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MS announces Australian Xbox 360 price cuts

Today, the Australian arm of Microsoft's Xbox 360 division announced pretty competitive Xbox 360 price cuts across the board. The price cuts affect not only the Pro console, but also the Arcade and Elite dropping the Xbox 360 Arcade to AU$349 (from AU$399), the Pro to AU$499 (from AU$579) and the Elite to AU$649 (from AU$729). This price cut move makes all versions of the Xbox 360 cheaper than the PS3 in the region and the Arcade console actually undercuts the Wii which is priced at AU$399. Nice!

These Australian price cuts obviously beg the question of whether or not we'll see a global Xbox 360 hardware price cut in time for E3. And even though Microsoft's Australian team refuses to acknowledge any other territory price cuts, we have even more faith in the leaked fliers. Global hardware price cuts incoming, keep your eyes peeled.

Steal (or win) Indiana Jones' Xbox 360 Elite

To go along with your new Indiana Jones gamer pictures, is offering gamers the chance to win one of five seriously attractive Indiana Jones Xbox 360 Elites. For teh free!

For a chance to win, simply make your way over to the official registration page, accept some agreement terms, submit and voila! Instant sweepstakes entry. Good news too, the giveaway is only open from today through May 18th, so the amount of entrants shouldn't be too large making your odds better. The bad news is that we posted this blog meaning the X3F-effect has already been unleashed as tens of thousands of fanboys race to to enter. So, we'll call it an odds of winning wash ...

Gamestop has contest for Ninja Gaiden 2 Elite 360s

Well for those who got their hopes up about purchasing a Ninja Gaiden themed Elite 360, those hopes have now been officially crushed. The previously non-existent website from the standee is now live and ready for folks to enter the contest. The "Are You a Ninja?" sweepstakes runs for a month, ending May 29th, and is only open to US residents. The grand prize is of course the Elite 360, but the runners-up get some cool swag too: a copy of the game, some rubber ninja stars, two rubber swords, and a fake ninja outfit. Wait did we say cool swag? We meant stupid swag (the game itself notwithstanding).

Anyway it's worth entering just for the chance at one of those custom 360's, even if we've gotta give Gamestop traffic for it. The sweepstakes entry form is located here, and official rules here.

It's official, Canada sees another Xbox 360 price cut

Crazy, the FutureShop employee was actually telling us the truth as late last night, Microsoft announced that all of the Great White North (that's Canada) will see Xbox 360 price cuts effective immediately. The new console pricing will be dollar for dollar equal to the 360's price in the United States, with the Xbox 360 Pro dropping from $399 to $349, the Elite going from $499 to $449 and the Arcade sinking from $299 to $279. So, if you're Canadian and need another 360 or know someone who does, then jump in. There's no better time then now ... price cuts FTW!

Get learnified: Xbox 360 and its various SKUs

If you're new to the Xbox 360 world, have been lurking here at X3F without actually owning a console and have finally summoned up the courage to "jump in" and purchase a new Xbox 360 then we say ... congrats! The Xbox 360 is one sexy gaming machine and you won't regret your decision to own one.

But you've also come to realize that purchasing an Xbox 360 isn't as simple as picking up a box and calling it a day. There are numerous versions of the 360 (Core, Arcade, Pro, H3, Elite, etc.) and keeping up to date on what's included in each box can make your brain turn to mush. And that's where our friends over at Joystiq come in with their guide to explaining the Xbox 360 SKUs. In their article they lay out all the details, break down each model, give you the prices and tell you what's in the box all on one handy little chart. Their article will not only help you decide on which Xbox 360 console is right for you, but it will also make you informed enough to be able to correct those somewhat delusional sales people who get their 360 facts messed up sometimes.

Holiday Xbox 360 bundles are official

It's not like we didn't see this offer headed down the pipeline, but now it's 100% official. This morning Microsoft sent out a press release announcing the release of the planned Xbox 360 holiday bundles. Starting sometime near the end of October, consumers will start seeing all new Xbox 360s and Xbox 360 Elites come bundled with both Forza Motorsport 2 and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. This bundling of games will of course help with Microsoft's plans at world domination this holiday season and hopefully win over the hearts of Wii crazy mothers.

Next up, the confirmation of the Xbox 360 Arcade which we say will be announced sometime next week. Place your bets.

Xbox 360 Elite is a big sales hit

Speaking with, Microsoft senior regional director Neil Thompson talked about the sales success of the Xbox 360 Elite and the fact that most of the sales of the Elite come from new 360 purchasers. Thompson went on to talk about Elite sales saying that:

"It was interesting to us, because we thought that a lot of people who came to the platform early would have chosen the Elite, but a lot of the data we're getting out of store visits, etc, is showing it's new people, which is fantastic."

And so, what's the reason for new console purchasers flocking to the Xbox 360 Elite? Well, Microsoft isn't sure but we think Thompson puts it best saying that it could be the fact that it has a big HDD and all the anticipation of the XBLM content or simply because customers "just like black". Customers just like black ... genius!

Rumor: New Xbox 360 Arcade console and re-branding

Juicy news is making its rounds on the internet this morning with a Belgian Microsoft source revealing details about a new Xbox 360 console, potential re-branding and the extinction of the Core as we know it. Gamernode received the presentation slide you see above (larger version here) from their secret Microsoft source who said that a new Xbox 360 Arcade console will be priced at 279 GBP, replace the Xbox 360 Core and include the addition of a wireless controller, 256MB memory card, five XBLA games and possible HDMI connectivity. Also revealed was the re-branding of all three consoles offerings with the Elite getting a "Go Big" slogan, the Premium losing its name and becoming "Go Pro" and the Core being renamed to Arcade with a "Just Play!" slogan.

