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Games on more than one disc: do you care?

It was recently revealed that Blue Dragon takes up so much space that it will be shipped on 3 discs. Some people on the internets are already starting to chant the mantra that the 360's DVD format simply isn't big enough for next generation games. I fail to see the reason in this, apart from the annoying fact that you'll have to stand up to change discs (twice!) when you finally lay your hands on Blue Dragon.

However, I have a question: when did multiple discs become a bad thing? Back when CDs were introduced to home consoles, multiple discs were actually considered a value add. Saying a game came on four discs was a statement worthy of admiration, not condemnation. You didn't hear anyone complaining that they had to change discs during Final Fantasy VII. Same thing goes for special edition DVDs: more discs equals better product. Is this whole problem really a problem, or is it just in some people's interest to make you think it's a problem?

Let's just ask a question. As 360 games get larger and more advanced, it's possible that more and more of them will require multiple discs. Does this bother you at all, or could you not care less?

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1. I could care less. I see no problem in switching discs every several hours. I've never even heard of this game, so I have no clue how long it is/will be. Could even be 20 hours per disc for all I know :p.

Posted at 9:12AM on Nov 24th 2006 by HERMIT CRAB

2. The extra space is good if games are benefitting from it. Some games on other platforms have been released on multiple discs if one was not enough (for example Resident Evil on GC).

However, I hope developers won't use the extra space just so that they can slap better looking and longer cgi cut scenes on them. If the game offers a better experience (game is longer, graphics are better due to texture sizes, music quality etc), by all means use more discs.

DVDs have been mass produced for a long time now, so the game price should not have to increase.

Posted at 9:15AM on Nov 24th 2006 by JC

3. I also don't see a problem with it. I would rather they give us more content than chose not to just to satisfy lazy gamers.

Will it EVER be possible for the HD DVD player to run games? Anyone know for sure?

Posted at 9:17AM on Nov 24th 2006 by Fatz

4. Getting up to change a disc seems a bit moronic, when it could have been avoided.

Posted at 9:18AM on Nov 24th 2006 by Billqvist

5. If it is a good game, then I wouldn't care at all. Seriously are gamers that lazy? Remember the 2 VHS tapes for one movie? Jesus

Posted at 9:28AM on Nov 24th 2006 by Nate

6. I can give the answer:

There was NO alternative. Large games = good games = multiple discs

Now there is.

Blu-ray or HDDVD. Now it is lame...

Posted at 9:29AM on Nov 24th 2006 by itsgreen

7. One 25-50 GB disc would be better, but I don't care about multiple discs. When you're talking about a game that might last 20 hours. Who cares if you have to change a disc every 6-7 hours.

Posted at 9:31AM on Nov 24th 2006 by Hoffer

8. I don't really care at all. Its cool if you can have a game all one disc, but if not its not a big deal for me to switch the discs once or twice during a long game.

Posted at 9:45AM on Nov 24th 2006 by 8dot3

9. As long as it's for RPGs, there definitely is no problem. But as soon as there are mutliple discs for FPSes, etc., it could become a problem.

Posted at 9:47AM on Nov 24th 2006 by RazorElite

10. Don't care at all, people need to stop being so damn lazy.

Posted at 9:50AM on Nov 24th 2006 by J8675309

11. why cant they dev games on HD DVD? is that too much to do?

yes it will split the xbox market and double disc prices but if im gonna pay 80 for 3 disc or 80 for 1 disc......theres no way that a game can send out a 3 game disc without hiking up the price to about 80 for the game......manufact costs how much the game sells etc...

if taking hd dvd in to account to make games, you could be bringing the next gen of gaming...with HD quality trailers in game, and more capacity on HD dvd it would be stupid not to dev with gaming on HD DVD

Posted at 9:56AM on Nov 24th 2006 by craptastic

12. To Ed and itsgreen,

"the point is that there is available technology that can make those four DVD's fit into one bluray/HDDVD disc"

WELL, we actually have the technology to NOT use optical media in the first place. So your comment was flawed. Anyhow I could care less about changing or not changing a disc. My lazy ass needs a break every 6-7 hours anyway. (jesus 6-7 hours sitting in front of the tv...) Internet downloads are nextgen.

