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Worms to cost 1200 points or less, um, yay?

A recent post on the Team17 forums (registration required) has confirmed that Worms: Wormy Defeat will cost 1200 points or less when it hits Xbox Live Arcade. Specifically, the poster in question asked when the game was coming out, saying that he had 1250 MS points lined up just to purchase it. A moderator replied that he couldn't specify a date until Team17 officially announces it, but that 1250 points was "more than you'll need." 1200 points seems steep for the title, so we would hope that 1250 points is actually 450 points more than we need. Still, should the game debut at 1200, we'll still get it, because we are Worms addicts (holy hand grendate FTW!).

Will you plunk down 1200 points if necessary?

[Thanks, TxdoHawk]

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1. "There is an established pricing structure for XBLA titles right now. Put it this way, we're in the middle bracket with Worms (this information has been leaked elsewhere)."

- Lead Developer of Worms

Posted at 3:04PM on Jan 4th 2007 by DaKing240 0 stars

2. Um... I'd easily pay the equivalent of $30 for this game. I would consider 1200 points ($15) a steal. I LOVE me some Worms.

Posted at 3:09PM on Jan 4th 2007 by M.C. Hampster 0 stars

3. I would defiently pay that much. This game is a must own for XBLA. I can't wait till this releases.

Posted at 3:22PM on Jan 4th 2007 by SRU Phil 0 stars

4. I agree with #2. This is a legitimate strategy game that people will play online for hours. I would easily pay 1200 points. I think this game is way more worth the money than Roboblitz, specifically because of the endless replay value.

Posted at 3:22PM on Jan 4th 2007 by Mad Dick Bones 0 stars

5. I'll buy it either way, but 800 points would be a sweet sweet deal.

Posted at 3:31PM on Jan 4th 2007 by Wizardly 0 stars

6. i really feel that 1200 is way too much for an arcade title.. dont know if any1 knows the wii pricing but for mario64 (easily one of the best games of all time) its only 10 bucks

Posted at 3:36PM on Jan 4th 2007 by s2h 0 stars

7. "Xbox Live Arcade has three available price points right now, 400, 800, and 1200 points."

-Greg Canessa, Group Manager Xbox Live Arcade

Worms will be 800 points. And I'll be buying on release day. :)

Posted at 3:39PM on Jan 4th 2007 by Mike Schramm 0 stars

8. 1200 is a little too much for me, 800 ya but ild probably pass at 1200. The trial would have to blow me away in order for me to get it for 1200 and im a pretty big worms fan :(

Posted at 3:41PM on Jan 4th 2007 by Ayo Jube 0 stars

9. $15 for a new game with online play, 720p for $15? SOLD. $10? Sold even faster. Can't wait!

Posted at 3:47PM on Jan 4th 2007 by Tom 0 stars

10. i'm hoping it's 800 too, but i'm in either way. i'm sitting on 1600 free points from some website promotion.

Posted at 3:48PM on Jan 4th 2007 by murph 0 stars

11. I agree with #2. I'd drop $30 on this game in a heartbeat.

The price tag might seem steep for someone who has never played the game, but it''s a fantastic game.

(Now if only Lemmings was on XBLA...)

Posted at 3:51PM on Jan 4th 2007 by SuperChuck 0 stars

12. I might be unhappy about paying 1200 ms points, so it would be best they charged 800ms points, and then charged 400ms points for some extra expansions.

1200ms points isn't bad, but it had better be worth it because most people already have the game on their PC's and if not, they can already buy it for about £5 or probably less than $10 in the US. (or the equivalent of about 800ms!)

Posted at 3:51PM on Jan 4th 2007 by Ciaran 0 stars

13. seems expensive for sure at 1200. in fact, most things seem expensive on XBLA. Don't get me wrong, i love it... but most of these things should cost 400-800 points ($5-10) at most. I have an expensive game system and am paying for live on top. I don't want to feel like microsoft and the publishers are ALSO nickle and diming me, yknow?

In the end, it might mean making a little less per game, but selling LOTS more games. I for one am have not bought anything yet on XBLA even though i've got 3200 'points'. Cuz they're still dollars.

Just my 1.6 points. :)

Posted at 3:52PM on Jan 4th 2007 by sneakstar 0 stars

14. I have 4000 points in my account right now. I would spend that and trade in 8 of my non arcade games to have worms.

Posted at 3:57PM on Jan 4th 2007 by Keelo 0 stars


Posted at 3:58PM on Jan 4th 2007 by yorkie1990 0 stars

16. Wow...1200MS points for one of my favourite games ever. I have those points ready and waiting. If it's only 800 I'll just ahve to save those 400 extra ones for some extra content.

Posted at 4:02PM on Jan 4th 2007 by JKrahn 0 stars

17. I want to buy this game, and I want it to sell very well. I can tell you right now that both will surely happen at 800pts.

I just want it for cheaper ok?

Posted at 4:03PM on Jan 4th 2007 by Imadogg 0 stars

18. In a word, no. In several, unless the demo really sells me, no

Posted at 4:04PM on Jan 4th 2007 by DannyOB@360insight 0 stars

19. Hold your horses there on that Holy Hand Grenade, Richard. Based on the screens I've seen, it's nowhere to be found...

Posted at 4:15PM on Jan 4th 2007 by Tucker 10 stars

20. Tom - 720p? Is it? Or is it just another piece of shit like Pac-Man and Frogger and all them?
I can't stand these ridiculously stupid sizings in XBLA games.

P.S. - DUH.

Posted at 4:17PM on Jan 4th 2007 by Tim 0 stars

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