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Recap: X3F Live and Maybe Next Time Buddy

We did it guys! It was a huge success! Last night's Maybe Next Time Buddy X3F Live event (where we went on a mission to earn a certain achievement) was an overwhelming success as achievements were unlocked and I personally obtained 1000 Gamerscore in Halo 3. Woohooza! Click your way towards the break to read a detailed account of the event as well as view some screenshots featuring commentary (thanks to our new gallery system) and a crazy cool panorama shot. What are you waiting for guys? Get your click on ...

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Team kill achievement in Turok is no more

Well, it looks like gamers can finally rest easy. Readers may recall that Turok was to include an achievement called "Grab Bag" that rewarded players for killing their own team members. Specifically, players had to kill "at least 1 creature, 1 enemy, 1 teammate, and yourself in the same round of a public match." With griefing players already ruining multiplayer games everywhere, gamers were naturally upset when Turok's developers decided to actually reward them for it. Thankfully though, the devs at Propaganda have seen the light and will be altering the achievement with a launch day patch for the game. The achievement will remain in the game after the patch, but will now only require players to kill a creature, an enemy, and themselves. So it's mostly fixed, but don't be surprised if your teammates are constantly throwing grenades at their feet.

[Via Joystiq]

X3F Achievements 101: Pre-E3 lull

Welcome to another edition of the weekly Gamerscore whoring extravaganza, X3F Achievements 101. As usual, I'll discuss the last week in unlocking Achievements, or discuss any news that's especially pertinent to the Achievement obsessed. Unfortunately, this week was pretty light, with E3 just around the corner, there wasn't much spare time to grind through any games. I didn't rent anything this week, but I did get my feet wet with Rainbow Six: Vegas, as well as made a couple discoveries whilst playing some Arcade titles locally with friends.

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X3F Achievements 101: Dark Pirates

Welcome back to another edition of X3F Achievements 101, complete with Gamerscore whoring goodness. This week we take a look at finishing up Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, a very quick look at the ever distracting and delicious Darkness, as well as some personal Achievements, while not exactly adding any value to my Gamerscore, are still pretty cool little accomplishments that occurred over the past week. All in all, it was a solid week, with a few minor hiccups that'll you'll have to check it out for yourself.

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X3F Achievements 101: Dragonriding Swashbucklers

So the previous week has come to a close and I'm back with another glorious edition of X3F Achievements 101. The past seven days had some serious grinding behind it as I finished off the amazingly tedious Eragon. Hopefully Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End be a third time's charm for film-to-game adaptations. I'll also give my interpretation of the release of the Halo 3 Achievements, which took the interwebs by surprise this week. Either way, there's a lot to cover from the past week, so let's get started.

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X3F Achievements 101: Superagon Returns

Welcome back to another edition of X3F Achievements 101, where we take a look at the last 7 days in Achievement whoring of yours truly and any observations or interesting tidbits that got discovered along the way. This week saw a good jump in Gamerscore, as I plowed through a couple of mediocre games with some straightforward Achievements, along with others that require special attention to obtain. So, we'll take a look at Superman Returns, Eragon, and touch on a teensy bit of Shadowrun.

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Overlord Achievements awakened

After being having one of the two good demos release on Marketplace last week, Xbox 360 Achievements got their hands on Overlord's Achievements. The first thing that caught our eye was that there are two Achievements for how much or little Corruption your character has, one for maxing it out, and the other for having none, so being a good-bad guy is going to be required for the completionists out there. Also worth noting are the ranked multiplayer Achievements, and "Mistress Master", where you essentially let her wear the pants of the relationship and do her bidding. Are you looking forward to torching some halflings later this month?

X3F Achievements 101: Bots, Bosses and Babalities

X3F Achievements 101 is back, and on its regularly scheduled time slot of Sundays. Initial response to our first edition was rather positive, so we're glad you like the concept and hope you enjoy reading, and even participating in the column. Emails with Achievement tips also came in at a good pace, and I look forward to playing and trading with you. One particular email stood out, which came from Casey over at, and the steps he took to get Achievements in one of the most time consuming Arcade games, Bejeweled 2.

