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X360F Poll: (Insert game) killed my 360! [update 1]

We ran a story earlier this week about Dead Rising killing off 360 consoles. That post seems to have struck a chord with lots of our readers, as it has drawn more comments than any other blog post the internet has ever seen. Okay, so that last sentence is completely false, but we did receive a lot of comments. More comments than we've seen in a while. Is one game really destroying 360s? Probably not, but it is evidence of a wider problem for our beloved console. So, here's the big question: have you had any problems with your 360?

Tell us about your experience with your 360. Has it been fine? Has it been hell? Are you just a Sony fanboy who's trying to scare people away from the 360? Place your votes and tell us your story. We'll discuss the results and highlight some of the more enlightening comments next week.

Oh, and, for the record, I finally got a chance to fire up Dead Rising on my 360. Played it for five or six hours on Saturday. I had one incident of a load screen that just hung there, but otherwise the game ran flawlessly.

: This poll is now closed. Click here to see the results and commentary.

Armored Core screens impress (giant robots)

If there's one thing you can say about From Software, it's that they know how to make a pretty game. These shots from the upcoming Armored Core 4 prove it -- that and From has a thing for giant robots apparently. Sure, the game has some storyline about future governments or something, but it's all about the giant robots blowing the crap out of each other. We all know it. Blowing up robots and looking good doing it. Let's just hope this giant robot game doesn't destroy our 360s.

360 games rock the sales charts

Microsoft released some updated retail sales numbers yesterday, and the results are good. First, the big M reiterated its goal of shipping 10 million Xbox 360 consoles by the end of Holiday '06, and 13-15 million by the end of the fiscal year in June '07. As for the numbers, the 360 has maintained a very high accessory attach rate at 2.9 accessories per console (apparently a record). Of course, this is somewhat misleading as Microsoft has made accessory purchases somewhat essential (battery chargers, play n' charge, memory card, etc.). It would be interesting to see what the attach rate is for optional accessories like faceplates.

Software attach rates are also becoming larger, with an average of 4.6 games sold per console. Most of our readers will know that 4.6 is a very high attach rate for games. Also mentioned in the announcement, the 360 has four of the top ten games sold in the US this month, including: Chromehounds, NCAA Football 2007, Prey, and LOTR: BFME II. Don't be shocked if Madden '07 and Dead Rising make that list as well.

Very encouraging numbers for Microsoft, indeed. Now if they could just get some momentum going in Japan ...

Dead Rising makes 360s dead? [update 1]

Reports are flying, just flying across the internet about Dead Rising wrecking 360s. The symptoms are what we've come to expect: freezing, audio dropping out, graphical glitches, etc. Is it just us, or does this sound all too familiar? We're not saying it's all coincidence, but it seems like every time a popular game comes out, 360s just start breaking all over the place -- Perfect Dark, Oblivion, Chromehounds, Dead Rising, all of them seem like Xbox poison. We're willing to bet that this is more indicative of an overall flaw in our favorite console (or at least a certain portion of them.).

Then again, Microsoft and various game makers haven't really made much comment either way so, who knows. Anybody experiencing Dead Rising problems (other than tiny text)?

Update 1: Wow. Judging from the incredible amount of comments, this topic deserves some more discussion. Check back this weekend for more.

Chromehounds and the Ring of Death

Unfortunate reader Tim has an update on his Chromehounds problem (read part one of his sad tale here):

I recently told you guys about chromehounds killing my box. After reading the comments and your reaction, I blew it off as a coincedence. It recently started working again for no reason. As I had already paid for the repair and was awaiting a box to send MS my shiny broken 360, I decided to try and put chromehounds in again. I got through about 30 seconds of the opening cinematic and BLAM! the screen turned into a strange grid and there was a blaring beep. I turned off my xbox, and when I started it again, Lo and behold: the accursed "ring of death" was back.

Double coincidence?

Chromehounds claims a victim

For at least one gamer, the otherwise disappointing Chromehounds turned out to be a killer app -- as in it killed his 360:

I know you have covered the freezing in chromehounds, but I have something new. Not only did chromehounds freeze my box, but after i kept on trying to play it, i had to turn the box off, and then when i turned it back on there were three red lights in the ring of power (positions 1, 3, 4 while vertical). Turns out i cant play my 360 even with the game out, or with any other games.

Coincidence? Hopefully. I shudder to ask if this has happened to anybody else.

[Thanks Tim]

Pimp my hound, new Chromehounds parts

There are now some new parts with which to customize your Hounds on marketplace. That is, if you can manage to play the game long enough to use them. The content includes two new guns and some new camouflage. And, get this, it's free.

Hopefully, the next pack will include some sweet sub woofers and an in-cockpit DVD player. Ooh, and maybe some spinning rims for the rolling Hounds.

360 games top the rental charts

Gamasutra has posted the 10 most requested games from Gamefly this week, and the list leans heavily toward our favorite curvy, white box. A full five of the top spots are occupied by 360 exclusives (six if you count the 360 version of BFMEII). Xboxic has gone to the trouble of making a numbered list, which I will politely steal utilize:
  1. Chromehounds (360 exclusive)
  2. Prey (360/PC)
  3. Over G Fighters (360 exclusive)
  4. LotR: Battle for Middle Earth 2 (360 version)
  5. Dead Rising (360 exclusive)
  6. NCAA Football 2007 (multi)
  7. Hitman: Blood Money (multi)
  8. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja (PS2)
  9. Gears of War (360 exclusive)
  10. Call of Duty 3 (PC/next-gen)
Look at that list for a second. Notice anything? That's right, four 360 exclusives that haven't even been released -- Chromehounds, Prey, Dead Rising, and Gears of War -- are in the top 10. That means these games are more requested than games people could actually be playing right now. Crazy, no?

