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Virtua Fighter 5, gameplay videos galore

Virtua Fighter is not for everyone. Outside of Japan, it's never gotten the attention of a Tekken or a Soul Calibur or, to a lesser extent, a Dead or Alive. Some will argue that it's a critical darling, but critical success doesn't necessarily translate to high sales numbers. As old school SEGA fans, we have a soft spot for the series (in fact, I prefer it to Tekken or DOA), so we're going to pimp it all we can. GameTrailers has unleashed several new videos of the game in action (PS3 version). Two things are evident from these videos. One, it's real purdy. Two, it's painful to watch people that don't really know how to play (something that's true of all fighting games). Still, these videos should give hopeful fans an idea of what to expect when the game hits the Xbox 360 this summer. Check out three more videos after the break.

Lei-Fei and Pai battle it out. Nothing withstands the might of Pai's triple punch roundhouse!

Vanessa kicks Kage's ass.

"What's that? You don't know how to play this either? This should be a pretty even match then."

All of these videos (and more) can be found in HD at GameTrailers. Any more Virtua Fighter fans out there waiting for this?

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1. I've always loved Virtua Fighter. It's fighting system is great.
You realy have to think, plan and react ... just great ...

My ranking:
#1 is shared by Virtua Fighter and Dead or Alive
#2 is Soul Calibur

Posted at 1:07PM on Jan 22nd 2007 by nfoo

2. Looks like DOA4

Posted at 1:56PM on Jan 22nd 2007 by Chris

3. I liked it better when it was called DOA 4.

Posted at 2:10PM on Jan 22nd 2007 by dsr7997

4. virtua fighter is the best fighter in my opinion. the first one was fun even though the graphics are now really dated wasnt it pretty much the first 3d fighter?

Posted at 2:13PM on Jan 22nd 2007 by GEORGE

5. it looks and plays exactly like doa4, why would we be excited when we already have it? just different characters and levels. the announcer really sucks.. Im Still waiting for a fighting game to show extreme evirmomental damage and blood shed.. yeah---

Posted at 2:30PM on Jan 22nd 2007 by stylezNMA

6. Actually the "caged environment" makes it look worse than DOA4 IMHO. Pretty water though.

Posted at 3:12PM on Jan 22nd 2007 by Scott

7. "Virtua Fighter" and "Dead or Alive" shouldn't be muttered in the same sentence.

DoA is the leftover crap that Sega threw out while making VF that Tecmo found in their dumpsters.

VF = filet mignon
DoA = rump roast

Posted at 3:39PM on Jan 22nd 2007 by zero2dash

8. too bad no multi-player.

and where's the Soul Calibur love on the 360? God how I want another SC on the xbox. C'mon, Namco, you can do it!

Posted at 5:04PM on Jan 22nd 2007 by Waffle

9. *sigh* I guess I should expect this... but not many Xbox fanboys are also fighting game aficionados, eh? To everyone who made cracks about DOA somehow being on-par or better than Virtua Fighter: Please never comment on anything fighting-game related again, you clearly don't know much about them. Virtua Fighter was the first 3D fighting series, and it's still the best. DOA, while fun, is button-mashing crap compared to VF.

Posted at 6:21PM on Jan 22nd 2007 by AoE

10. It's sad the amount of comments above from people who compare it to DOA4. You've obviously never touched a VF game.

VF is all about skills. You button mash, you get owned. VF is also about strategy, using a fighter's strength against the opponents weakness. Watching a good VF player who took the time to master a difficult-to-control fighter such as Akira is almost as entertaining as actually playing the game yourself. You really can't say that about most fighting games these days.

So please kiddies, stop comparing the two games until you've actually played a VF game. All you're doing is exposing your lack of knowledge about gaming.

Sorry for the rant, but that really got under my skin :)

Posted at 8:30PM on Jan 22nd 2007 by jxl

11. Best 3D fighters:

1.Tobal 2(a true fight simulation)
2.Virtual Fighter
3.Soul Calibur 1&2 (could also rank 2nd)

Tekken I would rank 5th or 6th, but DoAis utmost crap, one of the worst fighting games ever. The playstation version was good, but the 4th is the worst fighting game of all time to me. Only thing it has is nice graphics, but that is it.

Posted at 12:58AM on Jan 23rd 2007 by nitussi

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