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Huxley's character creation in action

We won't lie when we say Webzen's upcoming first-person MMO Huxley had dropped off our radar, and when new details came out about their Real Time Worlds developed All Points Bulletin (APB) we thought Huxley got the quiet ax. Well, while details are still light on the title we do know that the game is still slated to come out between now and the next leap year. However, the latest news comes to us from a Game Trailers user who swiped some footage of the character creation menus. In the video, the user goes through some of the various options available for those interested in creating a female warrior within Huxley, which is actually comes Stateside in 2009 for the PC and Xbox 360. We were joking about the leap year thing.

[Thanks, Chris]

Sorry, Crackdown sequel isn't in the the works

In an interview with develop magazine, Realtime Worlds producer Phil Wilson chats about Crackdown's growing pains, its somewhat awkward path to market, the game's image and how much they really needed the Halo 3 beta code. Wilson also goes on to talk about how they would love to make the Crackdown community grow by creating tools that'd allow players to share videos and experiences. But the most startling factoid Wilson points out is that they are not working on a Crackdown sequel and are instead focusing their efforts on two other projects, one being the cops and robbers MMO All Points Bulletin. So, sadly, no Crackdown sequel will be headed our way for the foreseeable future.

All in all the interview is a good read that showcases a very honest look back at the game and the inner workings of the dev team, but darned if we wouldn't like to see what they could do with Crackdown 2. Maybe someday, just maybe ...

[Via Xbox 360 Rally]

Video: breaking up with Crackdown

Alright folks, this is it. Last stop. End of the line. Now that the Halo 3 beta is officially over, the Crackdown/Halo 3 jokes must cease. Right after this video, that is. In this video, we learn the perils of dating playing a game under false pretenses. Now maybe it's just the fact that we watched Hannibal Rising last night, but we suddenly find ourselves frightened by the thought of our most hated games coming to life. We can only hope that Bomberman Act: Zero never hears all the awful things we said about it.

Crackdown: just try and take our keys

The newly released Keys to the City mode in Crackdown is awesome, because it allows us to create the explosive fantasies we've always dreamt about. But what if there was a limit to the fun? What if our city keys were suddenly taken from us? Well, Ctrl+Alt+Del played out that very scenario in their latest comic and came away with a pretty good conclusion. Let's just say that anyone who tries to take our Keys to the City will feel the pain. The pain of flying hundreds of feet through the air attached to a vehicle on fire. Yup, that's how we roll.

Crackdown: Climbing high with ramp trucks

Today's Crackdown video of the day uses the new Keys to the City cheat mode and some knowledge learned in the previous skydiving video. RobHoliday66 decided to use a whole bunch of ramp trucks to create an artificial climbing surface and make his way from the an ocean view to high atop the Agency Tower. And after about five minutes, he was successful. The only way we can think of one-uping this video is to challenge someone to use a smaller vehicle or object and replicate the same climbing success. So, that's what we're doing. Pick an object, make a wager, and get to work agent.

Video: go skydiving in Crackdown

Crackdown is the sort of game that's just as much fun to goof around with as it is to actually play. As proof of that, we present you with this skydiving tutorial video. If you'd like to get some serious height in Crackdown without all the fuss of actually climbing, all you need is to enable cheat mode and experiment with ramp trucks. Using these trucks, you can rocket your vehicle skyward and then jump out for some killer free fall. According to the creator of the video, some amazing heights can be reached, even higher than those shown in the video apparently. Have any of our readers figured out any other cool glitches using cheat mode?

Crackdown's temp game deletion prevention

As reported earlier, with the new Crackdown update being rolled out some players have been experiencing a total game reset, wiping out all game saves. Well, the dev team over at Realtime Worlds has acknowledged the problem and has a temporary workaround until they get things permanently fixed. And, in brief, this is their quick fix. When you pop in Crackdown download the auto update, start a single player campaign, once loaded choose the quit option, and either exit to the dash or restart your console. Now, you should have no weird progress deletion and can download the other free or paid content. See, not so hard. Realtime Worlds is looking into a fix and will notify everyone when they have a permanent solution to the update problem. Happy gaming.

[Via Gamerscore Blog]

Crackdown DLC resetting progress?

If you've been playing Crackdown co-op lately, you may have run into a serious problem. Forum goers (and X3F reader, DualCORE1) have discovered a major issue with the new Crackdown downloadable content. It seems that under the right conditions, the DLC can cause your progress to be reset. In other words, remember all those agility orbs you've collected? Gone. Start over. The issue seems to occur when players join co-op games and then return to single-player. Agent G, a Real Time Worlds employee has made it clear that Real Time Worlds is aware of the issue and is working on it. In the meantime, you might want to stay away from co-op.

[Via Joystiq]

Crackdown gets a facelift with new DLC [update 1]

The guys over at TeamXbox received an exclusive preview of the new downloadable content that will be available for Crackdown later this week. And overall we're impressed. Yup, the new Crackdown content dramatically changes up gameplay and will have you putting the game back in your weekly gaming rotation. But let's look at the specifics.