It's also interesting to note that Gamernode was told that the new Xbox 360 Arcade console will be a world wide offering and, presumably, so will all the re-branding efforts. And it's not like we didn't see the death of the Core coming. Best Buy and Target have reportedly pulled the Core from their shelves and overall no more Core sentiment has been building among retailers and consumers alike. The addition of a memory card, games and wireless controller make the Arcade console a much more complete offering than the Core ever was. Again, we haven't received any official word from Microsoft about this rumor, console changes, prices, availability or future console plans. So, patience will need to be practiced.

[Via Joystiq]

Europe gets Xbox 360 price cuts this Friday

Early this morning, Microsoft announced that all of Europe will be jumping in on the Xbox 360 price cut fun this Friday. Europe, being one of the last territories to receive an Xbox 360 price cut, will see price cuts for both 360 versions dropping the Core from 299 EUR / 199 GBP to 279 EUR / 179 GBP and the Premium falling from 399 EUR / 279 GBP to 349 EUR / 249 GBP. Also announced was that the Xbox 360 Elite will be launching this Friday in Europe and retail for 449 EUR / 299 GBP with the 120GB HDD available separately for 179 EUR / 129 GBP.

It looks like the Xbox 360 price cut fun has come to an end and is complete friends with North America covered, Australia getting theirs and now Europe taking the plunge. Get ready to empty those wallets ... empty 'em hard!

Australia gets Xbox 360 Elite on August 30th

Microsoft just announced that our friends in the land down under will be getting the Xbox 360 Elite later this month. August 30th Australian gamers will be able to purchase the 120GB HDD Xbox 360 Elite (with HDMI) for the suggested retail price of $729.95. The Elite will join the recently price reduced Core and Premium to be the third option for gamers who need a little more storage or just want to go black. Long live the Australian Elite!

Dell Canada: Xbox 360 Elite + Halo 3 for $459

Canadian gamers who are in the market for a new Xbox 360 Elite for the release of Halo 3 just might want to focus their wallets in the general direction of Dell. The Canadian Dell store is offering an Xbox 360 Elite bundled with the Halo 3 standard edition for only $459 CAD (free ground shipping too!), which is $40 cheaper than the newly price dropped Elite AND it includes Halo 3. It's a pretty great deal if you ask us. Though, since this bundle includes Halo 3 it is considered a pre-order and will ship only when September 25th rolls around. But if you're willing to wait, this may just be the perfect time to make an Elite purchase.

[Thanks, dunnypop]

360 holiday bundles to include MUA and Forza 2?

Holiday console bundles are nearly a guarantee every year and by the looks of the images above, we think we know what Microsoft's plans are for Christmas '07. French website was browsing a Microsoft marketing website when they stumbled across the two console packaging images above (which have since been pulled) labeled as "Holiday Value Bundles" which state that both Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Forza Motorsport 2 are included in the box. Oh joy!

So, it looks like some territory will be receiving two free games with the purchase of an Elite or Premium (now Pro?) Xbox 360 this holiday, but the big question is who? Remember, a French website found these images, so which territory will be receiving this exact bundle is still a mystery. And is it just us or you loving the whole "Go Big" and "Go Pro" marketing thing too?

[Via Joystiq]

360 Elite, HD DVD player and 7 movies for $599

Over on they're offering the complete HD Xbox 360 media experience, bundling together an Xbox 360 Elite, HD DVD player and seven HD DVD movies for the discounted bundle price of $599. The offer's seven free movies are calculated by adding together the five HD DVDs from the "Perfect Offer", King Kong HD DVD that's included in the box and the 300 HD DVD. In the end, you'd be saving around $50 over purchasing everything separately. And we can't help but make a Xbox 360 versus PS3 comparison; buy an Xbox 360 Elite with 120GB HDD and HDMI cable, HD DVD player, and seven HD DVD movies for $599 or a PS3 with 80GB HDD with no cables included, Motorstorm, Blu-Ray player, and five Blu-Ray movies for $599. Decisions, decisions.

[Via Fat Wallet]

Win an Xbox 360 Elite from Achievement Junkie

Our friends at Achievement Junkie are giving away a brand new Xbox 360 Elite, You know, that newfangled Xbox with a 120GB hard drive and the HDMI port (which is also in Premiums now)? If you'd like to get in on the action, you can head to the official contest thread right here. Entry requires that you open a Goozex account. Goozex, if you don't know, is a game trading network that allows users to trade their games with other users in exchange for points that can be redeemed for more games. We're not familiar with the system -- and we're not vouching for it -- so you'll have to gauge whether or not the Elite is worth it.

Oh, and by the way, Nelson of Achievement Junkie informs us that the odds off winning are fairly decent, as similar promotions typically only a few hundred entries. The contest runs until August 20th.

Happy Xbox 360 price drop day!

For those who have been living under a rock or have been "busy" the past few days, you should know that today is the day when the Xbox 360 price drop officially goes into effect! So far, Microsoft has announced that United States, Canada and (now) Mexico Xbox 360 prices will be effected by the price drop love. Most major retailers have already made the price drop adjustment with, Best Buy and Gamestop all offering the consoles at their new lower price. But we noticed some retailers (ahem, are a little out of the loop, so be patient and be sure to avoid paying the older, more expensive console prices.

Go ahead fanboys, buy your first, buy your second or be a nice guy and buy a 360 for a friend, because price drops are where it's at today.

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