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Fable 2 Pub Games gold exploit discovered

A crafty player on YouTube has discovered a glitch to quick piles of gold in Fable 2's Pub Games. While playing Tower of Fortune it is possible to quickly change a bet that makes the computer think you're betting low when you are placing a large bet. Think of it as the XBLA equivalent to Halo 2's BXR glitch. According to the video, the glitch allows players to amass millions in preparation of Fable 2's October 21 release but be careful as the trick isn't fool proof and can actually bleed your future Fable 2 character dry. You've been warned!

[Thanks, Wyatt]

Crackdown glitches already found

The Crackdown demo has only been available since yesterday, and glitches are already popping up. Posted on the Flickr account of im_the_real_scooby are several images of glitchified Crackdown in action. It looks as though he managed to fall through the map and look at its undersides from the ocean below. We can't help but think of Saints Row (and its fabulous musical). With any game of this scale, glitches are bound to be discovered, but we never expected them to be found so quickly. Considering that Crackdown is already gold, it looks like the glitches are here to stay, too. Hit the "read" link to see more images.

GOW glitch: delayed chainsaw death

In Joystiq's latest game video of the day, we have yet another new glitch in Gears of War. This glitch gives you the ability to manually "detonate" another player, causing them to explode. In reality, you're just tricking the game into causing a delayed chainsaw death. The glitch involves a lot of weapon switching and a troika, and it's not particularly useful, but at least it's fun to watch. Frankly, we enjoy actually playing the game, but different strokes for different folks, right? Check out the video after the break.

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GOW presents: exploding toilet man

We found this toilet themed Gears of War video on Joystiq and were immediately faced with a conundrum. You see, those fancy lads at Playing Halo Today found a dead man on a toilet in Gears of War. So, do we expound on the effort it must have taken for crafty -- perhaps bored -- gamers to find this secret? Or, do we simply jump straight to toilet humor? We mulled it over for a good long while, and we're happy to say that we made the obvious choice, the right choice. Watch the video after the break.

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GOW glitch: 'scuse me while I kiss the sky

Yesterday we ran a Gears of War glitch video from the fine lads at PlayingHaloToday. Today we bring you another glitch video from the same merry band of glitchers. Today's video reveals how to fall down an emergence hole. You may not realize it, but under those emergence holes is nothing but clear blue sky. It's so peaceful, it kind of makes you wonder why the Locusts are so pissed. Watch the video after the break.

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The XBLA glitch that stole Christmas?

Reader Mark says an Xbox Live Arcade glitch stole some of his bought and paid for XBLA games?:

Has anyone else had this issue?: Yesterday i turned on my 360 and and had some issues logging into live. After receiving an error message about live being temporarily down, I waited a little bit and was able to log in again. However, when i visited my arcade section, I noticed a bunch of games that i had purchased somehow reverted back to "demo" mode. WTF??!! out of thirty games i had purchased, 8 of them "magically" converted back into the free trial mode. anyone else experience this?

It looks like his games were erased and then replaced with trial versions via auto-download. Presumably, he was able to obtain the full versions again without a problem. Did anybody else see their XBLA games get Grinched??

The Xbox 360 and glitching, six months later

While the occasional glitching is just a part of owning new technology, there's something about that little red power ring that has the potential to send chills down any 360 gamer's spine. IGN set out to investigate the "glitch in the system" that plagued certain consoles last November from a six-month-later perspective.

Some cases are just extreme though. Take Chris Szarek, for example, who had to go through so many replacement consoles that he eventually got a personal call from Peter Moore who apologized for the matter. While he and other gamers with such issues could possibly be storing their consoles in an oven or something, there are other people who are clearly taking the right steps to avoid any sort of problems.

One of the IGN staffers had this to say once his own system bit the dust: "... while I was on the customer support line, I heard two guys in the background giving the exact same 'detach cables and hard drive' speech to other poor souls with dead 360s, so I think the problem of dying 360s is still pretty common." Read on for some interesting information regarding this "common" issue. It makes us wonder though: Are any of our readers out there still experiencing such problems?

Double your pleasure with Oblivion dupe glitch

Cataloguing the glitches in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is getting to be like counting Tribbles. This trick allows you duplicate hundreds of items easily:

All you have to do to duplicate an item hundreds of times is to draw your bow and pull the trigger button, but before you release the trigger button, hit B to enter your items list, change the types of arrows you are using, and then select the item you want to duplicate and drop it. exit out of your item list and let the trigger button go to shoot the arrow, and your items fall out of the sky.

Video proof here. Each time you duplicate an item, it costs you 200 MS points. Just kidding.

[Thanks SickNic]

Oblivion gold cheat v2.0

One of our gold-grubbing readers sent in another Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion cheat:

On Oblivion if you want an unlimited amount of money eqiup your most expensive weapon (has to be a weapon....NO ARMOR!!) Get on your horse (w/ the weapon equipped) And travel to Kvatch when you get there stay on your horse with your weapon equipped and go talk to the orc with cornrow things on her head. Sell her your equipped weapon (it doesn't disappear) Keep doing this as much as you want. You get lots of money!


[Thanks FeatherKing]

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