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Molyneux feels sorry for Dyack and Too Human

Why all the Denis Dyack (stuck) hating? That's the question Fable 2's Peter Molyneux (stuck) seems to have asked himself because recently, in an interview with VideoGamer, Molyneux expressed sorry feelings for Dyack and how he and Too Human have been treated as of late. "I feel sorry for Denis Dyack because you know, I think a few things were said wrong, there was that really unfortunate showing at E3 a few years ago" Molyneux continued, saying that "everyone got on the bandwagon of saying things about Too Human." Peter then threw his support behind Too Human saying that "it's a good game" admitting that "it doesn't deserve a lot of that harsh criticism."

A perfect example of how developers have to stick together if they want to survive in the industry. Strength in numbers, friends, strength in numbers.

2008 Yearbook: Microsoft Game Studios

After a solid year for the Xbox 360 in 2007 many thought the system could never showcase the same amount of quality exclusives in a single year.

In the 2008 Microsoft Game Studios Yearbook, we've compiled a list of this year's graduating class with a detailed account of each title's current status and the stories surrounding them.

From heartbreaking cancellations, surprise feature announcements and expected sequels, the 2008 MGS Yearbook is filled with fun facts and information on your soon-to-be favorite titles. Also included in the yearbook are special joke awards given to each title that releases in 2008 that poke fun at the details most commonly argued about in the comments.

From Ninja Gaiden II to Alan Wake, the 2008 Microsoft Game Studios Yearbook will have something for everyone.

Ladies and gentlemen allow us to introduce the 2008 Microsoft Game Studios graduating class ...

Dyack may step down as Silicon Knights lead [update]

In an interview with GameDaily, Silicon Knights top-dog Dennis Dyack hints that at the possibility of stepping down from his role as head of the studio. Citing a passion to focus on creating original IPs as the possible reason, Dyack admits it would be "weird," but prefers someone else to take over the business side of the company.

Since the notorious E3 2006 showing of Too Human, Dyack has been thrust into the spotlight with comments regarding the state of gaming journalism (specifically the validity of game previews) as Silicon Knights announced numerous delays for the first title in its Too Human trilogy. Could a new business director help shorten production times? Well, it's the old sports manager idea. Fire the coach all you want but it's the players who are losing the games.

Update: Dyack has told GameSpot: "I was as surprised to see this as everyone else. I am not stepping down." His original quote to GameDaily was as follows: "So, in the end as the company grows, for my role I'll probably hire someone to be my boss and help run the company, which is kind of a weird thing, and I actually won't run the company while I continue to work at what is the company's bread and butter, which is original IPs with great stories and game concepts that are provocative to gamers."

[via Joystiq]

Dyack: 'Strong chance' of Eternal Darkness sequel

Alright, this isn't officially Xbox 360 news, but given Silicon Knights' current relationship with Microsoft, we're fairly confident that it could be. Speaking to TVG at Microsoft's Spring Showcase, Silicon Knights head Dennis Dyack had some hopeful things to say regarding an Eternal Darkness sequel. After noting that Silicon Knights doesn't want to be "pigeon-holed" into any specific genres, he admitted, "There's a strong chance we'll return to it, but there's no announcements yet." This marks the best news we've heard about a possible sequel since 2006. That joyous yet vaguely disturbing sound you just heard was a worldwide nerd-splosion of the highest order.

[Via Joystiq]

Dyack talks sales, delays and naysayers

In an interview with Gamasutra, Silicon Knights lead Dennis Dyack discussed his upcoming game Too Human and the overall direction of the industry. While Dyack has always been passionate about his work, he does admit that the company's success hitches on the response from gamers at retail for Too Human. "It would be really, really bad [if Too Human wasn't a commercial success]," Dyack explained, "in some sense ... Would it kill us? I don't know. We'd probably recover."

"Miyamoto-san said it right a long time ago: "No one will remember a late game; everyone will remember a bad game," Dyack reminisces while discussing the reasons behind the nine-year wait since Too Human was first shown at E3 1999. "We believe in that strongly. We live and die by our last game. And, you know, you're only as good as your last game." With that in mind we, along with Dyack, wonder why Silicon Knights gets so much flak for their upcoming trilogy when their back catalog has been nothing but critical "darlings." Awards for Legacy of Kain and Eternal Darkness fill the glass cases of Silicon Knights' St. Catherines, Ontario, office. With such a history, Dyack wonders why people continue to doubt the company's latest piece.

"We have no skeletons in our closet. I wish everyone knew all about the stuff that we've done in the past, but you look at Legacy of Kain, you look at Eternal Darkness, you look at Metal Gear," Dyack proclaims. "Too Human is going to be another one. We wouldn't let it out until then. It's real tough, though. It's real tough. It's not an easy process."

For more on Too Human and Dyack's thoughts on the direction of the industry, read the entire interview.

GDC08: Dennis Dyack is worried about GDC

During the Game Developers Conference, was able to record interviews with developers in the guise of their weekly 1UP Yours podcast, one such episode was with outspoken Silicon Knights boss Dennis Dyack. In the episode on February 21, Dyack outlined his worries for the future of GDC based on the marketing spin put on the, "once sacred," developer gathering.

"I worry about GDC [because] how many talks are you learning something versus when somebody is trying to sell you a product?" Dyack asked the crew made up of editors Garnett Lee, Shane Bettenhausen, Bryan Intihar and former 1UPer Mark MacDonald. "Are we calling this the Game Developers Conference [or] are we calling it the Game Demo Convention?"

Continue reading GDC08: Dennis Dyack is worried about GDC

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