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Ridiculously pretty Burnout Paradise footage

The Burnout series has always had a penchant for looking good. With that in mind, it looks like Burnout Paradise is set to raise the bar again. GameTrailers has posted a handful of new videos showing off some of the cars in the game, and it is hard not to be impressed by the visual fidelity presented here. Our only gripe, the stupid cars stay in one piece. Where's the crashing, damn it?! Ah, well, for now you'll have to be satisfied with death-defying jumps and traffic evasion. Someone owes us an explosion though.

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Eurogamer previews Burnout Paradise

The fancy lads over at Eurogamer gave a good, hard look at Burnout Paradise, and how Criterion is focusing on the "seamless" gameplay. Given the open environment of Paradise City, where we suppose the grass is indeed green and the girls above average, there are plenty of opportunities to expand on the number of things to do beyond racing and crashing.

Aided by the addition of a handbrake, Burners will be able to perform Power Parking, where if you see a space between two parks vehicles that you may be able to squeeze into, and hopefully you can pull it off without hitting the curb or their parked vehicles. It's the little things like that which give us a lot of hope for this iteration of the Burnout series. Check out the full scoop by clicking the "read" link.

Videos: Burnout Paradise from GameTrailers

While we didn't get a chance to get hands on here at X3F, you're welcome to check out Joystiq's outlook on Burnout Paradise. In the meantime though, we have a bunch of video from GameTrailers. The first of which is a gameplay trailer that shows what some readers complained that the teaser lacked: crashes. The game runs silky smooth and on top of that eye candy we have a trifecta of videos for you after the break. The first is more gameplay, followed by a developer interview that covers a new feature: "Road Rules". The last one goes over the open world of Paradise City. Enjoy.

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Burnout Paradise screens careen online

Electronic Arts released a slew of screenshots for Burnout Paradise after the Press Conference earlier today. Shots show off an exotic and muscle car racing through the streets of Paradise City. Joystiq has some impressions up, though the only version showing at E3 is the PS3 version. Either way, the game is looking great, and we'll try to get some time to talk with EA/Criterion about the 360 version and should the versions be identical, get some hands on impressions, blasphemous or not.

Burnout Paradise's Teaser collides with Marketplace

The beautiful, serene, and surprisingly crashless teaser trailer for Burnout Paradise is now available in glorious High Definition on Xbox Live Marketplace. While some of you readers complained that the lack of destruction didn't really do anything for you, the focal point was the city that will be literally at your disposal in the new gen aggressive racer. The trailer weighs in at 36.23 MB, which sounds about right for 60-ish seconds of content. Does it look like the new hawtness compared to the YouTube version we showed you before?

Burnout: Paradise trailer releases; require new pants

Wow. Gamertagradio just posted the teaser trailer for the next Burnout game, now titled Burnout: Paradise, accompanied by a press release touching on some information we already knew, as well as that the game is slated for a northern hemispherical "Winter 2007" release. Anyway, the trailer starts off similarly to GTA:IV, showing the ... paradisiacal Paradise City, with the calm hustle and bustle of the streets, inter-cut with the roaring engine of the burners racing along the road.

For those of you curious, the music featured is "My Curse" by Killswitch Engage, with "Burning The Lives" by Shadows Fall almost being audible behind the sound of the cars careening between traffic. So, out of care for your well being, we have the teaser available after the break, but plead that you come prepared, lest your week start off on the wrong foot.

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Burnout 5 screens crash into internet

Over a dozen Burnout 5 screens hit the internet recently. The screens were evidently part of an exclusive preview. We looked around and found a Burnout 5 preview posted at At least, the preview used to be there. It has since been pulled at the request of Electronic Arts. Still, the screens and the preview are floating around, as things tend to do on the 'net. Lord knows how long it will be up, so you'd best take it in now.

For the sake of our readers, we'll summarize what's new. First of all, Burnout 5 (working title) is an open world game. In other words, you no longer choose your events from a menu. Instead you activate them inside the world (known as Paradise City). As Criterion's Alex Ward describes it, a race could turn into a road rage, which could turn into a pursuit, eventually ending with the player being taken out by another driver. Since you crashed anyway, why not record it as a crash mode run? According to Ward, this is the experience Criterion is aiming for in Burnout 5. Speaking of crashes, the cars now contain 80 destructible parts, making for some much more detailed "accidents." Another new feature is the driver's license, which acts as a player's stat tracker. As a player increases his stats, his driving level will increase, allowing him to take better control of more advanced vehicles. The idea behind this is to keep players from simply unlocking the "best" car and leaving it at that. Without a high enough skill level, a good car becomes harder to drive.

Hit the "read" link for more screens and info.

[Thanks, DjDATZ]

Burnout 5 to employ Vision Camera

There hasn't been a great deal of information surrounding the next installment of the Burnout series, so far referred to only as Burnout 5. As such, we feel it our responsibility to inform our readers of even the tiniest bit of Burnout related news. Today's bit of news is actually fairly exciting, as it seems that the Vision Camera will be used in the game. So far we don't know how it will be implemented, but it will definitely be featured in the game. Speaking about Burnout 5 to CVG, Criterion's director of design, Alex Ward, said, "How you use the controller is key, how you play the game online, how you use the HD Eye Toy and the 360 Vision Camera online is really important."

What uses could the camera have? Face capturing for the drivers perhaps? Could it be used for taunting, as in Command & Conquer 3? Anyone have any ideas?

BLACK not coming to the 360 but BLACK 2 is!

Alright, some bad news leavened with some good news: If you had any hopes of playing BLACK, EA's new gun-crazed FPS, on the 360, developer Criterion's Alex Ward has a message for you. He told Eurogamer, "I keep reading all over forums that we're going to make a 360 version of BLACK, and it's just not true... The only time you'll see [the BLACK franchise] on the Xbox 360 is when we make BLACK 2 on it in a few years."

Apparently the speculation arose from BLACK's incompatibility with the 360, though Ward explained this had nothing to do with developers or publishers, and everything to do with Microsoft. He said, "[Microsoft] controls and decides what games its emulator works with. I've actually asked them four times myself for them to make it happen, but it's really not up to us... The fact that BLACK doesn't work on the 360 isn't us trying to make people wait for a 360 version... because that's not going to happen."

This is consistent with what Microsoft has told us in the past though gaming conspiracy theorists refuse to accept it: games aren't being specifically kept from 360 compatibility for the sake of selling updated, next-gen variants. To quote, "Q: Are you intentionally trying to keep (game X) off the list because you want us to buy the 360 version? A: Nope. The team is probably working on (game X) right now, even as you read this post." See that? They're probably working on game X BLACK right now, as you're reading this post. Right guys? Guys?

See also:

Rumors squashed! MS debunks top 10 360 rumors
Xbox team talks backwards compatability

UPDATE: Mr. Ward has put up a conspiracy-theory smackdown post at the GAF forums, beginning, "Jesus, you guys are seriously paranoid! This is just an effort to set the record straight. So many of you are attacking us, as developers, for being deficient in some way regarding backward  compatibility. It is simply out of our hands."

He sounds serious! Let's hope MS keeps plugging away at the back-compat system, or Alex Ward is gonna have a lot more theories to dispel. [Via Xboxic]

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