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Chatpad and Halo 3 accessories arrive next week

Microsoft has announced that both the Chatpad and the special Halo 3 accessories, which include a wireless headset and two controllers with artwork by Todd McFarlane, will be available starting next week on September 4th. While we've known about the Chatpad's launch date for a while now, the McFarlane controllers previously had a launch date of September 18th and the wireless headset was listed only as "early September." Maybe Microsoft figured gamers would want a new controller to go with their new Chatpad. The controllers also come with a limited edition figurine of Master Chief, which may cause Halo fans to overlook the less than stellar artwork. The controllers and headset will run for $59.99 each, and the Chatpad -- which includes a special wired headset -- will retail for $29.99.

Gallery: Halo 3 accessories

Todd McFarlane talks Halo toys

Todd McFarlane, creator of Spawn and self-named McFarlane Toys, recently sat down with the boys at Bungie to discuss the creation of the new line of Halo toys. While we don't get any new pictures of the upcoming toys (we want a shot of the light-up Cortana ... now), we do get to hear Todd's impressions of Bungie, as well as the philosophy behind creating great toys. Thankfully, McFarlane notes that the most important aspect of toy creation is authenticity. With the Halo toys, the goal is to strike a balance between detail and cost. Obviously, they want the toys to appeal to die-hard Halo fans, but they don't want to price them outside the range of the mass market (which is one of the reasons the figures are relatively small). Finally, McFarlane says that the Halo universe presents McFarlane Toys with a chance to "do all of the things we're good at," namely aliens and badass superheroes. Hit the "read" link for the full interview.

Halo 3 accessories officially unveiled, new pics

While we got a glimpse of the new Halo 3 accessories yesterday, Microsoft has now made their existence official. In celebration of the very successful Halo 3 beta, Microsoft has released high resolution shots of all the accessories for fans to ogle. We imagine most Halo fans will opt for the Master Chief controller rather than the significantly less interesting Brute controller. Along with the new shots of the controllers, Microsoft also released images of the McFarlane Toys Master Chief figurines that will come with the controllers. It looks like each controller will come with a different MC figurine (one with a shotgun and the other with an assault rifle). The figurines look pretty small, though no scale has been given. Microsoft has confirmed that the accessories will all retail for $59.99. The controllers will be available on September 18, while the wireless headset is slated for "early September."

You can check out high resolution shots of all accessories and the figurines in the gallery below.

Gallery: Halo 3 accessories

Todd McFarlane custom Halo 3 accessories

In a daring move that surprises precisely zero people, it looks like Microsoft will be releasing special edition Halo accessories to commemorate the release of Halo 3. There are currently three such accessories: two wireless controllers and a wireless headset. The controllers feature original artwork by Todd McFarlane, creator of Spawn. The wireless headset looks just like the current wireless headset, only it sports a Halo color scheme and the Halo 3 logo. GameStop lists all three items at $59.99 with a September 4 ship date. Of course, the dates and price could (and likely will) change. As an added bonus, those who purchase either wireless control will receive a limited Halo figurine from McFarlane toys.

Any takers?

[Via Joystiq]

Gallery: Halo 3 accessories

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