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Kaz Hirai: Microsoft is just a copycat!

A bold move in the executive slap fight known as the Console Wars today: in an interview with PSM, Kaz Hirai claimed that Microsoft is copying Sony's every move.

"Every time we go down a path, we look behind and they're right there - we just can't shake these guys. I wish that they would come up with some strategies of their own, but they seem to be going down the path of everything we do. If you look at their strategy in other business areas as well, they tend to do that ... And the other thing is, you take a look at, for example, the fact that we incorporate the Blu-ray drive from day one. You're not going to be asking me, 'So, talk to me about this Blu-ray add-on that you have. Does it work for games? Is it just for movies?' That's exactly the kind of pitfall you fall into if you launch something that's too early, too premature... "

Wow. Yup, Microsoft totally copied the idea of a unified online system, complete with downloadable content and micropayments. Maybe they'll steal Sony's totally original motion controller, too.

I acknowledge that the HD-DVD add on was forced by PS3's inclusion of Blu-ray, but this is getting ri-goddamn-diculous.

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1. "this is getting ri-goddamn-diculous"

I totally agree with you

Posted at 6:07PM on Jun 28th 2006 by Zacky V 0 stars

2. interesting how the interview was with the offical playstation magazine becuase any other credible journalist would of shot him down with various question very quickly, just shows what an 'offical' magazine has to do to keep itself 'official'

embarrasing truly embarrasing

Posted at 6:23PM on Jun 28th 2006 by mike 0 stars

3. Now this is an article I can agree with! A classic case of "The Pot Calling the Kettle Back"!

Posted at 6:27PM on Jun 28th 2006 by Bill 0 stars

4. Oops, I mean ...Calling The Kettle Black. Lol

Posted at 6:29PM on Jun 28th 2006 by Bill 0 stars

5. dont forget a background operating system, hard drives, and computer like media center functionality.

Then there is always a 2.5 inch Hard Drive that will "hold all your music and video files" No way in hell could a 2.5 HDD even hold all of my media files.

Posted at 6:35PM on Jun 28th 2006 by Galls 0 stars

6. Let the shots fire. Sony seems to be slinging a lot of crap about Xbox recently.

Posted at 6:36PM on Jun 28th 2006 by Lazrius 0 stars

7. And THIS is the final result of blind fanboy devotion. Executives feel that they can say anything regardless of its veracity knowing full well that there will be a legion of unpaid apologists that will spin or dismiss these tall-tales and outright lies, no matter how untruthful or how outlandish they are.

Posted at 6:49PM on Jun 28th 2006 by sracer 0 stars

8. Sounds like Sony is worried. As the 360 gets in more and more homes and the games start looking better and better they really don't have much to hang their hats on but the stupid Bluray drive. You know their online enviroment won't be able to match XBox Live at first.

What launch games will they have that will blow anyone away? And when no one can buy their console over the holiday because they don't manufacture enough of them, those people will buy the available 360 with the large library of games.

Sony miscalculated and gave the US market share to Microsoft and now their execs have to resort to childish name calling and accusations of strategy copying.

Posted at 7:03PM on Jun 28th 2006 by IceBurgh 0 stars

9. I really hate this guy. He should stick Riiiidggeee Racer up his...

Anyway, if Microsoft "copied" Sony, they sure did those things better. Remember all those things Sony promised with the PS2? Online, hard drive, powerful console? Microsoft actually DID it.

*Stares at worthless PS2 network adapter with 80GB hard drive*

I still fail to see how HD-DVD or Bluray are some big factor, especially when 97% of console games don't even need DVD9. And then the news that PS3 games might be between $60 and $100? Does it rising cost end?

I may have deep enough pockets for PS3 gaming, but my patience for bullshit isn't equally as deep.

Posted at 7:05PM on Jun 28th 2006 by SuicideNinja 1 star

10. Seriously? I... Seriously?!

Posted at 7:06PM on Jun 28th 2006 by Jaerock 0 stars

11. So this is what it's like to watch an old giant trying to tear itself back up the eroding hillside of innovation and self-satisfaction.

