor goes a little something ... a-like-a this: Rez HD could be hitting Xbox Live Arcade next week. Yes, only two days ago we were reporting that Rez could have been out today, but this time ... we're serious. A Q Entertainment spokesperson recently told Eurogamer that the game is "being prepped" and only awaits the proverbial green light from Microsoft, to which the spokesperson added, "Maybe next week?" Could it be true? Yes. Do we want it to be true? Affirmative. Thus, a rumor it remains.

Gallery: Rez (XBLA)

Register, wait and win Rez HD from Q Entertainment

Adding to the ever growing Rez HD hype machine is news that Q Entertainment is giving away 50 Marketplace codes to download the full version of Rez HD. Confused about winning a download code for a game that isn't released yet? Shh young one, just follow along ...

To try your hand at winning a copy, simply head over to the official Rez HD website, register by January 27th and wait. 50 lucky registrants will then be sent a code 72 hours after the contest closes which means one very big thing. Rez HD is guaranteed to release next week to the XBLA, w00t! Now run along kids, go register and be happy knowing that even if you don't win, you'll be able to purchase Rez HD next Wednesday.

[Via Joystiq]

Rumor: Rez and Chessmaster to release this week [update]

Update: Major Nelsons says no Rez HD or Chessmaster Live this week. Maybe next Wednesday?

There are whispers around the internets that both the long awaited (and vibrator equipped) Rez HD and Chessmaster Live will be making a release to the Xbox Live Arcade this week. CVG mentions the rumor coming from a tip they received, but as with all anonymous tips ... it could be hogwash.

We know there are hundreds if not thousands of fanboys who are super excited and anticipating Rez HD's XBLA release and we doubt anyone would complain about a Chessmaster Live twofer. And for whatever it's worth, both games have been promised to be January XBLA releases. No matter, we'll be able to valid or discount this XBLA release rumor within' a few hours when Microsoft announces this week's XBLA games. So, sit tight and countdown the minutes until either a Rez HD announcement or a total disappointment. How fun!

Hold on! Rez HD releases to the XBLA this month

Q Entertainment just shot an email out to our iron-fisted rulers at Joystiq to tell everyone that Rez HD will release to the Xbox Live Arcade in "only a few weeks" and that it'll be priced at a soothing 800 Microsoft points.

Q also sent some new in-game screenshots which show off its trippy visuals (we've added them to the recently created gallery) and confirmed that Rez HD will sport updated 5.1 audio, new visuals and a Replay Theater to further induce brain seizures. Joystiq also confirmed that Rez HD on the 360 will feature its own version of the infamous PS2 Trance Vibrator where you'll have the option to enable rumble on three additional Xbox 360 controllers, place them wherever you choose and let the Rez vibrating bliss ensue. And yes, we're afraid to see how people will use that "feature"

Gallery: Rez (XBLA)

XBLA screeny blowout: Rez, Tron and Poker Smash

After sniffing through the deep, dark and musty bowels of Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade marketing materials, not only did we get a nasty sinus infection, but we came across spiffy new screenshots from a few upcoming XBLA games. What Arcade games? Well, you're jumping the gun there stallion with all your questions as we were just about to tell you. Ahem. Screenshots from XBLA games including Rez, Tron and Poker Smash which can all be viewed in the galleries posted after the break. So please do us a favor and make our sinus infection worth getting by viewing as many screenshots as possible. We read somewhere that the only way to cure a blogger's sinuses is to view their screenshot galleries ... just saying.

Continue reading XBLA screeny blowout: Rez, Tron and Poker Smash

December and January XBLA games revealed

In a press release announcing the Fall Update's Xbox Live Arcade Hits program, Microsoft also announced the next few months' upcoming Xbox Live Arcade games that are scheduled for release. As things stand right now, the next XBLA games to get released are Arkadian Warriors, Brain Challenge, GripShift, N+, Omega Five, Poker Smash, Rez HD and Sensible World of Soccer. No specific release schedule for each game has been confirmed just yet, but it's always nice to see what's headed down the old XBLA pipeline. And this list also lets us officially get excited for N+ and Rez HD. A big w00t to that!

Rez and Ikaruga confirmed for XBLA

Proving that the Tokyo Game Show is about more than just announcing Ninja Gaiden 2, several new (and notably Japanese) games have been announced for Xbox Live Arcade. First and foremost among these are Lumines creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi's Rez and Treasure's Ikaruga. While Ikaruga's appearance on XBLA shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who's been paying attention, Rez comes as a pretty big surprise. If you're not familiar with Rez, you're probably better off watching the video embedded after the break than having us attempt to explain it.

Microsoft also touted several other games for XBLA including EXIT (previously announced), Every Extend Extra Extreme (ditto), Omega Five (impressions), and Triggerheart Exelica (a shooter apparently). Things are looking up for XBLA, no?

Continue reading Rez and Ikaruga confirmed for XBLA

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