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Resident Evil 5 to sport Gears inspired controls

Today, team Capcom just announced some interesting Resident Evil 5 information regarding the game's control scheme. More specifically, they're looking to overhaul the current RE5 control formula by replacing the classic stop and shoot mechanic with a more Gears inspired cover system. What's the reason? RE5 producer Jun Takeuchi feels that the cover system controls will slow down the tension that could potentially bring a new horror element into the mix. Expect to see a completely new RE5 unveiling during the Tokyo Game Show in October.

Destroyed beauty: Gears of War case mod

Remember the creepy Xbox 360 alligator case mod? Creator dfw monkie is back again with a brand new mod and this time it's actually related to an Xbox 360 game. The game in question is Gears of War and dfw monkie has put together a very impressive mod. The mod features raised textures and a glowing Gears of War logo. The only feature we think we would have trouble adjusting to is the glowing red ring of light. How will you know when the Xbox 360 is broken? Will you get the Green Rings of Death? Check out a video of the console in action after the break.

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New Gears 2 footage from GameStop tourny

Don't ask how -- because we don't know -- but Joystiq managed to snag the video that will kick off the GameStop Gears of War 2 tournament this Friday. In the video, Epic's Cliff Bleszinski tells GOW fanboys what they can expect from the new game. We also get some nice footage featuring new Locust enemies. Enough talk though, time to watch. Find the video after the break.

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Gears novel gets name, author and release change

The Gears of War novel we heard about earlier this year, a prequel titled The Pendulum Wars, has now been officially announced by Microsoft and Epic Games, but has since gone through a name change, author change and release date change.

Gears of War: The Battle of Aspho Fields is the novel's new title, and gone is the original writer Steven L. Kent, replaced by Karen Traviss. The prequel will now officially hit store shelves later this Fall on October 28th, prior to Gears of War 2's release. Truly Epic.

[Via Joystiq]

Bloody good NECA Gears of War series 2 figures

Adding to the already solid Gears of War action figure lineup, this week toy manufacturer NECA released official product shots of the seconds series of Gears of War figures that are set to hit retailers sometime this Fall. And no, you aren't experiencing a Gears induced case of deja vu. We've previously been treated to a few toy expo photos of the second series figures, but these are prettier and 100% official product shots. 'Nuff said. Browse through our Gears of War action figure gallery below to view all four new series two figures including Dominic Santiago, Damon Baird, Locust Theron Guard without helmet and Locust Theron Guard with helmet both sporting our favorite weapon of death, the torque bow. Sadly, there is no mention of the gruesome Locust headshot figure. It must be a limited edition.

(Psst, if you're in love with these figures, wait until you see what Fanswag surprise we have for you next week. It's truly epic.)

Gallery: Gears of War Action Figures

Gears of War movie snags director Wiseman

Progress is being made on the Gears of War movie (which is something we can't say about our long desired Halo movie) as evident by the fact that the New Line Cinema business execs in charge of bringing Marcus Fenix to the big screen have settled on a director for the film.

Variety is reporting that Live Free or Die Hard and Underworld Evolution director Len Wiseman will be taking the Gears of War movie reins. Which isn't really a huge surprise seeing that Gears of War had a cameo in Wiseman's latest flick Live Free or Die Hard which all but confirmed his involvement in the Gears movie ... or at least that's how our impressionably hopeful fanboy minds took it. A Gears movie that was originally slated or a Summer 2009 release, but development on the film has been taking longer than expected which means a delay into 2010 is inevitable. Also, is it just us or does it look like Wiseman is giving the old Bleszinski a run for his "pretty boy" money? Eh?

[Thanks, yankeyhotel]

X3F LIVE: Online now! [Update]

Update: The event has now ended. Thanks to everyone who participated and stay tuned for another X3F LIVE event in the near future!

Drop your keyboard. Throw your monitor out the window. Pop in your dusty old copy of Gears of War. X3F LIVE is online now. Join us online in Uno from 9:30PM EST until 10:30PM for some hot card-on-card action and then stick around for a chainsaw fest in Gears of War from 10:30PM EST until 11:30PM.

Most of the gang is here and we're eager to play with the community. Add X3FLIVE to your friends list and track down Richard (SenseiRam), Dusin (SuperDunners), Alexander (Sli Xander) and Xav (Snypz)-- join the social gaming night as the night progresses and have a blast!

Game on people!

NECA announces Gears of War figure boxed set

Action figure creator NECA just announced that the first series of their Gears of War action figures are now available at retailers and also announced a new boxed set featuring exclusives.

The Gears of War Action Figure Box Set features all four series one figures including Marcus Fenix, Augustus Cole, Locust Drone and Locust Sniper, their standard weapons as well as an exclusive Hammer of Dawn accessory and an alternate helmeted Locust head. A helmeted Locust head that comes complete with removable respirator and goggles! NECA didn't supply pricing or availability details, but we're sure your GoW fanboyism will kick in and you'll be able to track down this big box of action figure fun.

Gallery: Gears of War Action Figures

Real-life Gears armor and Lancer coming soon

What Gears of War fanboy doesn't want to take their Gears gaming experience them into the real world. Wearing Marcus Fenix style armor with a a chainsaw revving Lancer similar to a certain Cliff Bleszinski. It's a Gears fanboy's dream! Coolest thing of all is that rather soon, that dream will be coming true.

