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Virtua Tennis 3: turn down that racket!

We really wanted to like Virtua Tennis 3. On the surface, the Virtua Tennis 3 demo presents a polished, professional veneer. Dig deeper, however, and something ugly begins to rear its head. Of course, it's possible that we just really suck (or that we've been spoiled by Top Spin). We can accept that. Still, in an hour of play time, we managed to win one (one!) game against the CPU. Not one match mind you, but one game. Put simply, the CPU is pretty ruthless. Combine that with some questionable game mechanics and Virtua Tennis 3 becomes very frustrating very fast.

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Virtua Tennis 3 Demo serves Marketplace

Major Nelson gave us word that Virtua Tennis 3 had a demo hit Xbox Live Marketplace this morning. It weighs in just shy of 850 MB and unfortunately is not available in Asia. Still, the game looks promising and will have a native resolution of 1080p, although we don't know if the same can be said for the demo. So, did you play Top Spin 2 last year, which was alright and had reasonably challenging Achievements (we were also partial to The Future's "Change your Ways" which played in the career menu and progressively added instruments and eventually lyrics as each year passed)? If so, how does this demo compare to that experience for you? We'll have impressions for you shortly.

Virtua Tennis 3 Trailer

SEGA released a couple trailers for Virtua Tennis 3, the first is in 720p, even though the game itself is 1080p native, and shows some cool doubles and singles action as well as the solid animation. The other video available gives you a taste of some of the minigames that are a staple to the Virtua Tennis series, although only being available in 640x480. Still, definitely worth a look as this game is one of the most promising tennis titles to date. So, click the "Read" link and watch the videos, they're only a couple minutes each. Are you interested in this or is Top Spin 2 all you need to get your fill?

EA's NBA Street Homecourt to be first 1080p 360 title

Yesterday we pointed out that Virtua Tennis 3 was going to be playable in 1080p. It was going to be the first Xbox 360 title to official support the resolution announced back in September. But that was yesterday, and this is today. EA has announced that NBA Street: Homecourt will be shipping on February 20th, a month earlier. On top of that, the game will support 1080p at 30fps among the other standard resolutions, squeezing out VT3 as the premiere title to deliver the 1080p goods. So, you've played the demo, now it's coming to you in 1080p, are you interested in this game? If it's only the "True HD" experience you're after, will you wait a month longer for Virtua Tennis 3?

Virtua Tennis 3 1080p, new spectator mode

SEGA announced today that Virtua Tennis 3 will be playable in the coveted 1080p resolution. While this means nothing to the majority of gamers out there, it should provide an extra feather for the caps of game industry executives and owners of dumpster sized televisions. Perhaps more interesting than the announcement of 1080p support is the announcement of Virtua Tennis 3's Live features. While the game offers typical ranked and friends matches, it also offers tournament and exhibition play. Best of all, these modes include doubles play. The most interesting feature addition is VT:TV, which will allow players to watch matches in progress. As the press release notes, this makes for a good way to size up your competition (or learn from the top ranked players). Virtua Tennis 3 is expected to release in March.

[Via Joystiq]

Smashing new video of Virtua Tennis 3

Our buddies at Gamertag Radio got their eager mitts on this new gameplay video from Virtua Tennis 3. Having watched the video, we can safely say that it's definitely tennis. Given the series' history, VT3 will likely be a pretty good tennis game, too. We're glad the 360 allows for custom soundtracks though, because the music sounds like it was ripped directly from the Sonic Adventure series. Of course, the big question is whether or not Virtua Tennis 3 can compete with the likes of Top Spin. We'll find out soon enough when the game releases in March. In the meantime, watch the video and tell us what you think.

Video: Virtua Tennis 3 smashes the 360

We sat on this Virtua Tennis 3 video yesterday, ultimately running with something different. We have come to realize that was a mistake. You see, this video is hot. In fact, it was apparently yesterdays hottest game video. As such, it journalistic (bloggerlistic?) duty to provide it to you now. Watch it after the break. And remember, this thing is hot, so watch responsibly.

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TGS Marketplace content weekend wrap-up

If you're like us, you may have been too busy actually playing games this weekend to notice that the TGS content is still rolling in. So, a quick summary of what's been released yesterday and today is in order. Here you go:

TGS Showfloor video 1
TGS Showfloor video Day 2 (Japan)
Game Creator Interview (Japan)
Xbox Live The Party #5 (Japan)
Xbox Live The Party #6 (Japan)
Xbox Live The Party #7 (Japan)
TGS Showfloor video 2
TGS Showfloor video Day 3 (Japan)
Gamers' Interview (Japan)
Xbox Live The Party #8 (Japan)
Xbox Live The Party #9 (Japan)
Xbox Live The Party #10 (Japan)
Vampire's Rain Trailer (Japan -- AKA Rain in the west)
Forza 2 Customization Trailer
Forza 2 Theme (not free)
Virtua Tennis 3 Trailer
NBA Live 07 Trailer
NHL 2K7 Trailer

As we said, we've been too busy rocking DOA4 online with our blogging buddies (or Championship Poker in Ken's case) to check out most of this content. Has anybody out there checked out the Vampire's Rain trailer? Is it different from the one released during E3? Leave us some comments and tell us what's hot and what's not.

[Via Major Nelson]

360 at the Tokyo Game Show:
Eternal Sonata gameplay/combat video
Metal Slug blasts its way onto XBLA
Lost Planet and Viva Piñata video
Microsoft TGS briefing video now available
DOAX2 video makes us feel naughty

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