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Let your chrome glow

It looks like the long awaited chrome controller shell from Team Xtender is nearing production. More than just a shell, this mod puts LEDs in each button, making your controller glow like radioactive skittles. Who wouldn't want that?

See a nice glowing shot after the break.

Looks like some kind of creepy deep sea fish. Nice.

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1. Shiny chrome huh? Should look pretty sweet with finger and hand prints all over it.

Posted at 3:22PM on Jul 18th 2006 by mrbo 0 stars

2. My thoughts zactly, mrbo... however I was thinking black might be worth waiting for.

Posted at 3:28PM on Jul 18th 2006 by jc 8 stars

3. Love yo get my swetty and on that. No thanks.

Posted at 3:56PM on Jul 18th 2006 by Bryan Ribas 0 stars

4. Me. I try and avoid hideous, gawdy, wastes of money.

Posted at 4:10PM on Jul 18th 2006 by puh_fifer 1 star

5. The chrome casing makes it look like it's made out of some sort of cheap plastic, although if you lose all that and give me the LEDs, you've just made yourself a sale.

Posted at 4:14PM on Jul 18th 2006 by Shaymus22 0 stars

6. i wonder how much the leds would drain the battery if you used a cordless.

Posted at 4:27PM on Jul 18th 2006 by Paul 0 stars

7. I like the "Coming to America" reference in the title. Now, if you could have a little mp3 play that soundbyte, the page would be complete.

Posted at 4:29PM on Jul 18th 2006 by Saccia 0 stars

8. Looks like a piece of cheap tat.

Posted at 4:49PM on Jul 18th 2006 by Adam 0 stars

9. I'd probably give it a go if it was free or something =P

Posted at 5:32PM on Jul 18th 2006 by funkyflea 0 stars

10. Just because I live in northeast NJ doesn't mean I have to adorn my console and accessories as such. That is gawdy as hell and would go great with four-inch-long red fingernails and too much makeup.

Posted at 5:59PM on Jul 18th 2006 by Dracula Jones 0 stars

11. Just thinking a little more and hopefully there will be more designs coming in the future?

Posted at 8:38PM on Jul 18th 2006 by funkyflea 0 stars

12. It will get dirty, but those will match my chrome 360. Sold.

Posted at 9:24PM on Jul 18th 2006 by Kraylen 0 stars

13. I'm getting one, the loser in each round of COD2 will have to use it in the next round of multiplayer split screen death matches.

Posted at 11:58PM on Jul 18th 2006 by allmodcons 0 stars

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