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GameStop pre-order nets early access to Left 4 Dead demo

Looking for an early start at the zombie apocalypse? According to its Left 4 Dead product page, GameStop is offering early access to the much discussed demo for the upcoming co-op shooter. From November 6 until November 11 pre-order customers will have access the demo which Valve's Doug Lombardi recently confirmed would include the first two maps of the first level (each level is five maps in length) of the game. There is no word when the demo will release for non pre-orders but with a few days between the end of the early access and the November 18 release of the game we anticipate it to be shortly before launch. Anticipate and hope is the same thing, right?

[via Big Download]

Fable II Collector's Edition may have missing DLC code

After being stripped down of its heftier extras the Fable II Collector's Edition may have, unintentionally, misplaced one of its replacement bonuses. According to tipsters at Joystiq, some Fable II Collector's Editions sold at GameStop are missing the redeem code for the special in-game downloadable content offered exclusively with the package.

A GameStop source told Joystiq that a company wide email notes that cases bearing an orange "48 hours of LIVE"' sticker include the DLC code, but copies without the sticker do not.

Allegedly customers are being directed by GameStop to the Xbox Support phone line (1-800-4MYXBOX) if their Collector's Edition does not include the code -- which Joystiq confirmed with a phone call to Xbox Support as the current course of action for the situation. The anticipated role-playing game from Lionhead Studios releases for the Xbox 360 today.

UbiSoft announces VIP EndWar demo

Attention future squad commanders. The latest UbiSoft title with Tom Clancy's name stamped on its cover -- Tom Clancy's EndWar -- is nearly upon us and the folks at The U (aka UbiSoft) have seen fit to offer a training program for very special members of the platoon.

So to recap in English. An exclusive demo of Tom Clancy's EndWar will be available for those who pre-order the title at their local GameStop. Are you one of the crazy people who assumes you are able to walk into a game store and buy a game without an outlined plan? Ha! Well, for those who aren't pre-order fans UbiSoft is currently holding a contest for access into the super-exclusive VIP demo when it launches.

BTW - spoiler alert for EndWar, the war won't end. If it did what would the sequel be called? Tom Clancy's Fluffy Pony Adventures? Think about it.

Video: Fresh Gears of War 2 footage from Gamestop Convention

Coming straight from the Las Vegas Gamestop Convention is a bloody new Gears of War 2 video that showcases some never before seen gameplay footage as well as minute or so of story-rich cut scene cinematics. We embedded the new Gears 2 video above (sadly, it was filmed off-screen) and is both introduced and closed by the one and only Cliff Bleszinski. Enjoy the watch and tell us what you think.

Reminder: Gamestop's Gears of War 2 event tonight

Just in case you somehow forgot, even then we told you to mark it on your calendar and circle it twice, there's a Gears of War 2 After Hours event going on tonight at 9:30PM held at Gamestop stores nationwide. True, we've already been given the distinct honor of viewing the exclusive video clip prior to its official airing tonight, but there is also some Gears of War tournament goodness going down too. You could win a t-shirt or some Microsoft points and maybe even mingle with some fellow Gearheads. It'll be fun, we plomise. Heck, we'll even commit to attending an After Hours event in central Minnesota. We're cool enough to attend ... are you?

New Gears 2 footage from GameStop tourny

Don't ask how -- because we don't know -- but Joystiq managed to snag the video that will kick off the GameStop Gears of War 2 tournament this Friday. In the video, Epic's Cliff Bleszinski tells GOW fanboys what they can expect from the new game. We also get some nice footage featuring new Locust enemies. Enough talk though, time to watch. Find the video after the break.

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Gamestop lists GoW2 event participating stores and tournament rules

Gamestop finally got around to posting an official website for their Gears of War 2 event that's taking place tomorrow evening at Gamestop stores nationwide. Real quick about it weren't they? The updated website has a convenient listing of all participating stores (PDF) as well as the rules (another PDF) for their mini Gears of War tournament that'll be held at each location. And, just as we expected, the 32 person tournament will award Microsoft points and t-shirt goodness to the best Gears player. Just t-shirt goodness for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th best players. Also, don't forget that they will be airing an exclusive Cliff introduced Gears 2 video at the event AND Gamestop will even be awarding an extra 30% trade-in credit towards the reservation of Gears 2. 30%! W00t?

Confirmed! Gamestop hosting GoW2 event this Friday [update]

Update: Thanks to Matt Banks over at Loot Ninja who supplied a scan of an actual promotional flyer, we have confirmed that the Gamestop GoW2 event will in fact be going down this Friday, July 25th. See you at Gamestop!

Both Gamernode (with their insider's email) and The Wire are reporting that this Friday, July 25th after closing, Gamestop stores nationwide will be hosting Gears of War 2 "After Dark" events. At the events - which are said to be similar to the original GoW After Dark events held back in October 2006 - they will be airing an exclusive video clip where Cliff Bleszinski introduces some never before seen Gears of War 2 footage. We're also hearing that following the exclusive video, each store will be holding a quick 1v1 Gears of War tournament where winners will be awarded Microsoft points for their fragging efforts.

