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Capcom sneak peak of SPFIITHDR themes

Over on the Capcom blog Brian posted a photo preview of all the Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix themes he's working on. In the picture above you can see a total of three new themes with the top two being the boys and girls of Street Fighter while the blade color coded version on the bottom is a collage of the fighters. Brian also mentioned that there will be one SPFIITHDR picture pack that will include eleven gamer pictures. No pricing or street dates for these or the Arcade game have been announced other than the infamous "soon" time frame.

T. Hawk gets HD Remix'd, plus more remastering info

Just so you fanboys know, that shot of T. Hawk is full resolution, from Super Street Fighter II HD Remix, of course. Capcom Digital posted that image, complete with an analysis of how they remaster frames to incorporate the new artwork. They use Sagat's standing Roundhouse as an example. Rey then demonstrated how the art is broken up into tiles, and they use those as a guide for when they're redrawing the frame. This prevents a scenario causing a foot to go through an opponent's head due to a hit detection issues. A good read, and it also shows the comparison shot of T. Hawk, as well as the line art for Sagat. Go take a look!

HD Guile sprite is Super Street Fighter'tastic!

Behold, another sprite from Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix has been released all made over and it's Guile! Just look at the shading on his 100% steroid grown biceps and the subtle blending on his camo pants. Yes, the the SSFIITHDR artwork fever has touched us all as we fall in love with each HD'ified character. The only thing we question is whether the stance featured in the artwork above is humanly possible by a guy. Seriously, that's got to hurt Guile, that is unless you want to share with us your dirty little secret. More HD Guile artwork available after the jump.

[Thanks, DeadPlasmaCell]

New SFII HD Remix sprite revealed, it's Ken!

The image you see above, ladies and gents, is a sprite from the upcoming Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix for Xbox Live Arcade. In fact, it's actually a little smaller than it should be thanks to our formatting. Now, we've seen a sprite from (deep breath) SFIITHDR before, but this is the first official image released by Capcom. As Capcom's Brian Dunn puts it, "this is what it will look like (if you paused the game and took out the background)." Damn. If you like what you see, then you're in luck, as Capcom will soon be opening a blog that will feature new art, news, and other goodies about their upcoming downloadable games. For those of you that have forgotten, those games include SFIITHDR and Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (easily abbreviated SPFIITHDR), Rocketman: Axis of Evil (RAoE) and Talisman (T).

If Capcom's other downloadable games are going to look this good, you can count us excited.

[Thanks, Jared]

Capcom's four new XBLA titles

Yesterday, Capcom announced four new games that will be coming the XBLA later this year. Street Fighter fans will be happy (and turbo excited) to know that both Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo and Super Street Fighter II Turbo will grace us with their downloadable presence and get an HD makeover. In both games the characters and backgrounds will be redrawn by artists from Udon Comics, who also did all the art for the Street Fighter comic books. Capcom also announced that both Rocketmen: Axis of Evil and Talisman will release to the Arcade later this year. So, anyone excited and loving the Street Fighter happiness coming to the XBLA?

[Via Live Gamer]

SF2 enthusiasm starting to lag

While the overall reaction to Street Fighter 2 for Xbox Live Arcade has been positive (based on comments on this site and the average 77 score at Metacritic), there are unhappy with the game's perceived lagginess in both single player and online play. There's also alot of hostility being directed the 360 controller, which went from "best ever" to d-pad deficient over night. Hater response is typified by Tony from the VGM Daily podcast, a self-proclaimed Street Fighter fanatic, who gave the game a none out of five and proclaimed it an abject failure. Only later in his rant do we learn that he's been getting his ass kicked on Live. But even if you chalk up some of the negativity to bitterness and thumb rust, it's clear that Capcom failed to satisfy their hardcore fans, despite numerous delays. It's just that I can't blame the beat downs I suffered on lag.

Does this mean that future retro ports will have to be coded from the ground up if we want superior online performace? Maybe developers should quit jerry-rigging old classics, and focus on building new homages that capture that old school flavor with modern convenience.

Street Fighter II gets Down Under date

The world's most anticipated --  and most delayed -- 2D fighter has a new date Down Under. Xbox Australia shows Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting due July 30. Meanwhile, back in the northern hemisphere, the US site still lists the original long gone March release date. Can we get an update Microsoft?

Whichever direction your toilet flushes, spend less time worrying about exactly when this game hits Xbox Live Arcade, and more time hoping Capcom managed to fix the gameplay issues that led to less than hyper early reviews.

Street Fighter II: HF taken for a spin

There's a pretty good chance that Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting is gonna drop on Xbox Live Arcade next week. So now's the time to get ourselves worked up into a froth. Gamespot got their lucky "hands on" an early copy of the guaranteed hit and concluded:

"From the look of things, Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting is shaping up to be just what fans want. The visuals look promising, the control is basically solid, and the breakdown of achievements for it are good, too. The only stumbling block we've noticed has been the game's performance, which we expect to be improved."

Feature I'm most looking forward to: quarter matches (pictured). Totally recreate that arcade experience, study their moves, plunk your quarter down, get embarrassed. Ah, the good old days.

[Via Joystiq]

SFII hitting XBLA late February?

Gamespot says the highly anticipated Xbox Live Arcade port of Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting will be released the week of February 26th. There is no specific date listed (Q1 2006) and Peter Moore did say to expect it by March, so is this just a simple guess? If it's supposed to be out before March, and games are never early, then it will probably be released in the last week of February.

The logic isn't bad, but I'd still take this with a grain of salt.

See also:
Street Fighter II super-mega-ultra-deluxe-special edition

[Via GAF]

Street Fighter II super-mega-ultra-deluxe-special edition

Peter Moore told us that Street Fighter II was coming to the Xbox Live Arcade, but he left out all the juicy parts: could you play 2-player online? What Live functionality will it offer? Capcom has released a lengthy press release detailing the dozens of features the newly dubbed Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting will bring notably:
  • This spectator-based system is a tribute to the title's arcade roots, allowing online competitors to use a “virtual quarter” to “buy into” heated two player matches
  • Recapturing the spirit of swarming crowds at arcades, onlookers can watch the current brawl in a game lobby as they wait to battle the victor
  • Voice chat support allows players to discuss the battle and even trash talk the current fighters
  • Quick Match – jump into a match quickly for instant action
  • Optimatch – the best possible match is determined by sorting through a set of filters including number of rounds, turbo speed, chat on or off and friends only
  • Arcade Mode – simulates the single-player Street Fighter experience where gamers must work their way through a ladder of opponents until they face off against the final boss
  • Vs. Mode – allows two friends to select characters and battle it out
  • Overall – the most coveted leaderboard showcases the best overall players from around the globe as determined by a simple point-based system
  • Achievements – complete more than 10 offline and online objective
  • Updated menu screens provide easier navigation
  • 5.1 surround sound
The extent to which Capcom has embraced the functionality of the Live service is staggering; from voice support, watching ongoing matches, leaderboards, to the authentic "quarter" experience, we salute you Capcom. You have just raised the bar for arcade ports to the Live Arcade. Check out their press release for the full list of features.

[Thanks, Justin; Via 360 Insider]

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