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Huxley's Xbox 360 fate still in the air

One of the first MMOs announced in the new generation of consoles, Huxley, is having a difficult time making its way to consoles. While Huxley developer Webzen has announced that the PC title will finally make its way to North America after signing a new deal with publisher NHN USA, the Xbox 360 version continues its release limbo.

Other items that need to be ironed out of for the Unreal Engine 3 MMO/FPS include the business model approach for the title and a firm release date, as Webzen only specifies an expected PC release in late 2008 for North America and Western Europe.

[via Big Download]

Take 2: Bioshock MMO "potential opportunity"

Well it's to be expected that when an IP becomes successful it begins to be exploited, but it sure seemed to happen fast with Bioshock. After the game's release and subsequent success, rumors whirled about a sequel, and mobile rights were even purchased, but Take 2 appears to have even larger plans for the new franchise. An entry on MTV Multiplayer details Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick, speaking at the 2008 Smid Cap Conference giving an explanation for why Take 2 is turning down EA's offer to purchase the company for $26 a share.

To do this he details the company's past projects, present assets, and future potentials. That's where the above image came from. We already know that the mobile rights have been sold, and there have been Bioshock movie rumors before too. Well it seems the MMO arena may be the next space targeted by Take 2 for 1950's dystopian invasion. How about it readers, would you be interested in a Bioshock MMO?

Tom Clancy-based MMO coming; $50 million budget

In a recent follow-up to a conference call, the CEO of Ubisoft revealed that the company would be branching out into other territories with its IP, including Tom Clancy. With the end-of-year release of the voice-controlled RTS EndWar, Ubisoft does seem intent on moving Clancy games out of simply the shooter genres and the just announced Tom Clancy MMO seems to continue the trend. Nothing is known about the game at this time, other than it is being worked on and that it has the rather large budget of 50 million dollars. But with many companies with thier own online games searching for alternative methods of revenue, and with no MMOs that have truly broken into the console mass market, any game such as this has it's work cut out for it.

Huxley's character creation in action

We won't lie when we say Webzen's upcoming first-person MMO Huxley had dropped off our radar, and when new details came out about their Real Time Worlds developed All Points Bulletin (APB) we thought Huxley got the quiet ax. Well, while details are still light on the title we do know that the game is still slated to come out between now and the next leap year. However, the latest news comes to us from a Game Trailers user who swiped some footage of the character creation menus. In the video, the user goes through some of the various options available for those interested in creating a female warrior within Huxley, which is actually comes Stateside in 2009 for the PC and Xbox 360. We were joking about the leap year thing.

[Thanks, Chris]

GDC08: Realtime Worlds' MMO darling, All Points Bulletin

Realtime Worlds and Webzen dropped an MMO bombshell today during their "My first MMO" GDC panel, officially revealing (for the first time) All Points Bulletin. And it's impressive.

APB is a cops and robbers, Crackdown / GTAIV hybrid, open world MMO that'll do away with the tediousness (or the "grind") that traditional RPG based MMOs are known for, focusing more on the community and the world. Customization will be key, as every player will be able to completely makeover their in-game character, changing things from hairstyle to eye color to whether or not a tshirt is tucked in. That same level of customization lends itself to vehicles as well. Realtime Worlds also revealed that APB will not have a leveling up system, instead players will be rewarded by gaining more and more character customization options. Realtime then showed off a quick pursuit demo where a group of cops had to band together to take apprehend some TV stealing thugs. The placeholder graphics aren't great, but we get the idea and yes ... it's delicious. Make the jump to read Joystiq's APB impressions and learn why APB is where you'll wanna be.