My comment is rock hard or I will be execute.

Posted at 9:56AM on Nov 24th 2006 by hack360

13. Two questions:
1. How is this handled? Can you really change discs in-game or does the Xbox 360 exit to Dashboard as it normally does and you boot up the second disc? They probably need to have overlapping content on all discs when you can "go back" in the game to areas you visited before (I don't know if this applies to Blue Dragon since I know next to nothing about the game.)

2. Why do they need three discs anyway? Textures, 3D models, art and even speech should easily fit on a single DVD. Most space is wasted by including video, so they could just animate cutscenes with the game engine and save much space.

At the moment I don't see a need for high capacity media (HD-DVD or Blu-Ray) for games (yeah, I know... "640KB should be enough" -- Bill Gates). All this space needs to be filled which increases production costs and thus increases the cost of games for consumers. Sometimes the engine cutscenes look even better than badly rendered videos. Especially motion captured data seems to take up very small space and can be compressed nicely.

I guess it's all a question of how willingly the developers are to optimize their product. Small Arms fits into less than 50 megs and looks very good. Or take a look at the demoscene of how much can be accomplished in 64 KB or even 4KB! Textures can be generated programmatically instead of just stuffing them on a disc. If they just put everything uncompressed on disc it's no wonder they need three DVDs.

Posted at 9:59AM on Nov 24th 2006 by mnemo

14. MS didn't have much choice at the time the Xbox 360 was released since the HD-DVD format specs hadn't been finalized yet. If the 360 had come with a HD-DVD drive, the release date would have had to be postponed to mid 2006 plus it would have cost more.

Posted at 10:13AM on Nov 24th 2006 by ymmv

15. Oh no, 3 discs!

I grew up playing Sierra games on a 360k floppy drive. Even then 8 5 1/4" discs didn't bother me.

Oh my, Adlib card flashback.

Posted at 10:13AM on Nov 24th 2006 by Plutoxin

16. SHEN MUE for dreamcast anyone, just going to another area required disk changing, separate HD-DVD alternative package/bundles will be the deal son.

Posted at 10:19AM on Nov 24th 2006 by Expired

17. I've never had a problem with this either. Really, more than anything, it's just a sticking point for fanboy debates. The average person is going to see three discs and assume the game must just be longer than other games and leave it at that. It was true of previous generations and I'm sure it'll be true of this one too.

There's really no way the game is going to expect you to load disc 1 to open some town. Like was mentioned in here already, all previous multidisc RPGs share the same content on the discs aside from videos and sound and so forth. I'm betting that's what's eating a lot of this up, judging from the videos released thus far.

Plus, how often have you ever swapped game console CDs/DVDs? In any I've played, you make it to a certain point in the story, it asks for disc __ and you move on. The end. People since the PSX days have made it seem like you're swapping discs every hour or so.

Posted at 10:23AM on Nov 24th 2006 by Tony

18. "I don't think anyone would really care to get up and change the disc, but that is not the point really, the point is that there is available technology that can make those four DVD's fit into one bluray/HDDVD disc so the reason you are getting up is simply because of the lack of vision on behalf of the manufacturer."

So ask yourself... Is getting up to change a disc every 6 hours worth $100 to you? Because that could be how much more the console would have cost if it went with HDDVD or Blu-Ray.

Considering that Microsoft is already in the black when selling a 360 console I would say that they had the right long term vision all along.

Posted at 10:27AM on Nov 24th 2006 by Charles

19. heh. yeah. and oblivion was 4 discs. enchant arm? doa?

if it actually ships on 3 discs, then we can worry about it.


Posted at 10:33AM on Nov 24th 2006 by m3mnoch

20. Since when does produceing crappy DVDs skyrocket the cost of a game to $80. I hardly believe that a few games produced by CGI happy Japanese developers is worth making the price of the 360 around $600 with a standard HD-DVD drive. I'm sorry to tell some of you this but Oblivion fit just fine on one DVD9 and I'll guarentee you have more play time on that than we'll have on Blue Dragon. CGI is what's making the game bigger not gameplay.

Posted at 10:39AM on Nov 24th 2006 by Miles

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