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It's official, Canada sees another Xbox 360 price cut

Crazy, the FutureShop employee was actually telling us the truth as late last night, Microsoft announced that all of the Great White North (that's Canada) will see Xbox 360 price cuts effective immediately. The new console pricing will be dollar for dollar equal to the 360's price in the United States, with the Xbox 360 Pro dropping from $399 to $349, the Elite going from $499 to $449 and the Arcade sinking from $299 to $279. So, if you're Canadian and need another 360 or know someone who does, then jump in. There's no better time then now ... price cuts FTW!

Europe gets Xbox 360 price cuts this Friday

Early this morning, Microsoft announced that all of Europe will be jumping in on the Xbox 360 price cut fun this Friday. Europe, being one of the last territories to receive an Xbox 360 price cut, will see price cuts for both 360 versions dropping the Core from 299 EUR / 199 GBP to 279 EUR / 179 GBP and the Premium falling from 399 EUR / 279 GBP to 349 EUR / 249 GBP. Also announced was that the Xbox 360 Elite will be launching this Friday in Europe and retail for 449 EUR / 299 GBP with the 120GB HDD available separately for 179 EUR / 129 GBP.

It looks like the Xbox 360 price cut fun has come to an end and is complete friends with North America covered, Australia getting theirs and now Europe taking the plunge. Get ready to empty those wallets ... empty 'em hard!

Australia gets 360 price cut, same price as Wii

Hot on the heels of a North America price cut, Microsoft has just announced that Australia has officially taken part in the Xbox 360 price cutting too. Yesterday, Australia and New Zealand Xbox 360 territories saw a price drop on both console offerings seeing the Premium drop from $649 to $579 AUD and the Core get a price cut from $429 to $399 AUD. The adjusted console prices have ushered in a new comparison between the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii in Aussie-land, because both the 360 Core and the Wii now share the same $399 AUD price tag. Interesting, isn't it?

Congrats Australia on the price cuts you've just experienced and now we just have to wait for all of Europe to hop in on the fun and announce their participation in the 360 price cutting too.

Happy Xbox 360 price drop day!

For those who have been living under a rock or have been "busy" the past few days, you should know that today is the day when the Xbox 360 price drop officially goes into effect! So far, Microsoft has announced that United States, Canada and (now) Mexico Xbox 360 prices will be effected by the price drop love. Most major retailers have already made the price drop adjustment with, Best Buy and Gamestop all offering the consoles at their new lower price. But we noticed some retailers (ahem, are a little out of the loop, so be patient and be sure to avoid paying the older, more expensive console prices.

Go ahead fanboys, buy your first, buy your second or be a nice guy and buy a 360 for a friend, because price drops are where it's at today.

Confirmed: Xbox 360 gets price cut this Wednesday

All the fanboy speculation about leaked ads and rumors of an Xbox 360 price cut can finally be put to rest, because Microsoft has officially come clean. Today, Microsoft announced that this Wednesday (August 8th) all Xbox 360 console versions will be getting a little cheaper in the United States. Tomorrow, the Core system will retail for $279 (a $20 price cut), the Premium will retail for $349 (a $50 price cut), and the Elite system will be available for $449 (a $30 price cut). Again, the new prices will go into effect this Wednesday and are only planned for the US, but we expect price cuts to spread worldwide soonish. And we know there are a few fanboys out there who've been waiting (nearly two years) for this to happen, so go fanboys go and get your cheaper Xbox 360 this Wednesday. You have our blessing.

GameStop prepares MS announcement for Aug. 8

And the hits just keep on coming. Joystiq received the above email -- sent to GameStop employees on Tuesday -- from several anonymous tipsters. The email details the arrival of signage regarding an "upcoming announcement" from Microsoft set to take place on August 8. As we try to rack our brains as to what such an announcement could possibly be, we are reminded of the ever mounting evidence that an Xbox 360 price drop is imminent. We're just going to go out on a limb and say that this is related. We're also guessing that nobody (including Microsoft) will officially confirm it until August 8.

Just to pass the time, how about you help us come up with some other kuh-razy thing it might be. Wait a minute, it's probably Voodoo Vince 2. You heard it here first.

Circuit City ad confirms 360 price drop on all models

Alright kids, it's probably safe to put the term "rumor" to bed now. Tipster ToeFurB sends us (and Joystiq) images of an upcoming Circuit City ad which reconfirms the 360 price drops we've seen in the Wal-Mart and Toys R' Us ads. The 360 Premium will see a $50 price break, the Elite will be reduced by $30, and the Core slims down by $20. For the Premium, Elite, and Core, this results in prices of $349, $449, and $279 respectively. Not only that, but those who purchase the newly discounted Premium console from Circuit City will also receive a free copy of Rockstar's Table Tennis. The ad is dated for August 12, so mark your calendars.

Europeans getting 360 price cut love?

A European tipster has sent us info that Europeans may be getting the same 360 price cut satisfaction that seems destined to hit the US. Our tipster snapped a few pictures at a Dutch Media Markt, showcasing a €50 price reduction across all Xbox 360 models. This puts the Core at €249 and the Premium at €349. The tipster notes that Media Markt always lists temporarily discounted products in its weekly ad. The 360 price cut is not mentioned in the weekly ad, which seems to point toward a permanent price cut. With the Xbox 360 Elite touching down in Europe in just a few weeks (August 24 for those keeping score) the timing for a price cut seems about right. Have any of our European readers seen similar price reductions in their areas?

