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Heroic Map Pack brings back the soccer ball

So, everyone with an Xbox probably knows about the hidden soccer ball in Halo 2. The fancy lads over at 7th Columnist have uncovered that the soccer ball is making its return in Halo 3 via the upcoming Heroic Map Pack. Apparently the recently held press previews of the Heroic Map Pack revealed that the soccer ball would appear as one of the special Forge items available for the new map Foundry. Foundry, if you don't know, is a special map that is composed almost entirely out of objects players can manipulate inside Forge. In other words, the level can be treated as a blank slate upon which to design the ultimate Halo 3 map from the ground up. Now if only there were some way to make the game keep track of goals ....

[Thanks, Bowie. Image from 7th Columnist]]

UEFA Champs League Demo

A UEFA Champions League 2006-7 demo was announced yesterday, and is will be available before the titles late March release. In it you'll be able to participate in half of the Arsenal and Barcelona finals match from last year. Included will be a tutorial video showing off the "Ultimate Team Mode" feature, where you can acquire cards that if played, could tip the scales of the game to your advantage. Do you plan on downloading the demo and giving this a shot?

[Thanks, DjDATZ]

EuroGamer: MS pwned Leipzig

EuroGamer discusses Microsoft's dominance at the Leipzig Game Convention. Choice quotes:

"The PR victory scored by Microsoft here cannot be underestimated. The power of the company's spin machine continues to leave the rest of the games industry in awe even after an entire console generation of experience"

..."There is a very clear winner, and a very clear loser, in the Leipziger Messe this week, as 150,000 consumers are currently finding out - and hundreds of press types have already discovered. The winner is Microsoft."

Being European, these guys make a big deal out of Microsoft cornering the soccer market. However, 1up reports that MS may have..gulp..exaggerated (normally a Sony trademark) the extent of that coup (It looks like Pro Evo/Winning 11 and FIFA are "exclusive" only until the Konami and EA can finish developing them for the PS3). Was Sony's lack of a response due to calm knowledge that MS was over-selling its football shut out, or just their usual "Riiiiidge Racer" corporate buffoonery?

[Thanks Charch & Lorul2]

FIFA and Pro Evo sock it to Sony

In a Zidane-style head butt to the World Cup dreams of PS3 fanboys across the globe, Microsoft announced that both FIFA 2007 and Pro Evolution Soccer 6 will be exclusive to the Xbox 360 for at least a year. Always eloquent Xbox Europe boss Chris Lewis said it best: "Xbox 360 owns football." This shut out probably won't shatter too many shins stateside, but it should provide an added edge in the football-crazed international market. GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAL!

[Thanks Rogue Soul]

Zidane Fighter 2: Head Fighting

Sweet combo. Here's the turn-based version.

In case you were wondering about import demos...

Overly optimistic reader Duscrom downloaded the demo for Namco's weird first-person soccer title, Love Football, to an American 360 via his Japanese XBL account. He dejectedly reports that, while Marketplace isn't blocked, "import" demos are indeed region encoded (Not very surprising, but you can't knock a fanboy for trying). It's a fact made more frustrating by the knowledge that piles of NTSC-J games are collecting dust on store shelves as I type, ignored by infamously picky Japanese gamers. Why not make these demos available to the rest of us, if only to create buzz and international goodwill? I'm sure there are plenty of appreciative, paying customers who would love to give, say, Bullet Witch a shot.

FIFA World Cup 2006 gets a website

EA has launched the official website for their latest attempt at "the world's most popular sport," FIFA World Cup 2006. If  you're getting a sense of digital deja vu, it might be because FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup launched along side the 360 a scant four months ago to middling reviews. This game is supposed to have more stadiums, better animations and a "Best World Cup moments" mode. We'll see if five extra months in EA Canada's backfield results in a world class Cup, or just another kick in the balls for next-gen soccer fans.

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