[Thanks, xenocidic]

Age of Conan MMO News

The Age of Conan MMO has been in development at Funcom on PC and 360 for some time now, and the game is starting to come out of it's shell a bit. With a demo at GDC, and impressions and interviews going up left and right, now would be a good time to discuss the shortcomings of your game right? Of course. The Funcom Product Manager Jorgen Tharaldsen told MTV Multiplayer that the game still has no release window for 360 and that the PC version will ship in May. Multiplayer even hints that the console release will not be seen until next year, a sorry state of affairs if the PC version is set to ship in a little over three months. It's easy to see why the team hasn't made much progress considering they haven't even touched what they call their largest obstacle, the controller interface. Tharaldsen even goes so far as to say that PC gamers would be unable to use their 360 controllers in the PC version, because the game was so complicated. But, if MMO's are so hard to use controllers with why do people play WoW with gamepads?

Goodbye Marvel MMO, Hello Champions Online

With the Marvel MMO officially dead and buried, what's a poor Superhero-MMO developer to do? Turns out that Cryptic Studios, creators of City of Heroes, City of Villains, (and would-be creators of Marvel Unniverse Online) already has another project going. That explains why we've been in the dark about the Marvel MMO for so long, Cryptic's been busy with another project! That new project is called Champions Online and is based on the old-school tabletop RPG of the same name (sans "online"). Champions is still a superhero world, with plenty of customizability that should work great for the world of an MMO. The main character creation mechanic, called the Hero System, allows the player to create custom super-powers. The depth of a tabletop game with the fun of a superhero MMO? Sounds good, though we'll always miss the Marvel MMO.

[Via Joystiq]

Dragonball Online MMO Videos

The Dragonball universe and canon is one of the most well-known (though not loved) anime properties in the otaku mind-share, and developer NTL looks to be capitalizing on that with plans for an MMO. In beta testing since last summer, the game will be on 360 and PC and is expected to see release overseas this year. Dragonball Online is set many many years after the story known by fans, allowing plenty of room for the devs to craft some form of story and universe that allows all the players to become powerful. From what little is currently known, the over-arching goals of course involve collecting Dragonballs, as well as participating in martial arts tournaments. The Dragonball franchise has plenty of fans in the west, but they'll have to wait out the possibly of release outside of the Asian countries.

The video is the newest trailer; gameplay videos after the break.

Continue reading Dragonball Online MMO Videos

New KOTOR rumor just that

The rumor mill was spinning at a manic pace yesterday thanks to a little analyst report from one of the biggest companies in the business, EA. The KOTOR listing after BioWare's name in the slide from John Riccitello's presentation told many of us that our prayers had been answered, and that the series had returned from whence it had come. Yet fate said that this was not to be. For you see, being less romantic about the subject than us, an EA PR representative told the press that the slide did not in fact refer to games in development, but rather "it addresses future and past titles" and that it's more of a company's pedigree than it's work order. As horrible as this news is there is actually a silver lining, that MMO they're still developing could still be Star Wars themed, and so (as niche as that corner of the universe is) there's still hope for a KOTOR MMO.

As a side note, this effectively kills the speculation over the continuation of the White Council project, as well as the rumored Black sequel and any other craziness that may have come out of the analyst meeting. Though there is always the possibility that it's all true and that the EA PR department exploded yesterday and went into damage control mode, with this being the result. PR departments have done crazier things.

BioWare working on proper KOTOR sequel?

A new KOTOR game was seemingly announced at an EA Analyst Meeting this morning. At the meeting a list of what were previously BioWare/Pandemic-owned studios was presented, along with the games in production at each. While there are a myriad of games on the list, the BioWare-developed list is the most interesting by far, as the contents address a host of rumors and speculation. It seems that BioWare is developing not only an MMO but a real sequel in the KOTOR series. As KOTOR fans We can't think of anyone we'd rather have develop the third (and one might think last; trilogies and all) game in the KOTOR series than BioWare. Great news, but what does this mean about the "New MMO"? Is it Star Wars based? Is it something totally new? BioWare has had success with new IP lately ... dare we say Mass Effect MMO?

[Via Joystiq]

BioWare to discuss "Future of MMOs" at GDC

With GDC coming sooner and sooner, the news about exactly what will happen there is beginning to flood out, and this tidbit of news was released without much fanfare. At GDC there is to be a session that is titled: "The Future of MMOs" with speakers ranging from Blizzard's VP of Game Design to one of the founders and General Manager of BioWare. Wait ... Founder of Bioware? Huh?

