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Obama and McCain team up in Saints Row 2

No, not really. Let's just get that out of the way. That said, there are obvious facsimiles of the two major United States presidential candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain, featured in this co-op trailer for Saints Row 2. For the record, there are also cops and robbers, rednecks and tree huggers, and let's not forget pirates and ninjas. Silly pairings aside, the video serves to highlight the drop in / drop out online co-op, which can be carried through the entire single player campaign. Anyone with a copy of Crackdown knows that open world destruction is more fun with a friend. Cooperative open world destruction complete with crazily customizable characters? That's even better.

Strangely absent from the video: pimps teaming up with whores.

Huzzah! Gary Busey's back in Saints Row 2 vids

Is there anyone as delightfully insane as Gary Busey? We submit that there is not. Mr. Busey has returned for another round of Saints Row 2 videos, and we're pleased to report that they are as crazy as the last batch. The video above begins, quite eloquently we think, with the words "Let's be honest, who hasn't wanted to kill someone with a garden gnome." Who indeed, Uncle Gary, who indeed.

Find two more videos (one of them is NSFW, by the way) after the break.

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Video: Meet the Ronin gang from Saints Row 2

A new trailer has been released showcasing one of the new gangs in Saints Row 2, the Ronin. Hailing from the Far East, the Ronin have a penchant for flashy jackets and swords. Honestly, if people can walk around in broad daylight with swords on their backs, we'd say that the game's city of Stillwater is in bad shape. It looks like the Saints have their work cut out for them as well if all the action in the trailer is any indication. Check out the trailer after the break (NSFW thanks to some language and some pretty nasty violence).

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Tera Patrick takes it off for Saints Row 2

You may have heard that Tera Patrick -- do not Google her name at work! -- was "hired" as a "special" "producer" on Saints Row 2. It looks like we now have an idea of what she'll be "contributing" to the game's development: developer diaries. The first dev diary is really just a tease of future Tera Patrick dev diaries. She gabs about the game's features and takes off her clothes, all with the kind of forced sexiness that only a porn star can deliver.

We miss Gary Busey. Find the (slightly NSFW) video after the break.

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Video: Saints Row 2 actually has a story

Even though Saints Row 2 and GTAIV are very different, Saints Row 2 isn't totally forgoing some sort of fleshed out storyline. Per the latest Saints Row teaser trailer, we're treated to a taste of what sort of story Saints Row 2 will follow, a glimpse at the characters involved and (of course) some in-game footage. It's a pretty interesting trailer at that. What's our favorite one liner you ask? "You definitely need a stripper pole in this b*tch" ... now that's classic Saints Row.

THQ: Saints Row 2 and GTAIV are 'very different'

Saints Row 2 will be releasing on August 26th October 14th and THQ wants everyone to know that it isn't just a GTAIV clone, that Saints is its own creation and is an experience "totally different" than what Rockstar offers. Or so says THQ CEO Brian Farrell who, during a recent conference call, admitted that "we're always concerned about GTA as a competitor" but mentioned that with Saints Row 2 they "have a very differentiated product in this open-world genre" that has more "tongue-in-cheek ... silly, over-the-top gameplay." And we have no reason to doubt Mr. Farrell. We like Saints Row for what it is, not trying to be overly serious and focusing more on the gameplay shenanigans rather than a serious, deep storyline. Heck, with Gary Busey peddling your product, you have to have some amount of humor. Right?

No Saints Row 2 for you until October 14th

We have sad, sad news for all fanboys who are lil' gang members in training. THQ just announced that Saints Row 2, which was originally set for release on August 26th, has been delayed until October. October 14th to be exact. THQ cited "marketing issues" and overall "product quality" as reasons for the delay, saying that Saints Row 2 "is done" and that now "it's about polish." Humph ...

Polish is always good and we'd rather take a two month delay then see a Saints Row sequel that plays like utter crud. But saying that that doesn't mean we have to be cheery about it. So, our official stance on the delay is anti-cheery acceptance.

[Via Joystiq]

The tools of Saints Row 2 destruction

Thanks to Uncle Gary, we already have had a chance to preview some of Saints Row 2's arsenal of weapons, but nothing too in depth. Now, thanks to IGN, we have been graced with a rather extensive list of Saints Row 2 weaponry brought to you by helpful folks at ULTOR. You have your standard Annihilator rocket launcher, AS14 Hammer machine gun and stun gun, but also included in the mix are more interesting tools of destruction like a chainsaw and a (very hot) flamethrower. Make the jump to get all the deets and view a preview of the weapons and vehicles you'll encounter in the vid embedded after the break. Dual wielding shock paddles FTW!

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Video: Uncle Gary teaches Saints Row 2 lessons

After hearing about Saints Row 2 getting an August release and at the same time only receiving a not teaserific teaser trailer, we went searching for some actual Saints Row 2 gameplay videos. You know, to see how things are progressing over at THQ. And after our lil' search concluded, we came across three Saints Row 2 video gems. Videos that give us a glimpse at the game's gameplay and showcase some of the game's features all through street lessons taught by that "interesting" dude Gary Busey. No joke, it's the one and only Gary Busey. We'll let the videos speak for themselves (one embedded above, two after the break), but be prepared. The Saints Row 2 gameplay is promising, but Uncle Gary is (how do we put this nicely) ... moderately crazy?

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Saints Row 2 settles on August release

Purple color lovers and gangster wannabes, it's time to get ready. Because Saints Row 2 is headed your way this Summer with THQ's announcement that the sequel will hit retailers this August 26th. And as much as we want to say we're excited and are eagerly anticipating its release, we always come back to the fact that Grand Theft Auto IV releases this month. Maybe we're wrong to think that, maybe not and maybe it's just the harsh reality of things. We'll give it time though, play GTAIV through August and see if our Saints Row 2 itch needs to be scratched then.

First look at THQ's thuggish Saints Row 2

IGN has the first look scoop on THQ and Volition's gangster sequel Saints Row 2 and all things said, we think the game has some healthy potential.

It's obvious that developer Volition took the criticisms of Saints Row and were determined to fix everything possible. For the sequel, they've revamped the game's look, bumped up the amount of dialog, added all kinds of new rides and added the ability to fully "trick out" your character with customization options. You'll not only be able to change your thug's appearance, but you'll even get to change the way he walks and celebrates. Also, your "crib" can be customized to your liking as well. Saints Row 2 sounds to be carrying its own attitude (car bombs FTW!) and its own brand of sandbox style fun, but we cannot help but fear that GTAIV's massive wake will all but drown out any anticipation for Volition's baby. But THQ is confident that it can hold its own, so we'll just have to wait and see if it's a fresh enough experience to pull us away from Liberty City and into Stillwater.

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