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Ask X3F: Return of the (Li'l) Chief

Welcome to another exciting edition of Ask X3F, where our readers are fortified with Vitamin K (the K stands for Knowledge!). This week we tackle some unfortunate Xbox 360 Fanboy profile issues, X3F mobile, and we get some good news regarding one man's quest to get his XBLA games working on a new console. Not only that, but we also check in on check in on X3F's littlest mascot: Li'l Chief. Read on for your weekly dose.

Got a question for Ask X3F? Maybe you have a story or some information you'd like to share? Send it all to ask [at] xbox360fanboy [dot] com.

Hey guys, how do i log in to change my avatar for the blog posts comments, i get to the page with my name and all the comments i made but i can not log in. If you could help me out i would appreciate it.

Unfortunately, it looks like our profile pages are on the fritz. We're working on getting them fixed, but for now they simply won't allow you to login (even with the correct password). There is an interim fix though. Simply replace "xbox360fanboy" in your profile URL with "joystiq" like this:

Original URL:

Replace it with:

Keep in mind you will have a different set of numbers (the set above is mine). You can reach your X3F profile page by clicking your name. Once you've changed it to the Joystiq URL, you can click the line that reads "Are you [User Name]? If So, Login Here." Now enter your password (this will be the same password you use to confirm comments). From here, you can upload an avatar image, edit your profile, change your password. You can also choose to make your profile private if you wish. We're working on getting this problem fixed, and we'll let everyone know when it is.

Hey guys,
Just wondering how Lil' chief's doing. We haven't heard from him in a while. Is he still looking after the puppy or has he long since forgotten about it like I have with my copy of crackdown? X3F running out of swag for him to cling on?

From Rick AKA Demolition elmo

P.S. If you see him can you ask him for an autograph? :P

Li'l Chief is just fine. Once the new Halo figures were announced, he was worried that he might be replaced. However, now that he's seen that they are a mere 5 inches tall, he's not worried anymore. Also, the puppy is fine and Li'l Chief has proven to be a beacon of responsibility. Li'l Chief begged to be part of the Mass Effect Xbox 360 Elite giveaway, but we thought the prize was worthy of its own images. That said, we've got lots of giveaways coming up, so maybe it's time for Li'l Chief's grand return.

About the autograph, it's a firm maybe. Writing is no easy endeavor for Li'l Chief, as you can see in the headline image of this post. Thus, he must choose his autographs carefully.

Hey Richard,

Thanks for the advice on Tuesday. I phoned up support today expecting to go through several representatives before my issue would be understood, but to my surprise the first rep got it in one. She said she knew what the problem was, that she would escalate the matter to higher persons and transfer the content licences to my new box. All I needed to do was prove who I was, give her both serial numbers, and prove I purchased the new console by reading the console ID from the system blade.

Overall a pleasant conversation and experience. I got told the process would take up to 20 days, but I'm not too concerned as I'm usually signed onto live anyway.

Thanks from your Scottish friend
DaveC a.k.a. TwilightWolf 77

Excellent news, Dave! For those who don't recall, Dave was having trouble getting his old Xbox Live Arcade games transferred to a new 360 console last week. We're glad to hear you're on the way to having the problem fixed Dave. Unfortunately, this story just serves to highlight how hit-and-miss customer support can be, as Dave initially encountered representatives who couldn't even understand his problem, much less fix it. Again, we tell everyone out there with the same problem to keep fighting the good fight.


Have you tried surfing your page with a PSP lately? Loading times in excess of three to four minutes are no fun, especially when just browsing the news. Nice that you have the address mentioned above ( which allows people on the go to read the site (or, more precisely: the news index) in a lighter, less ad-heavy format. Too bad though that the links off said news index are linking to the full version of X3F, which totally defeats the purpose of the aforementioned lighter, less ad-heavy format. Are there any plans to have your tech guys fixing that anytime soon? PSP Fanboy shows how it's really done and that's the same site network, isn't it?

Oh yeah, before I forget: Splendid job, X3F just displaced as my #1 source of info.

Christian Pohl

First of all, thanks for the kind words. We'll be sure to rub in the fact that we stole a single reader from Major Nelson the next time we see him. As for the mobile version of X3F, the best we can say is that it's a work in progress. The reason PSP Fanboy works as well as it does is that it was designed specifically to suit the PSP, as the overlords at Joystiq figured it only made sense. We're always looking to improve aspects of the Joystiq network, and we definitely appreciate the feedback.

Having said that, we have no idea when the mobile version of X3F is up for a redesign. However, there is a somewhat laborious workaround. Every post on X3F can be viewed sing the mobile version ( Simply replace the "www" with "m." For example, the post you're reading now:

Replace with:

It's not ideal, but it should save some time.

Why don't they add more trailers for upcoming movies to the XBL Video Marketplace?

GT ObiBen8

Some questions only the Marketplace gurus can answer. Honestly, we don't know the answer, but that doesn't stop us from hazarding a guess. It could be that only certain studios give their trailers to Microsoft (perhaps the same studios that offer downloadable films and TV shows). It could be that some studios don't see advertising on the 360 as worth it. Who knows?

With HD-DVD dead in the water now... has anyone come up with a good way to hook your HD-DVD player to a PC and downgrade the HD-DVD video content into a normal DVD format? Just thinking ahead to the days when my HD-DVD add on is dead and gone and I still want to have a watchable copy of one of HD-DVDs in some kind of format that is still watchable.

Waaaaay back in December of 2006 it was discovered that the 360 HD DVD player would play nice with any PC, given the proper drivers and an HD DVD playback program. Beyond that, we're unsure of exactly how one would "rip" HD DVDs to a PC. Well, there is one way to "back up" HD DVDs using your 360 HD DVD player and over $1000 worth of equipment (essentially just plugging your player into an HD capture card). However, this solution is far from ideal (and honestly, it's such and old solution we couldn't tell you how practical it is now). Moreover, that solution captures in HD quality, which isn't what you're looking for.

It's possible you could connect your 360 with composite cables and capture the composite signal, though you will end up with less than DVD quality (480i). Still, it will be "watchable." There are plenty of relatively cheap composite capture solutions available (some of which we've covered before) if that works for you.

Alternately, you could just pick up an HD DVD player to keep in the closet. Considering how cheap they can be had now -- even cheaper if you can live with 1080i -- that's probably the most inexpensive solution, and you won't have to sacrifice HD quality.

That's it for this week, folks. Keep sending your questions to: ask [at] xbox360fanboy [dawt] com.

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