Chromehounds review: it ain't pretty [update 1]

Gamebrink has posted an import review of the much anticipated Chromehounds. Bad news: it looks to be sub-par at best. Neither a slow and methodical mech sim, nor a fast and arcadey shoot 'em up, Chromehounds can't seem to make up its mind. From the review:

"The first thing you'll probably think to yourself when you start a game of Chrome Hounds is, "Wow, this is really slow." No matter which type of Mech you choose to pilot you'll always feel like movement around levels is way too slow. That along with the fact that it's usually the case that the more weaponry you have on your Mech the slower it moves, and you've got all the ingredients for boredom. Now I guess this would be fine if the actual process of aiming, moving, and firing required a lot of micro-management thus making it a simulation type game but Chrome Hounds unfortunately has very limited controls."

Ouch. The review does note that the much hyped mech customization is very deep. Unfortunately, the online portion -- ostensibly where you'd be using your custom mech -- is not easy to navigate. The online persistent war is great in theory, but finding people to play with can be a chore apparently. What's that you say, you just want to play a quick deathmatch game? Too bad, because it's not an option. If you want to have a good time online you'll need five buddies who can be online whenever you are, because that's the only way to play.

Also, the music selection is pretty slim. That is to say, there is exactly one piece of background music. On the plus side, um, the graphics are pretty good. Gamebrink's advice: if you've got Live Gold, give it a rental. If not, skip it.

For my part, I wish it weren't so. Anyone still going to give it a try?

Update 1: it looks like Gamebrink completely failed to mention other online modes, which do in fact exist. Good thing, too, because I actually enjoyed the demo. And, for what it's worth, Famitsu scored the game 33/40. Not bad. My apologies for linking what I assumed was a well informed review. Ken and Chris G. sicced the ravenous weasels on me last night and I have learned my lesson.

How to get the Chromehounds demo in the USA

Still pissed that the Chromehounds demo isn't available in the good old USA? Several of our readers report you can snag the demo simply by creating a new Silver XBL account  and setting your location in the UK or Japan. The demo itself is not region encoded, so download and enjoy the satisfaction of playing on American soil. Then again, plenty of people say it sucks anyway.

[Thanks Morgshrum et. al.]

Microsoft unleashes the robots.

Now that Microsoft has conquered entered the world of video games, there is only one logical next step. Robots, of course! According to PC World, Microsoft has decided to develop a software tool kit just for robotics. The software will allow robots to interface with Windows PCs, effectively giving Microsoft control of the impending Robot Apocalypse®. Of particular interest is the following excerpt:

"Microsoft's entry to the field is a vote of confidence that could accelerate the development of robots for industrial, service, and entertainment use."

Entertainment use? Could we finally see the next gen equivalent of R.O.B. the robot? Perhaps a robot to fetch beer refreshments when you're too busy killing other robots?

The possibilities are endless. A preview of the software is available now for the robot enthusiasts out there.

[Via Evil Avatar]

Demo to hit ahead of Hounds?

Nothing like an un-sourced German gaming site rumor to get your demo date hopes up:

SEGA gave some new info about [Chromehounds] today!

30/06 a theme pack and the demo will be downloadable from marketplace

11/07 a second theme pack will be available.

15/07 part pack 1 will be on the marketplace

15/08 part pack 2

15/09 part pack 3

Sounds good!!!!!!

I read the news on various German game sites, so a link wouldn´t be useful I suppose...

I played Chromehounds at E3 and found it to be pretty generic stuff, but I'd still like to see the demo (with multiplayer) released before the disc hits stores on the 11th of July. Unfortunately, June 30 is a Friday, and we all know MS doesn't release new stuff on Fridays. I'd start hoping for July 3, but a holiday week  doesn't sound like a safe bet either.

[Thanks Puh_fifer]

Chromehounds media blitz continues

In celebration of Chromehounds going gold, SEGA released some new screens of the game in action. The large and detailed mechs look even larger next to the tiny trees and tanks. The screens also show off one of of the game's locales, including some trendy night missions.  The images are from the game map called "Tarakia" -- not to be confused with Taarakians or the movie Heavy Metal.

Anybody else as excited about this game as I am?

Giant mechs gone gold

Giant mech fans rejoice, SEGA's team oriented, Xbox Live enabled, giant-robot-killfest, Chromehounds, has gone gold and should hit store shelves on July 11th. The game features massive online battles, including a perisitent war mode and more traditional deathmatch and CTF offerings. FROM software has a pretty good track record on the original Xbox. Here's hoping they come through for the 360.

Media roundup: Chromehounds, Dead Rising

Here's a media update for those of you looking forward to big mechs and messy zombies. The guys at Xboxyde have some good media worth checking out, including a 720p video of gameplay from Chromehounds. But if the screenshots of Dead Rising seem a little over-the-top to you, then just think about possibilities that the image above conjures up.

[Chromehounds, screens + vid]
[Dead Rising, screens]

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