[Thanks, itsgreen]

More proof: Toys R Us ad hints at 360 price cut

More "proof" of an Xbox 360 price cut hit the interwebs yesterday with the leak of a Toys R Us ad. The leaked Toys R Us ad shows exactly what its long distance cousin from Wal-mart displays, a $50 price cut on the Premium 360. Supposedly, both ads come from August 12th when the rumored price cut will occur and subsequently the internets will explode. Well, maybe not explode, but get really hopped up on caffeine and run around hugging anyone in sight. Anyway, these ads simply add more fuel to the Xbox 360 price cut fire, but we'll only be able to know the complete story and the truth in a few weeks. And for all our "I need to see them with my own eyes!" readers, bigger scans of both the Toys R Us and Wal-mart ads are viewable over at Cheap Ass Gamer after the jump.

Wal-mart ad reveals Xbox 360 price cut?

And so the Xbox 360 price cut rumor gets some more ammunition in the form of a leaked ad from Wal-mart. The tiny little picture to the right has been making the rounds on the internet and is supposedly a picture of a future Wal-mart ad. And even though you can't make out any text, you you can see that it lists the Xbox 360 premium at a $349 price point. That's the rumored $50 price reduction. This could of course be an evil trick by Joe Photoshopper, but it is very close to what rumors we've heard. We've personally received tips from supposed advertising insiders stating that price cuts would be coming soon and vary from system to system. We've heard that the Core will be dropping to $279, Premium to $349 and the Elite to $459 US. But we recommend taking everything with a grain of salt to avoid disappointment. That said, we're gambling folks and are going to bet that a price cut announcement will happen by the second week of August. Wal-mart leaked ad, don't let us down!

Rumor: 360 price cut by $50 in August

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Microsoft is planning a $50 price cut for the 360 in August. The unnamed retail source cited claims that the price drop will occur on August 8, two weeks shy of the release of BioShock and just a week short of the release of Madden 08. The reported reason for the price cut is that August is typically a slow time of year for console sales. Industry experts have been expecting a price cut for the Xbox 360 for some time now. Many expected Microsoft to announce one during E3. Given that all three current consoles have had plenty of time to gain their legs, the timing for a price cut couldn't be much better. A $50 cut across the board would have the Core competing with the Wii at $249 and even lower the Elite to $429, much lower than the PS3's $499 price point.

Xbox-Scene has posted the same prediction, also crediting an unnamed source.

[Via Joystiq. Thanks to elmersglue for the Xbox-Scene article]

360 price cut not coming anytime soon

The other day we reported on rumors that internally Microsoft was taking an Xbox 360 price drop seriously. Well, the Gamerscore Blog crew was quick to squash our hopes of a cheaper 360 by getting an official response from the guy who made the comment, David Hufford. In response to Bloomberg's article, Hufford says that "the comment, which is accurately reported, unfortunately has now been taken way out of context and being reported as if I am signaling a price drop. I was not, I am not". David says that his comment was made two months ago in regards to discussing NPD sales numbers and chatting generally about hardware pricing. So, he wasn't commenting on Microsoft's specific 360 pricing strategy and therefore no price cut ... sorry guys.

MS drops price of Core System in UK

Microsoft has repeatedly said that they won't be cutting the price of the 360, but then, reader Lorul2 never thought he'd have "three kids and dead end job." Things change, and they obviously have in the UK where confirms the Xbox 360 Core System is now selling for the official price of £199 off of £209. That's converts to a drop of about $19. No word on a similar price cut for other SKUs or markets. Will this invigorate interest in the lowly core system?

[Thanks Lorul2]

Surprise, surprise, no price cut expected

Next Generation more or less shot down yesterday's rumored price cut for the 360. Basically all they did was reiterate everything we said, only more elaborately and eloquently (we're still flattered though). Michael Pachter of Morgan Securities breaks it down old-school analyst style:

" ... The company plans to sell 10 million Xbox 360 hardware units over the next year, so a price cut in November would likely impact 8 million of these, costing the company $800 million. At a software royalty profit of around $10 per unit, the company would have to sell 80 million incremental software units in order to be in the same place as without a price cut.

" ... Our model has Microsoft selling only around 60 million total units of software this fiscal year, so in order to break even on a price cut, they would have to sell 140 million pieces of software. Remember, we're talking about profitability for FY:07, not over the life of the 360."

That's a lot of software. Next Gen even mentions Peter Moore's comments to Joystiq during E3: "We had a price drop ... when Sony announced their price."

So, don't expect a price drop before next year. Do expect a software bundle instead.

[Thanks, Thomas Crymes]

New price cut rumor? Put it on the pile...

"Xbox 360 to receive price cut by Christmas," that old chestnut that refuses to die, has reared its ugly head once again. This time the news comes from Taiwanese manufacturers who claim that Microsoft has negotiated a lower cost for 360 production and will reduce the retail price of 360s by US $100. According to these Taiwanese sources, cheaper components and a more refined production process could reduce overall production costs by 15-20%. Additionally, this would allow Microsoft to bundle the HD-DVD drive while staying under $399.

Of course, Microsoft Taiwan has denied the rumor. And, it should be noted that cheaper production costs do not necessarily lead to cheaper retail prices. Not only that, but with the core system already being a full $200 cheaper than the low end PS3, Microsoft doesn't really need to lower its price.

Who knows, it might actually be true, but don't hold your breath. The much ballyhooed PGR and Points bundle is much more likely.

[Via OpenXBOX360]

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