First and foremost, BioWare has never released an MMO, and this session is described as: "Several experienced MMO developers will discuss their respective visions for the future." Experienced, hmm, that's got to refer to that MMO that the "new studio", BioWare Austin, have been working on. If so, could that long-under-wraps MMO actually be the long rumored KOTOR MMO? The Lucasarts collaboration has been announced for a while now, could GDC be the time when these two pieces of information and one piece of speculation are finally put to rest in the form of a single game? We'll have to wait and see just what materializes out of this, but GDC is looking more and more interesting all the time.

Mistwalker developing 360 MMO?

Speaking to gaming site TVG at a Paris anime event, Hironobu Sakaguchi apparently revealed that his Mistwalker Studio is currently working on an unannounced MMO title for the Xbox 360. According to Sakaguchi, the new title -- which isn't Blue Dragon 2 or Cry On -- is "50% MMO and 50% RPG." Nothing else is known about the title at this point in time. With both Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey preparing for release this year, we don't expect to hear about any new projects anytime soon. Of course, that doesn't mean we're abandoning hope that we'll hear something at E3 next week.

Funcom announces new MMO, The Secret World

Perhaps you've heard about the mysterious poem that hides a game announcement. Either someone cracked the code or Funcom decided to spill the beans anyway. Funcom, creators of the upcoming Age of Conan, has announced that it is working on a brand new MMO for the Xbox 360 and PC. Titled, The Secret World, the game takes place in modern times on earth. That's right, no fantasy or sci-fi settings here. The game centers around modern mythology, conspiracy, and mystery. People are already tying the game to the Knights Templar, so this sounds like the kind of game that mystery buffs, conspiracy theorists, and Da Vinci Code fans should find fascinating.

If you really want to get deep into The Secret World, you'll have to solve a puzzle at Correctly solve the puzzle and you'll be treated to some concept art and a timer that has 4 hours to go as of this posting. If you're stuck, we suggest you hit up the game's new forums. We have to say, the concept of The Secret World is very intriguing. We'll keep you posted on its progress.

Two Worlds becomes massively multiplayer

Hot on the heels of the official UK release date comes the news that Two Worlds has become a true massively multiplayer online game. Previously restricted to 8 players online, Two Worlds will now accommodate thousands of players online at one time. Players will be able to form groups competing to solves quests, fight in the arena, form armies, or simply enjoy a pint in the virtual pub. Not mentioned is whether or not a monthly fee will be instituted now that the game has become an MMOG.

If you've been looking for an alternative to the twitch action of Gears and Rainbow Six, Two Worlds might just be the game you've been looking for. The idea of an open ended online RPG in the style of Oblivion makes us positively giddy. How about you, are you looking forward to Two Worlds now that it's an MMOG?

[Thanks, milkmanjb]

New art from CrimeCraft MMO for 360

Our friends at Xboxygen clued us in on some new artwork for CrimeCraft, an MMO from Vogster. The game is set in a sprawling urban environment in which characters participate in the commerce, politics, and cri-, er, economics of the city. The game promises to allow players to own real estate, run shops or warehouses, and fight with other clans over territory. Players will also be given a choice between different character types like crooked cops, shady criminals, or boring law-abiding citizens. Finally, CrimeCraft utilizes the Unreal Engine 3.

We were surprised that this is the first we'd heard of the game, so we did a little digging. The game's developer, Vogster, is based in the Ukraine, and it looks like this is their first game (they're still looking for a programmer, if you're interested). The game also has an official website, though right now it's just a splash page.

We're definitely intrigued by CrimeCraft. Only yesterday readers mentioned that they wanted an MMO that wasn't set in the typical fantasy realm. Rest assured, we'll keep you posted on the latest news (and don't forget to send us tips if you find it first). Don't hold your breath, though. The game was announced in September of last year, so it's possible CrimeCraft won't see the light of day until 2008.

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