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Download fresh and free Marketplace content

Available for download off the U.S. Xbox Live Marketplace is quite the mix of free themes and gamer pictures. All, like we said, FREE! You can download and choose between Children's Miracle Network content, Rock the Vote content, Stride, Saw V, Star Ocean 4, etc. Also, don't forget to grab your free Dead Space Elite Suit as soon as possible, because it's only available for a limited time. List of fresh and free XBLM content after the break.

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Xbox releases free Canada Day content

In celebration of Canada's 141st birthday, Canadian Xbox 360 owners have been showered with Xbox related gifts courtesy of Microsoft. Available now on the Xbox Live Marketplace are a set of six five gamer pictures and a classy Canada Day '08 theme for the low, low cost of free. Also, anyone looking to spruce up their wallpaper can pick-up the free Canada Day wallpaper pictured above at Make sure to download the art, created by Canadian gamer Sinnix, and ring in Canada Day proper.

Support the Bat w/free Dark Knight XBLM goods

Preparing for this Summer's sure to be mega hit blockbuster The Dark Knight , the marketing powers that be have just released some free movie themed downloads to the Xbox Live Marketplace. Though, sadly, these are only available to U.S. Live subscribers (frowny face).

Downloadable is a The Dark Night theme featuring some rather sexy promo shots from the film as well as a gamer picture pack including five pictures to choose from. All very Batman-like and all very delicious! And yes, this very, very, very obsessed blogger (obsessiveness proved by my Dark Knight inspired Facebook profile image) is sporting some Joker gamer picture love. You should do the same ... at least until July 18th.

Free Wanted and Suzuki XBLM downloads

To satisfy your (and our) daily need to download free goods off the Marketplace, we present to our fellow United States Live subscribers a pair of free gamer picture pack downloads. You can grab a free Wanted and Suzuki gamer picture pack from the new releases section of the XBLM, then apply them to your gamercard as you deem fit. And for some reason we have a hunch that we'll be seeing a lot of Angelina Jolie gamer pictures being used. It's definitely those lips.

Free Indiana Jones XBLM downloads

Do NOT remain calm. We repeat, do NOT remain calm, because this is a FREE Xbox Live Marketplace download alert for U.S. Live subscribers. Now get excited!

To celebrate the upcoming release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (wow, that's one long movie title) the powers that be have put up a free six pack of Indiana Jones gamer pictures as well as an Indiana Jones theme. Make your way to the "New Releases" section of the XBLM to grab your free goods and to admire Harrison Ford's unnatural ability to fend off old age.

The Dr. offers free Pepper XBLM downloads

Available on the Xbox Live Marketplace (only for U.S. Live subscribers) is a plethora of free gamer picture and theme downloads to enjoy and love, if not for the sole reason of being free. The Dr. himself is offering up a free Dr. Pepper picture pack and theme to those who are willing to admit that the cola's twenty-three flavors make up your carbonated beverage of choice. Other free XBLM downloads include a few Toyota Matrix downloads and a few Brett Favre inspired Madden NFL 09 gamer picture and theme downloads as well. Go ahead and begin your free XBLM content search ... NOW!

Free Speed Racer, AvP and Air Force downloads

It's that time once again when United States Xbox Live members get to switch up their gamer picture and theme looks for free with the release of a handful of new downloads. Available for download off of the XBLM right this moment (like we said, only for the U.S. Live members among us) are free Speed Racer (gamer pictures and a theme), Aliens vs Predator - Requiem (gamer pictures and a theme) and US Air Force (gamer picture and a theme) downloads. You can check out previews of all the gamer pictures over at's GamerPic Scout or just blindly download away. And in all honesty, we recommend blindly downloading things off of the XBLM anyway.

Read - Free Alien vs Predator downloads
Read - Free Speed Racer and US Air Force downloads

Free, fresh and fun Ford Sync downloads

These were released earlier last week, but we just came across them on the XBLM and they're so darn nifty that we figured we'd share. Available as free downloads to our U.S. Live friends are a set of two Ford Sync Youth picture packs and a Ford Sync Youth theme. Normally, we don't get excited for Ford Sync content which has already produced green, orange and pink Marketplace downloads, but these gamer pictures are teh awesome. If you enjoy what you see above, give the gamer pics a download and enjoy a ten-fold increase in your gamercard's overall appeal.

