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Return of the gamertag round-up

LiveOnce again, it's time for the fanboys to unite. With the 360 now officially launched in both the UK and Japan, and with second shipments arriving everywhere, it's time to reach out and make some new Xbox Live friends.

Always looking to give something back to the community, the great humanitarian organization known as Xbox 360 Fanboy is providing free bandwidth for you to add your Xbox live gamertag, your zone and your list of 360 games to the comments below.

We'll start off round two of the sharing and caring:

Gamertag: Master Rogue (Ed)
Zone: Recreational (yes, we changed it)
X360 Games: Quake 4, PGR 3, King Kong, Tiger Woods 2006, PDZ, Call of Duty 2, Condemed, Kameo

Gamertag: Joystiq Jez (Jennie)
Zone: Underground
X360 Games: PDZ, Q4, PGR3, King Kong

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1. Gamertag: J UNIT SOLJA
Zone: PRO
Games: Perfect Dark: Zero - Special Collectors Edition
Madden NFL 2006

Posted at 12:08PM on Dec 11th 2005 by Joe Q. 0 stars

2. Tag: Dynramios
Zone: Pro
Game: Perfect Dark Zero

one game what can I say it was a tight month I only work part time anywhoo

Posted at 12:18PM on Dec 11th 2005 by Daniel Downing 0 stars

3. I cant beleive that my tag is actually: Dyranios ^^^^^^

boy i messed that up

Posted at 12:20PM on Dec 11th 2005 by Daniel D 0 stars

Gamertag: RedChina
Zone: Underground
Games: Ridge Racer 6 and DOA4(On Thursday, reserved).

Posted at 12:29PM on Dec 11th 2005 by Chris Benard 0 stars

5. Gamertag: BaluXP
Zone: Pro
Games: PGR3

Should be getting PDZ soon and maybe Kameo

Posted at 12:30PM on Dec 11th 2005 by Balazs 0 stars

6. Gamertag: wootboot

Zone: Pro
X360 Games: PGR 3, PDZ

Posted at 12:30PM on Dec 11th 2005 by Ian Gibson 0 stars

7. GT: L1nXcuRAG3
Zone: Recreational
Games: Call of Duty 2, Perfect Dark Zero, Condemned, and Kameo

Posted at 12:30PM on Dec 11th 2005 by Eric Skipper 0 stars

8. Tag: Anonym 92
Zone: Recreational
Games: Not a single one because my 360 is not deliverd yet but I orderd Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo.

Posted at 12:31PM on Dec 11th 2005 by Anonym 0 stars

9. Gamertag: HeistGoneWrong

Zone: Recreation (Strongly recomend anyone who hasn't enjoyed their Underground experience to come on over to Recreation)
Games: PGR3, NFS:MW, Perfect Dark: Zero

Posted at 12:31PM on Dec 11th 2005 by heistgonewrong 0 stars

10. Broward
PDZ, TH:AW, and COD2

Posted at 12:38PM on Dec 11th 2005 by Harrison 0 stars

11. GamerTag: "Bigmacc9" (or) "maccaz", take your pick (Ok, i, for some reason, havent been able to connect to LIVE with maccaz so i created Bigmacc9 just for online gaming at the moment) Both are UNDERGROUND

Games: Perfect Dark Zero - Special Collectors edition
Project Gotham Racing 3

Posted at 12:39PM on Dec 11th 2005 by Henry 0 stars

12. GamerTag: Krazy Koala

Zone: Underground (considering switch to recreation)

Games: PDZ, Call of Duty 2, Halo 2 (still loads of fun ppl)

Posted at 12:47PM on Dec 11th 2005 by Whopping Wombat 0 stars

13. Gamertag: Crazy Skater72
Zone: PRO
Games: Madden Nfl 06, Guatlant, Hexic, and Call of duty 2

Posted at 12:59PM on Dec 11th 2005 by Brandon 0 stars

14. Gamertag: doobaadoo
Zone: Recreational
Games: PDZ and Pgr3

Posted at 1:03PM on Dec 11th 2005 by Sam jones 0 stars

15. Tag: WhingNut
Zone: Recreational
Games: PGR3, and PDZ

Posted at 1:21PM on Dec 11th 2005 by JGE 0 stars

16. GamerTag: Dark Morford
Zone: Recreational
Games: Kameo, DOA4 (Preordered)

Of course, this means nothing, since I don't actually have a console yet.

Posted at 1:23PM on Dec 11th 2005 by Dark Morford 0 stars

17. GamerTag: bravequail NZPL
Zone: Underground
Games: PGR3,PDZ

Posted at 1:36PM on Dec 11th 2005 by BraveQuail 0 stars

18. Axon77, Recreational, Games: PGR3, Kameo, NBA 2K6

Posted at 1:37PM on Dec 11th 2005 by Matt 0 stars

19. GamerTag: bravequail NZPL
Zone: Underground
Games: PGR3,PDZ

Posted at 1:37PM on Dec 11th 2005 by BraveQuail 0 stars

20. tag: Trogdor the Fat
Zone: Recreation
Games: Call of Duty 2, Perfect Dark Zero


Posted at 1:43PM on Dec 11th 2005 by Spike 0 stars

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