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Fanboys fight for The Darkness winners revealed

We're proud to announce the winners of our Xbox 360/PS3 Fanboy The Darkness giveaway. Although Xbox 360 Fanboy dominated with a mountain of entries, we're still glad that the PS3 community stood by this excellent FPS. Here are the winners for Xbox 360 and PS3:

Xbox 360
Chris Brown
Dion Harris
James Parnham

Mike Whitfield
Matt Trujillo

Congratulations to all the winners!

Final reminder: win The Darkness from X3F

Alright folks, this is it. Today is your last day to enter our Fanboys Fight for The Darkness giveaway. Not to be cocky, but we currently have just over twice as many entries as PS3 Fanboy. If you don't already know, whichever site gets more entries gets an extra copy of The Darkness to give away. So far, it's looking pretty good for us to have that third copy. If you'd like your shot at The Darkness, head over to the official contest page and enter. If you don't, then the Darkness will possess you and give you cool superpowers. Wait ... no ... if you don't, then the Darkness won't possess you and give you cool superpowers*, so hurry up and enter already.

*Regardless of whether or not you enter this contest, you more than likely will not be possessed by anything other than jealousy of the winners, or elation, should you turn out to be one those winners.

Watch Darkness shape-shifting multiplayer

We've heard quite a lot about heart-eating single player campaign of The Darkness. We've seen all the Darkness powers put to good use. Kill all the lights, yadda, yadda, yadda. What we haven't seen much, however, is multiplayer. Lucky for us, GameTrailers has posted a video showing off exactly that. While the multiplayer appears to offer the same run and gun action as the campaign, it also offers up a new shape-shifting twist. Players are allowed to turn into Darklings (the little goblin/imp things) at any time. As noted by the video, Darklings are small and agile, whereas humans have superior firepower. Honestly, it's a pretty neat little twist, one we're looking forward to trying. Check out the video after the break.

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Shipping this week: eat your heart out edition

Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, squirrels and hamsters, it's a big week for our beloved Xbox 360. Not only do we finally get to sample the heart-eating goodness of The Darkness (a game we're giving away, by the way), but we also have a plethora of other games arriving as well. In fact, there are so many games coming out this week, we're going to whip out (that's right) a bulleted list. Behold:
That's a lot of games. We're particularly excited about Overlord, which has been sitting patiently in our rental queue for some time. Are you planning on picking up any of these titles?

Reminder: win The Darkeness from X3F

Just a quick reminder for those of you who missed it on Friday (or don't look at our fabulous pinboxes on the right side of the page), we're still running our Fanboys Fight for The Darkness contest. We're having a little competition with PS3 Fanboy, you see. Whichever site gets more entries also gets a third copy of The Darkness to give away, leaving the losing site with a paltry two.

It's super easy to enter. All you have to do is go to the official contest post and leave a comment that finishes this sentence:

"The 360 version of The Darkness is better than the PS3 version because ... "

See? Easy, right? Head over to the contest page and get commenting. We're accepting entries until 11:59 EDT tomorrow. You can read the official rules by clicking here.

Video: First 25 minutes of the Darkness

Over at Gametrailers, diablokiller18 uploaded the first 25 minutes of The Darkness' single player story. Sure, the aspect ratio is wrong, and we're not entirely sure if he's "allowed" to do that, but it builds hype, and if the first review is any indication, the game is going to be a summer blockbuster anyway. Obviously, spoilers and potentially NSFW language can be found, so if you don't want to ruin the experience, we suggest you avert your eyes. Otherwise, embrace The Darkness and enjoy.

[Thanks Joshua]

Video: The Darkness? More like Teh Hawtness!!1

The new trailer for The Darkness is sweeping the interwebs, and it's totally awesome. It's got a nice narrative by the Darkness itself. It shows off aspects of the game not yet seen, in a more underworld-type setting. It's making the 25th of June all the more painful a wait. Which is somewhat of a good thing, as the anticipation only makes us more excited. Are you going to devour some hearts later this month?

Video: Just devouring hearts in The Darkness

Want to devour your enemy's heart? Want to create a black hole of death? How about gunning down Nazi soldiers in hell? If you answered yes to those questions, then it's looking like The Darkness is the game for you. posted an exclusive preview of game where they run through all the game's features, give a general sense of the storyline, and offer up an overall impression of what you'll experience when the game releases later this month. Give the video a watch and take it all in before the darkness comes and you fall asleep. (Yeah, bad joke. But you can't hate a blogger for trying!)