Be an April fool with free April Fools' gamer pics

If you let your guard down and actually fell for Microsoft's Xbox Live April Fools' trickery, you should first know that you're hella' gullible. Which isn't a bad thing, it'll just lead to a lot of letdowns in life. The second thing you should know is that Microsoft posted a set of free (and presumably limited) April Fools' gamer pictures on the XBLM as an apology gift for their trickery. Now you can sport your 360 wireless helmet, Vintage Xbox or Recon Xbox pride. Just stay away from the scary clown gamer picture ... it looks possessed.

Download free Drillbit Taylor and Hitman goodies

If you're like us, we need a fresh coat of new gamer picture paint ever once and a while. You know, to keep things fresh and lively. But our only requirement is that all gamer pictures we grab from the XBLM must be free. Call us old fashioned, but that's how we roll. So, we're happy to share with you that two new sets of movie themed gamer pictures (and dashboard themes) are available to U.S. Xbox Live members for free.

Right now on the XBLM, you can grab a free Hitman the movie gamer picture pack and theme as well as a free gamer picture and theme from Owen Wilson's comedy Drillbit Taylor. Like we said, all four sets of downloadable goodness are free and are (surprisingly) quite well done. Especially the Drillbit Taylor pack. You'll have to download to see, but for some reason those gamer pictures make us crack up.

Free Stallone Rambo downloads on the XBLM

To help advertise the brand new Rambo movie and to put a few extra dollars in Stallone's pocket (which he'll spend on Botox injections anyway), Lions Gate just released a free Rambo theme and gamer picture set to the XBLM. Which, as with all US movie content, we expect to be only available to US Xbox Live subscribers.

The free Rambo theme is mediocre with different backgrounds for each blade, but absolutely no attention was paid to skinning the guide. And that makes us sad. But the gamer pictures are rather nifty, but only if one enjoys Rambo's face. A noticeably less Botulinum'ized face. Grab the free downloads if you can and support the Rambo movie which will be in theaters January 25th. That is if you want to. If not, we won't tell.

Free Air Force, Missed Call and Sarah Connor XBLM downloads

It has been a long, long while since we've told you about free XBLM theme and gamer picture downloads and we're a little disappointed in ourselves. It's inexcusable and, for our lack of free download notification, we apologize. But today is a new day and a time to re-invent ourselves, so we figured we'd point you towards new and free XBLM downloads. That is if you're in the US. Newly available and free for download is some Air Force content (theme and gamer pictures), One Missed Call content (theme and gamer pictures) and The Sarah Connor Chronicles content too. Enjoy your free goodies US Live members and we promise to keep you better informed about free stuff. This time we'll slap our own wrists.

FREE Xbox Originals themes and gamer pictures

If you know anything about us here at X3F, then you've already accepted the fact that we love our free Marketplace content. It's one of the rare things in life that can instantly brighten our day. And today we've got our fair share of free XBLM content with the release of a hand full of themes and gamer picture sets from the new Xbox Originals games. Available to all Xbox Live subscribers is a free theme and gamer picture pack for each Xbox Original game including Crash Bandicoot, Crimson Skies, Fable, Fuzion Frenzy, Halo, Indigo Prophecy and Psychonauts. That's a total of seven free themes and picture packs. And surprise, surprise, they're all actually pretty decent. Especially the free Halo picture pack, because we're suckers for a good Grunt gamer pic.

Second community picture pack features All Games

In their second attempt at promoting world peace among the gaming community, the Gamerscore Blog just released its second community gamer pictures set featuring All Games Interactive.

This AGI set of fifteen community gamer pictures includes website favorites like Evil Avatar, XBL Radio, All Games Radio and much more. And just like the first community picture pack, these little puppies are grouped together as a free download and can be found in the new releases section of the Marketplace. Also, just like the first community picture pack, X3F isn't on the list. But don't worry fanboys, we're wearing down the Gamerscore Blog crew with our insistent emails, daily phone calls and constant text messaging tactics aimed at getting an X3F gamer pic in one of these sets. We have a feeling lucky number three will show results.

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