Behind this thinly-vailed facade of confidence and arrogance lies an out-of-control group of executives trying as hard as they possibly can to sell the living hell out of this idea of PS3...something that we have yet to see a working box that matches the "conceptual" design they've been shoving down our faces for the last year or so.

Developers and smart gamers have moved on...so have I.

Posted at 7:06PM on Jun 28th 2006 by Josh 0 stars

12. For a company so confident in itself, its way of doing busines, etc., etc., etc. Sony has egg on its face when hiring an anglo to fire excessive employees in the face of falling profits.

Confidence means never having to acknowledge the other guy in politics. Sony can't learn that lesson, so maybe they should hire another anglo?

Posted at 7:16PM on Jun 28th 2006 by GhostDoggy 0 stars

13. ok to start off im gonna ssay that i dont like ps3

but i also dont like the ppl who say its to expensive and that its not gonna do so well because of its price
well take a look at the 400$ ipod
im just saying that these days ppl will buy anything that they see in the media no matter how much it costs
for god's sake ppl in my city pay $150 dollars on a ripped pair of jeans!!!!!!!!!!

just my 2 cents

Posted at 7:30PM on Jun 28th 2006 by anti-fanboy -1 stars

14. yeah you know MS copied the headset that Sony hasn't shown off yet. wireless controllers with a light indicator? online system, friends lists, virtual marketplace, and the motion sensing controller that MS stole so many years ago before Sony had even invented it.

MS should just print all these wacky comments the week before PS3 comes out... "We want you to want to work OT to be able to afford our steak dinner that we invented.:

Posted at 7:41PM on Jun 28th 2006 by sev4 pri1 0 stars

15. Let me just say this first, I am a Nintendo and Microsoft fan when it comes to gaming. I love my DS and my 360. With that said, Sony's consoles will do well. There is a simple one word reason for this "Japan". As long as there is a Gran Turismo and a Final Fantasy there will always be a Sony console. Microsoft has tried to "give" their consoles away in Japan and they just won't sell. Japanese people are crazy about Japanese made video games. Most of them would punch their mother in the mouth for a new colored DS. I'm sure the month that the PS3 comes out there will be a lot of late rent payments made in Japan. Sony will keep a shortage in the States to keep demand high. Then they will use Japan to sell big numbers, in turn bringing down the price to produce the system. Come next Holliday Season 2007 the PS3 will be the same price as the 360, and I won't care because I'll be playing with my Wii!

Posted at 7:57PM on Jun 28th 2006 by BenC 0 stars

16. Ninty: Hello, pot?

Sony: Yes?

Ninty: This is kettle. You're black.

Posted at 8:24PM on Jun 28th 2006 by Sanchez 0 stars

17. Actually, he is entirely correct in one respect - and one respect only.

Microsoft has copied the Japanese style of business, and has thrown it right back into their faces. By doing so, they have shown to the Japanese that it's no fun being on the receiving end of the way that THEY have been doing business. I'm not being racist in my remarks - I've worked FOR a Japanese company for years myself and that's just the way it is.

Posted at 8:37PM on Jun 28th 2006 by Anonymous Rep 0 stars

18. Last time I checked, Sony's logo wasn't an Apple. Oh! not the OS division, the Xbox division. Right...

So Sony lays claim to having created the first "Live" like service somewhere along the PSOne or PS 2 time-frame, and MS copied it. Yeah, and I'm Jesus Christ.

The way Sony dealt with the rootkit fiasco with "If people don't know what it is, why should they care?" and now the past few months of psychotic claims about the PS 3, one has to wonder just who keeps investing in them and buying anything Sony. They all must be Uwe Bowl fans.

Posted at 8:42PM on Jun 28th 2006 by 1911.45ACP 0 stars

19. stfu noobs?

kaz is my hero?

Posted at 8:58PM on Jun 28th 2006 by lazy 0 stars

20. Well there are things that HOPEFULLY the 360 won't ever be like the ps3 in. Like games costing between 70-80 dollars (other than the Oblivion CE). Like no rumble feature. And... oh yeah, and sucking. Let's hope that last one especially is reserved just for the ps3.

Posted at 9:00PM on Jun 28th 2006 by junkie 0 stars

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