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POLL: Xbox 360 or XBOX 360?

For years, since the launch of the original Xbox, the question has remained: "Is it spelled Xbox or XBOX?" Certainly the Xbox 360 logo (pictured) is written in all capitals in their exclusive Convection font? But then Microsoft spells it Xbox on If you look at the title of this very website you can see that we made up our minds a long time ago: it's Xbox 360 Fanboy. If it's so clear, why do we still see it written XBOX so often. Just today we posted about Gamefly's "XBOX 360" scratched disc policy. So...
Which one is it?
Xbox 360
XBOX 360

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1. What about poor ol' me, with my "XBox 360"

Posted at 11:05PM on Jan 2nd 2006 by Trauts 0 stars

2. Uhh... this is kind of a wierd question lol, I think it's just XBOX on the packaging because it looks cooler with the special font and B etc. It doesn't really matter how you capitalize things when talking about it though. It's alot like PSP or PS2, thats just on packaging and they can be refered to as psp or ps2. I think non gamers just get confused and put XBOX because thats what the see on pictures and the packaging.

Posted at 12:02AM on Jan 3rd 2006 by Zilazapper 0 stars

3. Very cool poll.

Posted at 12:57AM on Jan 3rd 2006 by Don Wilson 2 stars

4. Cool poll, but what about XBox360?

Posted at 3:07AM on Jan 3rd 2006 by Retro_X 0 stars

5. I just call it my '360'. Everyone knows what I'm talking about...

Posted at 9:17AM on Jan 3rd 2006 by Jimmy 0 stars

6. We had a number of emails and messages on from visitors telling us that it was "Xbox 360", so we have been going through the site and updating all relevent occurances. People have to do something whilst waiting for a 360 that might never be available!

Posted at 9:59AM on Jan 3rd 2006 by Steve Browne 0 stars

7. I'm with you Jimmy, big fan of the just "360" name. Everyone else who wants other options, you're even more wrong than "XBOX"! =)

Posted at 11:07AM on Jan 3rd 2006 by C. Grant 0 stars

8. Yeah, it's XBox 360. Your missing one on the list there...

Posted at 11:23AM on Jan 3rd 2006 by Matthew 0 stars

9. I think the iPod is so popular & trendy, Microsoft could copy the trend and call it the xBox 360! :P

I prefer Xbox 360, but agree with #5... I just refer to mine as a 360.

Posted at 12:07PM on Jan 3rd 2006 by MarvinK 0 stars

10. This poll would be so much better if it was asking "How do you name your Xbox 360?" and I just call it 'The 360' or 'My 360' ^_^ Ex: "Dude, come over and lets play some 360" xD

Posted at 12:59PM on Jan 3rd 2006 by Gin 0 stars

11. I think it is actually 'xBox'

Posted at 1:10PM on Jan 3rd 2006 by john 0 stars

12. > We had a number of emails and messages on

> from visitors

> telling us that it was "Xbox 360"

I ran with Xbox for my site too.

Now I'm busy working on my iPod site... or is it Ipod?


Posted at 1:11PM on Jan 3rd 2006 by Xbox Radar 0 stars

13. Microsoft said it was 'Xbox' years ago. Not XBox, not XBOX, not xBox, not xbox, Xbox. It says it all over

Posted at 5:33PM on Jan 3rd 2006 by Dt7 0 stars

14. Who cares really? Its no right and wrong. But I think XBox looks more professional and XBOX looks like a child is yelling. Thats just me!

Posted at 6:50PM on Jan 3rd 2006 by Damien Benoit 0 stars

15. I like X360.

Screw you guys.

Posted at 7:56PM on Jan 3rd 2006 by DarthKoRn 0 stars

16. Xbox is a proper name: first letter capitalized.

XBOX is a logo: they can do whatever they like, but this has nothing to do with how the word should appear in print.

Posted at 12:17PM on Jan 4th 2006 by Andrew 0 stars

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