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Finally! Soulja Boy reviews Braid

Okay, we have to come clean: we haven't actually bought Braid. Yes, we dumped effusive praise upon its digital being. We even devoted an entire feature to convincing people how great it is, but still we did not buy it. Why? Because we were awaiting the learned opinion of one man. Yes, that man is (of course) Soulja Boy. We'd like to attempt to summarize his opinion of Braid but, frankly, it has a profound eloquence that cannot be captured by mere mortals like us. Suffice it to say that you're just going to have to watch it yourself. Find it after the break (it's NSFW, by the way).

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Zero Punctuation tangles with Braid

The latest Zero Punctuation tackles the time bending XBLA title, Braid. Yahtzee's opinion is somewhat mixed, taking note of the well designed puzzles but also noting that the game reused certain puzzles and that some puzzles require players to restart a level if failed, which Yahtzee describes as a "dick move." Another complaint is leveled at the story, which the review cites as pretentious and unnecessarily confusing. Overall though, the gameplay seems to triumph over any flaws. Check out the video after the break (NSFW due to language).

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Braid is highest rated XBLA game ever, around 28.5K units sold

After only a few days on the market, the time bending platform puzzler Braid has been tearing up the critical charts. According to the official Braid blog, the game is now the highest rated Xbox Live Arcade game yet released. It currently holds a 92 average on Metacritic and 93 on Game Rankings. According to Metacritic, Braid is in fact the tenth highest rated Xbox 360 game. The game edges out Mass Effect and is currently tied with Guitar Hero II and Rock Band. With one more percentage point Braid would become the eight highest rated 360 title.

Additionally, the official Braid blog reports that the VGChartz estimate that the game has sold about 28.5 thousand units "seems to be in the right neighborhood" but adds that "a lot more" will be needed before the game becomes profitable.

What's the big deal about Braid? Find out in our X3F Insight feature: Why should we care about Braid?

X3F Insight: Why should we care about Braid?

Braid has had quite the mixed reaction thus far. Critics universally adore the game. Gamers, on the other hand, are more divided. Some have taken the 1200 Microsoft Point plunge and never looked back. Others see the price as an impenetrable wall or, in some cases, as permission to let Microsoft charge more on future XBLA titles. We decided to take it upon ourselves to make a case for Braid, as it's really one of the best gaming experiences we've had in a while.

Read on to see why we should care about Braid.

Official Braid walkthrough: Don't use a walkthrough

After finishing Braid yesterday afternoon (yeah, we like it that much) we found ourselves contemplating the game's beautiful, fragmented story. "What does it all mean?" we wondered. So, we decided to look for an FAQ that might help explain things a bit. After searching high and low, we found one in an unlikely place: the official Braid website. We eagerly clicked ahead. The first page detailed the very beginning of the game through the first puzzle piece. The second page begins thusly: "... once you get into the actual puzzles, solve them for yourself and do not use a walkthrough!"

The rest of the "walkthrough" goes on to note that all of the puzzles are "reasonable" and that we should be diligent in solving them without resorting to a walkthrough. D'oh! Duped by those crafty creators! We have to admit it's pretty funny though. Also, we heartily agree. If you are having trouble solving the puzzles in Braid, just stick to it. Move on to the next puzzle and come back later. Like the walkthrough says, "you will feel cool and smart" if you do.

We feel cool and smart. Now if someone could just help us understand the story, we'd be set.

[Via Joystiq]

X3F TV -- XBLA in Brief: Braid

Braid, put simply, is a gem. Not everyone will like Braid, but those that do like it will like it a lot. It's a beautiful game. Period. From it's visuals to its soundscape to its wonderfully clever puzzles, Braid is something that really should be experienced by anyone who considers him or herself to be a gamer. That said, 1200 points is a hefty price for an XBLA game. Chances are good that by the time you finish the trial version you will already have made up your mind one way or another. Frankly, we think Braid deserves all the love it can get.

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XBLA receives Braid and its time bending puzzles

Just so you are aware, Xbox Live Arcade game Braid just released to the XBLA today. And for 1200 Microsoft points, no more, and definitely no less. Featuring a distinct paint-like art style, challenging platformer puzzles, the ability to control time (Blinx style!) and a non-linear storyline, Braid may just be worth the 1200 points and a place in your XBLA library. But you'll never know unless you give it a try. Download the trial, see if Braid floats your metaphorical boat and be open minded. At the very least, you should enjoy bending time.

Gallery: Braid (XBLA)

1200 MS point Braid releases to the XBLA this week

Microsoft, Number None Inc. and Jonathan Blow just made the official announcement that the time bending puzzling adventures of Braid will be making its way to the Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday, August 6th. Just as was expected. The most newsworthy news coming from today's press release is the fact that the rumored prices for August's XBLA titles that MS later said were incorrect have turned out to be legit! At least for Braid, because it will cost you 1200 Microsoft points as was rumored weeks ago. Hopefully it is just a coincidence, because an 1800 point Castle Crashers makes us shake in our boots.