The Darkness demo gets held back

We just received a tip that The Darkness demo has hit an unforeseen road block and may not make it to the Marketplace before the game ships later this month. Being a subscriber to The Darkness' MySpace group, Ben Furneaux says that he received a subscribers only bulletin message from Lord Sonatine stating that the demo has been delayed, but will release as soon as possible. Again, we aren't cool enough to be subscribers to The Darkness' official MySpace page, so we didn't get the message to confirm its contents. But you can take Ben's word for it and check out the bulletin message he received, posted after the break. The Darkness can be stopped ... by Microsoft's certification team.

[Thanks, Ben Furneaux]

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Achievements come out of the ... er ... Darkness

Xbox 360 Achievements, the sly dogs, got their hands on the Achievement list for Starbreeze Studios' comic book adaption, The Darkness. Upon looking at the 50 Achievements available you can tell that there is a heavy emphasis on the multiplayer aspect of the game which we definitely like to see, although we can't tell if these require to be in ranked games in order to be unlocked, or if they can be performed in public matches. Our favorite from the list, would easily be "Knuckle, Meet Face", for indulging in your first melee kill. What's yours?

Video: Hell as seen in The Darkness

Literary depictions of Hell vary considerably from person to person. Dante described the 9th circle of Hell as a frozen wasteland, made so by the chilling wind created by the Devil's wings. Meanwhile, Hell as depicted in Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (truly a masterwork of the 20th century) gives its inhabitants a wide array of personalized punishments from which a sinner must choose. In The Darkness, it seems, Hell and its appearance are completely at the whim of the Devil. In the video above it is depicted as a war zone (reminiscent of WWII) with a blackened sky and withered landscape. We have to admit, listening to the Devil say "this is my dream of you" is pretty damned creepy. Check out another video (featuring Pestilence, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse) after the break.

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Demon Arms are evil and know how to kill

A few days ago The Darkness awoke from its slumber and released a new teaser video featuring those imitating little Demon Arms. And as you can see in the video above, the Demon Arms simply rock. Not only because they deal out death, punishment, and pain, but because their eyes glow red and they drool too. Around here we call them the tentacles of fun. Take a look at the video above and tell us, will you be embracing The Darkness this Summer?

Box Art unveiled from The Darkness

DAKing420240 got his grubby paws on the box art for The Darkness, which looks mighty fine, albeit slightly on the small side. None the less, we love the art direction on the cover, from the golden glow from all the eyes and logo, the muted palette with the bluish-black overtone.

All in all it looks very sexy, and we can't wait to get our hands on this game in just shy of two months. That, and we can't post about The Darkness without mentioning how badass Mike Patton is, as the voice of the title character. Will you be brandishing this on your gaming shelf or does the spiritual successor to Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay not interest you?

Eating heads for fun, The Darkness video interview

We've all been relatively in the dark (yeah, we're lame) when it comes to The Darkness' features, gameplay, and what we'll be getting into this Summer. That is until yesterday when IGN posted an exclusive video interview with the game's producer featuring not only gameplay footage, but an explanation of the Darkness' powers and what you'll be able to do with them. Think of the Darkness as a consuming force, something that is using you to showcase its super powers. Got it? Now, with it you'll be able to use it Dr. Octopus style on enemies by lifting objects, reaching new heights and biting off other's heads. Players also control little Darklings who have different personalities and are just ... evil. Not only that, but the player can strategically shoot out lights and move about in the dark with no problem, because you have super heightened senses. Makes sense huh? They also touch on various multiplayer features and other interesting tidbits in the video.

There's a boat load of new information and gameplay footage in this video interview that we can't possibly touch on and we highly recommend giving it a watch. Just be sure to come back and tell us what you think. The Darkness will be hitting retailers June 29th, so be prepared.

New Darkness trailer emerges

If you can say one thing about Starbreeze Studios, it's that they know how to make a pretty game. Chronicles of Riddick stands as one of the best looking games on the original Xbox, and Starbreeze's latest, The Darkness, looks to do the same for the Xbox 360. GameTrailers has released the latest trailer for the game, featuring some impressive in game footage. Both the environments and the characters show off some serious polish. Everything is sharp, clear, and clean. Even better, the game looks like it might have a story that's worth seeing (the voice acting is top notch, too). Check out the trailer after the break.

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