First off, there will be an auto update for the game which will address various game issues from louder orb notification sounds to a new gang reset option. They even made the fire hydrants less evil. Second up is a free piece of DLC called the Free-For-All Pack which will add exciting features like a new Keys to the City mode and an Impounding Vehicles option. Again, all for free. Thirdly is the Getting Busy Bonus Pack which will cost an unknown amount of Microsoft Points and will include new vehicles, weapons, and various other game modes. Stay with us now.

Finally, Realtime Worlds is adding a total of seven new achievements that spread across the free and paid content. Two achievements (totaling 140 Gamerscore) are attainable with the Free-For-All Pack while five other achievements (totaling 210 Gamerscore) are in the Getting Busy Bonus Pack. Also interesting to note is that the premium Getting Busy Bonus Pack can be played in co-op with a friend who doesn't have the content and, as such, a few achievements exclusive to the pack can be obtained by both players. Full writeup and videos after the jump.

Update 1: states that the Getting Busy Bonus Pack will cost 800 Microsoft points.

[Thanks, MuJaHiDeEn 420]

Crackdown DLC Screenshot

One of the developers at Real Time Worlds released a screenshot of some downloadable content for Crackdown. The image showcases four buggies being driven down a dirt track. The models on the vehicle look nice, though the red color scheme would suggest that they are unfortunately not Agency vehicles, and won't morph based on your character's Driving skill level. Still, it looks like taking one for a spin would be a lot of fun.

The fact there is four on screen could be interpreted as adding 2 more players to co-op. Or perhaps it will be a separate mode, like Time Trials, and you'll select courses with the ability to have 4 players. We'll have to wait and see, but our interest is piqued, what about you?

[Thanks, DjDATZ]

It's a homemade Crackdown tank

As if you haven't already had your share of Crackdown video fun, we've stumbled upon another interesting thing to try in Pacific City. The video above (set to that familiar A-Team theme) was created by christdonnelly and features a homemade tank of destruction. Actually, making a tank is pretty simple. Grab a car, put dumpster on said car, and put a friend on top of said dumpster with a rocket launcher. Tada! You've got yourself Crackdown's version of a tank. As always, feel free to send us your Crackdown videos if you deem them worthy or if you just need constant approval from your peers.

[Via bits bytes pixels & sprites]

Update brings more Crackdown vehicular goodness

If you've been playing Crackdown lately, you may have noticed an auto update has been released for the title. And before you ask, no it's not the Halo 3 beta activation. Major Nelson got word that the Crackdown auto update helps fix minor technical junk to make the game more silky smooth and increases the number of gang vehicles cruising Pacific City. But we still haven't heard from Realtime Worlds about the new achievements or downloadable content. So, we must exercise that "patience" thing we always hear about ... patience, patience, patience.

Has anyone noticed a smoother experience or more vehicle goodness after you downloaded the update?

New details on Crackdown DLC

In an Eurogamer interview with Crackdown's producer Phil Wilson, we get a smidgen more information about Crackdown's upcoming downloadable content. Mr. Wilson (we just had to) openly answers fan's questions with brute honesty, even going as far as to say that the studio came to terms with the Halo 3 beta inclusion by looking at it as a "marketing stunt". But the cream filled center of this interview is the promise of a boss reset option in the next update. So, no more creating new gamertags or other lame workarounds, a reset is on its way. Wilson also touches on the addition of a new co-op game mode, the possibility of four player co-op, and flying high ... all possible in future updates. Make the jump for the full interview, that is, if you've collected enough agility orbs agent (we just had to).

More Crackdown glitch videos

Adding to our continuing coverage of various Crackdown cheats and glitches, the guys over at playinghalotoday sent us a few more Crackdown glitches from their library. In the video above you can see something they call "sand surfing" on the sandy beaches of Pacific City. It sort of reminds us of Marty's hoverboarding adventures in Back to the Future, ride on Marty ... ride on. The other two videos are embedded after the break featuring the Crackdown "teleport" and the "float". If we've piqued your curiosity then go watch more glitching videos after the break.

Continue reading More Crackdown glitch videos

A360P posts map for Agility Orbs

Crackdown's hidden and agility orbs are an addictive little treasure hunt for gamers. We posted up a guide for finding the hidden orbs, and now we're bringing you a top down map showing off all the agility orbs, courtesy of Achieve360Points. Sure, while the dots on the map don't exactly tell you what height the orb is at, the top left corner has some vital info for orb hunters. It tells you how many orbs are on each gang's territory. 212 for Los Muertos , 155 for the Volk, 128 for Shai-Gen, and the remaining 5 can be found at The Keep.

Combine that information with IGN's guide, which only has 498 Orbs pictured, or completely photographed lists for both types, but plagued with duplicate pictures, and you have a shot at finding the last ones you're missing. So, how many orbs, agility or hidden, do you have yet to obtain?

[Thanks, DjDATZ]

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