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X3F Achievements 101: The First One!

Welcome to X3F Achievements 101, a new column here at Xbox 360 Fanboy, where I get to discuss one of my favorite Xbox 360 features: Achievements, and the whoring found therein. Each week I'll be bringing you my take on the latest Achievement news, as well as my quest in both my Achievement streak, and any specific Achievements I'm working on. Not only that, but you get to participate, as I'll be giving you a means to contact me, so we can work together on getting Achievements. So read on, as I start off by taking a look at one of the coolest Achievements to come out of a personal favorite, Shadowrun.

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Achievements come out of the ... er ... Darkness

Xbox 360 Achievements, the sly dogs, got their hands on the Achievement list for Starbreeze Studios' comic book adaption, The Darkness. Upon looking at the 50 Achievements available you can tell that there is a heavy emphasis on the multiplayer aspect of the game which we definitely like to see, although we can't tell if these require to be in ranked games in order to be unlocked, or if they can be performed in public matches. Our favorite from the list, would easily be "Knuckle, Meet Face", for indulging in your first melee kill. What's yours?

Two Worlds Achievements revealed

Upcoming Online RPG Two Worlds had its 41 Achievements revealed today, at IGN, of all places. Either way it seems to be the standard fair of objectives. At the very least, one would have to agree that it certainly seems far more obtainable than Final Fantasy XI's current set. Also worth noting is the final Achievement of "Defeated the Grand Enemy" has the second third highest Gamerscore worth of 370 points, next Madden NFL 06's "Complete 30 Years of Franchise", for 400 GS, and 2006 FIFA World Cup's "Complete all Scenarios", a 500-pointer. Are you going to be unlocking away next month in Two Worlds?

Achievements revealed: Ratatouille, DiRT and more

Yesterday, posted complete achievement lists for a few upcoming games including family friendly Ratatouille and the messy DiRT. Ratatouille offers a bunch of objective based achievements with nothing overly spectacular, except for the "Beat Hoisting the Hefty Weight" which caught our eye. DiRT's achievements are rather bland too, nearly a yawn-fest until we spotted the "First Clean Race" achievement. That achievement will be impossible for those of us who like to play dirty. Also, take a gander through Aegis Wing's achievements and focus on getting a few friends together to earn the "Epic Warrior" achievement. Hooking up four players has never been so rewarding.

Read - Ratatouille Achievements
Read - DiRT Achievements
Read - Aegis Wing Achievements

Shadowrun Achievements pinged by Enhanced Vision

Matt Webster, better known as "fall" in the Shadowrun community, played the retail version of the game, revealing the Achievements to the world. Overall, they seem pretty balanced, actually encouraging players to give various magic, races and weapons their due play time. The cool thing is because of the lack of ranked matches, unless specified, you'll be able to get Achievements in private games with your friends. We all know how difficult the alternative can be. On top of that we've got 6 Secret Achievements, including the lone one worth 100 Gamerscore. So, Training Levels aside, what do you plan on trying to unlock first?

Achievement unlocked, now download the sound

Last month we furnished you with the agility orb sound clip from Crackdown and today we have another clip for your downloading pleasure. The generous Major Nelson went out of his way to get the community a clip of the greatest sound that has ever graced the Xbox 360 ... the achievement unlocked sound. It's short and sweet, but any fanboy will know that this sound can make grown men break down in tears. This sound makes us gamers froth from the mouth, perspire profusely, and shake violently all because we know our gamerscore just increased. It's truly that enjoyable. So, be sure to download it and feel free to share with us how you'll be using your new achievement unlocked sound clip.

Cowabunga! TMNT achievements uncovered

Those busy bees over at Xbox 360 Achievements discovered all of the achievements for upcoming Ninja Turtles game TMNT. Getting all 1000 gamerscore points doesn't look all that hard either, because simply beating the game will get you 800 points. Also, it looks like Ubisoft decided to not make all the achievements have a nice rounded gamerscore point total, opting for annoying ambiguous numbers. And overall, these are still pretty lackluster achievements with no creative flair ... hopefully they put a little more thought into the game than they did into its achievements.

[Thanks, Peter J]

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