Gallery: Braid (XBLA)

Microsoft: high Braid and Castle Crashers prices incorrect

It might be a little too early to breathe a sigh of relief, but things could be looking up for Castle Crashers and Braid. Both were recently listed on the official Japanese Xbox 360 blog for the relatively high prices of 1800 ($22.50) and 1200 ($15.00) points respectively. According to Shacknews, Microsoft has denied these prices, noting that they are "incorrect for both domestic and international markets." Microsoft adds that the official prices will be revealed on the Mondays before Braid and Castle Crashers release dates, which are August 4 and 25 respectively.

You can all put your torches and pitchforks away ... for now.

Summer of Arcade may terrorize your wallet [update]

Update: It looks like the high prices of Braid and Castle Crashers are "incorrect" according to Microsoft. Click here for the full story.

If you're anything like us you stocked up on MS Points in preparation for August's extensive XBLA release list. With releases like Galaga Legions, Braid and Castle Crashers around the corner it looks like it's going to be a good time for the Arcade. There is some potential bad news however, the Summer of Arcade is going to missile-dropkick your wallet.

According to the official Japanese Xbox 360 blog, Braid (August 6) lists a purchase price of 1200MS Points ($15 US), while the highly anticipated Castle Crashes clocks in at a hefty 1800MS Points ($22.50 US) -- making it the most costly XBLA title to date.

While these prices have only been set for the Japanese market, readers should keep in mind that prices are generally the same in Europe and North America. While -- based on hands-on impressions of both titles -- we can't wait to play Braid and Castle Crashers, we wonder if anyone feels too burned to throw down $37.50 (US) for a pair of Arcade releases.

Galaga Legions
and Bionic Commando: Rearmed are both priced at 800MS Points each.

[via GameBytes]

Entire August XBLA lineup dated, Castle Crashers crashes the Arcade Aug 27th

Just a tiny while ago, Microsoft dropped an Xbox Live Arcade OMG MEGATON bomb by announcing the release dates for all upcoming XBLA games through the end of August, including The Behemoths' Castle Crashers. Just to get it out of the way, Castle Crashers will be available for purchase starting Wednesday, August 27th. It's still a month away, but we can still express our over-enthusiastic enthusiasm ... OMG MEGATON JOY! You can view the complete and golden delicious August XBLA release schedule below as well as screenshots after the break.

Also, be aware that Microsoft will be sponsoring a "Summer of Arcade" giveaway all August long and awarding hundreds of thousands of Microsoft points to gamers who try the new XBLA lineup. Castle Crashers. August 27th. Need we say more?

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E308: Xbox Live Arcade media roundup

You may be wondering why the logo for Portal: Still Alive, the recently announced XBLA exclusive title, is the headline image for this post. Well, even though Microsoft released a ton of new screens for its entire upcoming XBLA lineup this was the only image they thought we needed for Portal: Still Alive. So, it's basically our gallery. After examining the image we really think Valve nailed the look and feel of the original ... logo. Can't wait for more!

Below are the latest screens (five new screens added to the Geometry Wars 2 gallery) of the XBLA titles Microsoft is focusing on for E3 2008. Take a gander at the latest from Castle Crashers, Uno Rush, Galaga Legions, Fable 2: Pub Games, Braid and Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2.

Gallery: E308: Uno Rush (XBLA)

Gallery: E308: Galaga Legions (XBLA)

Gallery: E308: Fable 2 - Pub Games (XBLA)

Gallery: E308: Braid (XBLA)

Gallery: E308: Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 (XBLA)

Braid bends time on PartnerNet

The official website for Braid, a unique platformer coming to Xbox Live Arcade, has announced that the game is now available on PartnerNet. PartnerNet, if you don't know, is a special network available to owners of an Xbox 360 dev kit. One of the first conclusions that some are likely to make is that this means Braid is nearing release. We would warn our readers that this isn't necessarily the case, as some games are available on PartnerNet well in advance of release (we're looking at you Ikaruga). So, all you lucky dev kit owners, enjoy your Braid. The rest of us will wait patiently in the corner.


Braid XBLA Gameplay Video

Featured at GDC along with a host of other games, Braid is an time-bending platformer that will hit XBLA sometime this summer. The simpler aspects of the gameplay and design hearken back the to the early days of platforming history, but the inclusion of control over time adds enough depth that this could easily be called a puzzler wrapped in a platforming skin. The players ability to play with the fabric of reality is limited however, to allow for levels of difficulty and replayablity. For example, there are certain things in the world (enemies, items, etc) that will not respond to your attempt to bend them to your chronal will, and will continue in timelines of their own changing the way you must use or avoid them. The game will have many different modes and looks to our eyes to be an interesting and original experience, but hey, just watch the video and see for yourself.

[Edit: The video is now working, sorry for the delay.]

GDC08: Penny Arcade, Braid, Schizoid and GGBS screenshot blowout

As part of the whirlwind GDC announcement fest that went on yesterday, we sort of lacked the time and energy to organize all the screenshots we obtained from Microsoft's Summer release Arcade press kits. But we've had our beauty sleep, drank our morning cup of coffee and diligently put together new XBLA galleries and added screenshots to old ones. So, if you take a looksy after the break, you'll see new screenshots galore for XBLA games including Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Braid, Schizoid and Go! Go! Break Steady. Enjoy the media as we take a quick break to refill our coffee.

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