Sadly, we have yet to find mention of the rumored Friday After Dark events on so, for the time being, we'll plop a fat rumor tag on this news and patiently await word from Gamestop regarding the rumor. Our fingers are double crossed in hopes that we have a Gears 2 event to attend later this week.

Source - GoW2 After Dark event email
Source - GoW2 After Dark event details

Gamestop gears up for the price drop

As you can see, you shouldn't know about this until Sunday. After all the other leaks surrounding the issue, one wouldn't think it'd be such a big screaming deal. Still, the phone cam shot above looks to confirm what we've already known. However, we shouldn't forget that the majority of gamers don't exactly comb the internet for this stuff, and "window signs," "Pop-ons" (whatever those are) and a gigantic stack of boxes with "oversized price labels" will likely be the first many folks hear of the price drop.

[Thanks Kris]

Get your own Faith used Mirror's Edge runner bag

Mirror's Edge, that game that's all about first-first person action featuring the lovely main character Faith, will be hitting retailers this Fall and if you're willing to complete a pre-order, you can score some free runner bag swag.

GameStop is running (ha! running!) an exclusive pre-order promotion where all Mirror's Edge pre-orders will receive an exact replica of Faith's runner bag as seen in the game. The runner bag (pictured above), is a stylish banana yellow color, with seven different compartments and enough room to store and carry your Xbox 360 console. Just image how cool you'll look running down the streets, shopping at the mall, carrying your books to school or entering a business meeting with this Mirror's Edge bag. Just imagine!

[Thanks, Neuromancer]

EB Games Canada: GameDays sale deets

Canadian gamers have read over the details for GameStop's USA Game Days sale and wondered, "when's it gonna be my time?!" The answer is, right now and until June 22.

EB Games and GameStop stores in the Great White North are offering a slew of Xbox 360 games and bundles on the cheap--well, what they consider cheap at least. Gamers looking to pad their Xbox 360 library, or Gamerscore, should take a look at the sale as some offers are only available for a limited time throughout the month of June.

Oh, and if anyone asks you if you'd like to pre-order something, exclaim "Yes, I would!" excitedly and promptly leave the store. Totally messes with their heads.

Full listing of specials after the jump. $5 not required.

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Gamestop GameDays: June 2nd

Well readers as the summer games release drought will begin in a few short weeks, Gamestop appears to be having some sort of sale to clear out some of their stock. The so-called GameDays sale will begin on June 2nd and covers about fifteen different 360 titles as well as a host of games from other platforms. The 360 titles are mostly average, but are definitely worth the prices offered by the sale. In addition, there is also a coupon that's good for and additional 10% off any titles that are part of the original sale.

List of 360 titles and the sale prices after the break.

[Via CheapAssGamer]

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Contents revealed for new Gears of War edition

On Sunday, we posted information regarding a new Gears of War re-release that Gamestop had a pre-order listing for. A new edition that is not only cheaper, but is said to include all previously released DLC on the disc. Though, its specific contents were unknown.

But now, a few days later, Gamestop updated the page, adding the official Gears of War re-release box art (it looks nearly identical) and posted a listing of all the the additional content that'll be included on a separate "Bonus Disc". Come June 24th, Microsoft will release a newer edition of Gears of War for $39.99 which will feature all the previously release DLC maps including Hidden Fronts, additional gamer pictures, themes, videos and GoW2 trailers as well. Check the break for a complete breakdown of what will be included in this latest release. Also, if it wasn't already obvious, if you haven't experienced GoW yet, then we feel this to be the opportune time to get all the Gears goodness you can handle in one (cheaper) box.

[Via TeamXbox, Thanks DjDATZ]

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First glimpse of the Rock Band Stage Kit

If you recall, this past February a new (and still unannounced) Rock Band peripheral called the Stage Kit was spotted over on Gamestop's website. Back then, we were only given images of what the light and smoke peripheral's box looked like, but it was enough to warrant Stage Kit / WALL•E / police spot light comparisons. Now, Gamestop has since updated their Stage Kit pre-order page with a new picture of the peripherals including what looks to be a 360 controller / strobe light hybrid. Gamestop also pegged the (GASP!) $100 peripheral for an August 15th release, so gather what info you can from that.

[Thanks, HazyCloud]

Gears of War re-release in June, cheaper and with map DLC

In an effort to milk the Gears of War teat for all its worth (mental picture), this Summer Microsoft is set to release a new edition of the original Gears of War that'll come packed with all previous released DLC and a cheaper price tag too.

According to Gamestop's pre-order listing for the title, the new edition of Gears of War will cost $39.99 and feature what we presume to be the Hidden Fronts and Discovery channel sponsored DLC. And just to make sure we're on the same page, we highly doubt this re-release will feature any of the Gears PC content seeing that Epic has made it more than clear (on numerous occasions) that bringing the content to the 360 is nigh impossible. So, if you have yet to experience curb-stomping and Locust dismemberment, we think June 24th would be the perfect time to "jump in" with chainsaws a revving.

[Via NeoGAF]

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