TriForce Sales just announced that they, with the help of sculptor Sid Garrand from the famous Nightmare Armor Studios, have secured a license to create 1:1: scale replicas of Gears of War armor (including body armor and helmets) as well as the iconic Gears Lancer. All replicas will be made of high density foam, fiberglass and polyurethane composites, making them fully wearable and totally "badass". Pre-orders for the TriForce Sales produced goodness will begin July 7th over at ProjectTriforce.com for a yet to be revealed price. Yup, our geeky fantasies are slowly becoming a reality.

Gears of War 2 multiplayer detail explosion

The July issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly has an extensive 13-page blowout of Gears of War 2 multiplayer details. Earlier last week, some information leaked from and article in X360 Magazine, but the EGM cover-story by outgoing editorial director Dan Hsu includes a world of new information ripe for the picking.

Some information between the X360 and EGM article is slightly different. Most notably, some of the buttons involved in getting rid of a downed enemy are strangely different. However, since we don't talk about Gears 2 enough around here, we have all the info you need here.

From new weapon stats, the possibility of bots and the ability to blow you and your enemies up with a diabolical grenade--here is the newest info from EGM's fantastic July cover story. The issue also includes an extensive interview with Cliff Bleszinski, so any Gears fan should check it out.

All the info we got from EGM's cover story, after the jump!

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Contents revealed for new Gears of War edition

On Sunday, we posted information regarding a new Gears of War re-release that Gamestop had a pre-order listing for. A new edition that is not only cheaper, but is said to include all previously released DLC on the disc. Though, its specific contents were unknown.

But now, a few days later, Gamestop updated the page, adding the official Gears of War re-release box art (it looks nearly identical) and posted a listing of all the the additional content that'll be included on a separate "Bonus Disc". Come June 24th, Microsoft will release a newer edition of Gears of War for $39.99 which will feature all the previously release DLC maps including Hidden Fronts, additional gamer pictures, themes, videos and GoW2 trailers as well. Check the break for a complete breakdown of what will be included in this latest release. Also, if it wasn't already obvious, if you haven't experienced GoW yet, then we feel this to be the opportune time to get all the Gears goodness you can handle in one (cheaper) box.

[Via TeamXbox, Thanks DjDATZ]

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Gears 2 flamethrower, other weapons spotted in scans

Hey, it's just after 2 PM EST so it's time for another obligatory Gears of War 2 news post. One of our X3F Soldiers tipped us off to scans of a recent article that showcased the new weapons and enemies in Gears 2. Since the other weapons spotted in the scans had been seen in the recent Assault gameplay video, we thought it would be a good time to introduce you to the flamethrower.

This no nonsense inferno-spitting handheld burns red hot and promises to cook a steak in 9 seconds flat, and we don't mean a filet mignon or nothing--we're talking a "half the cow is on your plate, why is my belt still on?" man-steak. We can't even imagine what the execution will be for the flamethrower, but we're sure Epic has something brutal up their sleeve. Hell, as long as Marcus sprinkles some salt and pepper on a dude's charred face afterwards, we're cool with whatever. More scans available at Recenzeher.

[Thanks, BAK6E]

Gears of War re-release in June, cheaper and with map DLC

In an effort to milk the Gears of War teat for all its worth (mental picture), this Summer Microsoft is set to release a new edition of the original Gears of War that'll come packed with all previous released DLC and a cheaper price tag too.

According to Gamestop's pre-order listing for the title, the new edition of Gears of War will cost $39.99 and feature what we presume to be the Hidden Fronts and Discovery channel sponsored DLC. And just to make sure we're on the same page, we highly doubt this re-release will feature any of the Gears PC content seeing that Epic has made it more than clear (on numerous occasions) that bringing the content to the 360 is nigh impossible. So, if you have yet to experience curb-stomping and Locust dismemberment, we think June 24th would be the perfect time to "jump in" with chainsaws a revving.

[Via NeoGAF]

2008 Yearbook: Microsoft Game Studios

After a solid year for the Xbox 360 in 2007 many thought the system could never showcase the same amount of quality exclusives in a single year.

In the 2008 Microsoft Game Studios Yearbook, we've compiled a list of this year's graduating class with a detailed account of each title's current status and the stories surrounding them.

From heartbreaking cancellations, surprise feature announcements and expected sequels, the 2008 MGS Yearbook is filled with fun facts and information on your soon-to-be favorite titles. Also included in the yearbook are special joke awards given to each title that releases in 2008 that poke fun at the details most commonly argued about in the comments.

From Ninja Gaiden II to Alan Wake, the 2008 Microsoft Game Studios Yearbook will have something for everyone.

Ladies and gentlemen allow us to introduce the 2008 Microsoft Game Studios graduating class ...

Bleszinski gets questioned on all things Gears 2

Epic's Cliff Bleszinski recently sat down with GameDaily for a feature called 10 Questions, where an esteemed member of the gaming industry is asked ten fan submitted questions. Cliff was thrown Q's from everything related to breaking into the industry, why he ditched a Dodge Viper and how to make it in today's gaming world.

Of course Gears of War 2 was a hot topic and fans asked how it will stand-up to it's Game of the Year winning predecessor. "With the sequel, we're able to significantly streamline the online experience with a far more robust package that enables players to kick more ass online with their friends," Cliff answered.

Without giving away too much information on the single-player experience, Cliff said the game must throw more interesting scenarios at players in between combat situations to stay fresh, "In Gears 2, we've got dozens of surprises in every level that will keep people talking for months to come."

With changes to Epic's premier gaming engine fans wondered how updates to Unreal Engine 3 will change the Gears experience. While Cliff was tight-lipped, he assured gamers the environments would add to the experience with a wider capacity for damage. "Players will really feel like they're in a sci-fi multiplayer version of Black Hawk Down."

Gears of War 2
hits Xbox 360 this Novemeber.

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