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Reggie: Wii no sidekick to 360

Numerous fanboys (not to mention Peter Moore) have predicted that the Nintendo Wii find success as "second console," tucked safely on the shelf next to an Xbox 360. An agile Robin, if you will, to Microsoft's burly Batman. Afterall, you can buy both a 360 and a cute, cuddly Wii console for the cost of a PS3. Unfortunately, Mario master Reggie Fils-Aime told USA Today that his Wii refuses to don the green underwear.

"I'd much rather have the consumer buy a Wii, some accessories, and a ton of games, vs. buying any of my competitor's products."

So for Fils-Aime it's my Wii or the high-Wii. Hey, nobody expects Reggie to embrace the role of yellow-caped Wonder. The economics just work out that way.

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1. Oh my god, the Nintendo guy wants people to buy Nintendo's products? Personally, I'm shocked.

Posted at 11:22PM on Aug 31st 2006 by julian

2. Didn't Nintendo say that they are not competing with either the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox 360?

Posted at 1:04AM on Sep 1st 2006 by Lazrius

3. LOL, I produce an article and I want the people go and buy competitor's articles. Else, the new is old.

Posted at 1:06AM on Sep 1st 2006 by Ark

4. That makes sense for him to say... he's probably being honest. Microsoft's main competition is Sony while Nintendo, in a way, is competing with both the PS3 and 360 (That whole new control scheme idea vs. the old kind). So Microsoft can use the idea of getting both as a jab at Sony but I guess Nintendo doesn't want to play that way.

I have to go with both though because though I think a Nintendo system is essential (Nintendo is still just about the best developer on the planet) you deprive yourself of some great stuff if you limit yourself that way... especially this time... I'm not ready to give up on the "old" style games yet.

Posted at 1:13AM on Sep 1st 2006 by Ninegauger

5. To me, old style games were from a time when Nintendo didn't have a console. XBLA gives me some of that feeling back... well, enough to remind me that I need to appriciate 720p and the work that goes into some of the great games available now.

I understand why so many people are interested in the Wii, but frankly, it does nothing for me. (and I suspect it won't look so hot on my grand wega)

Sure, driving a scooter could be fun... but after driving a BMW, I am not interested.

Posted at 2:22AM on Sep 1st 2006 by jc

6. Um, where did you find that really disturbing homo erotica of Robin in the background there?

As if Robin himself wasn't homo erotic enough....

Posted at 3:50AM on Sep 1st 2006 by Pseudo99

7. Nintendo is trying to make something different. They are not in a war against the console x like Microsoft and Sony are. So it makes sense what he said.

Posted at 5:48AM on Sep 1st 2006 by Jose Pagan

8. Wii wont be a tim drake, or even jason todd. more like the old barnicole boy from spongebob square pants.

My hatred for sony doesnt make me support ninten toys. and as for the wii60 thing. screw that noise. For niche, I proudly sit my 360 next to my Dreamcast.

Posted at 6:56AM on Sep 1st 2006 by cap-n-crunch

9. Oh my gosh, Reggie has common sense. Who would have know he wanted consumers to buy HIS product instead of his competitors, its such a strange world.

Posted at 6:59AM on Sep 1st 2006 by nfs924

10. What you forgot to mention was that right after that, he started eating his own arm in front of everyone.

Posted at 10:30AM on Sep 1st 2006 by Shaymus22

11. Reggie is as ardent a corporate whore as Steve Jobs anyday.

Posted at 11:33AM on Sep 1st 2006 by Assbestos

12. On the contrary, Nintendo has been the biggest dissapointment over the last 2 generations. I felt cheated buying the N64 and even worse buying a Gamecube.

I dont buy a console to enjoy 5 or 6 games in its lifespan. Thats what Nintendo does. Im not depriving myself of anything. Im merely saving some bucks on their next shitty overhyped machine.

Posted at 12:24PM on Sep 1st 2006 by DaTruf

13. To each his own but I still think the N64 was the best system of that generation, with or without including the Dreamcast. Almost every game released by Nintendo or Rare was a masterpiece...

Sony forced the industry into 3D but Nintendo was really the first to make it more than a gimmick as far as I can remember. It was the first system to feature a console FPS that was any good and is still home to the highest rated game since gaming started being covered on the internet.

Forgive my ranting... I think I'll always think of that as the golden age for me.

I concede the Gamecube though... it has a few great games but Sony just had the 3rd Party support. Plus Jak and Daxter beat Mario at his own game(Any Jak game is better than Mario Sunshine except the racing one).

Posted at 12:59PM on Sep 1st 2006 by Ninegauger

14. Mark Chamberlain (the artist that did the Robin painting in this post) is really fantastic. There is some of his work being shown in Portland, OR right now. His series of homoerotic and homosexual Batman and Robin watercolors are actually really beautful paintings, if you can handle staring at images Batman and Robin "getting it on." That is definitely the best part of this post.

Posted at 1:11PM on Sep 1st 2006 by Calvin Carl

15. You know... I loved nintendo in their time and anything... but they're gonna come out in third in America.

The reason is that Nintendo caters to two specific demographics: Nintendo Fans (like my boss who walks around in a zelda hoodie), and casual gamers.

The problem... in America, the casual gamer consistantly has one major fault... the utter lack of imagination. I've known so many who just can't wrap their head around monkey balls, not because the game wasn't easy to grasp... but they couldn't suspend their disbelief to a degree where they could even begin to process the game.

which is why madden is the casual game of choice. Cuz everybody (except me) understands football.

I'm sure the wii will do fine in japan, but I personally predict nothing less than a bomb in the states.

Posted at 1:31PM on Sep 1st 2006 by aragorn

16. I would kill myself If I were to only buy a wii with games and etc. I couldn't pass up a opportunity to get two systems. Fils-Aime porbably has an xbox 360 and ps2.He porbably has to follow the rules of nintendo! A suck up

Posted at 2:19PM on Sep 1st 2006 by aceflash11

17. If GTA4 isnt on the Wii then it will never win in the US and Europe as a standalone console

Same with many ither games, having just a Wii would mean missing out on 70% of the highest rated games

Casual gamers really dont buy that many games look as evidence the PS2 in america what are the 40m ps2's and the 360 version of madden (with 3.5m consoles) only sells 20,000 less copies..

This may be an issue for nintendo, sure they sell a cheap console but how many games wil they buy..?

Posted at 11:04PM on Sep 1st 2006 by mike

18. wow there are some real idiots posting here...*cough* aceflash11 *cough*. Reggie may have the competitor's consoles (or maybe not - so how can you call him a suck up?) but obviously as he IS Nintendo of America and a marketing guy of course he's gonna insist on nintendo only. you'd do the same.asswipe.

datruf, you're just an idea. don't buy a wii then, i'm sure nintendo won't miss you. i bet buy xmas you'll have one though when your friend has one.

oh and xbox360fanboy, the wiifanboy blog had this news like 2 weeks ago. keep up.

Posted at 5:39PM on Sep 2nd 2006 by Jules

19. Sorry, Reggie, but as soon as I saw the Wii-remote, I envisioned the Joker. 360 FTW!

Posted at 5:20AM on Sep 3rd 2006 by Don Jose

20. ^^ sorry i meant daTruf is an idiot, not idea :p

Posted at 8:20AM on Sep 5th 2006 by Jules

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