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New Small Arms DLC now available

Announced last week by Gastronaut Studios, the new downloadable content for Small Arms is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace. The new content includes 2 new levels and 2 new characters. We tooled around with the new characters and levels today. The new levels are an especially welcome addition to the game, as the old ones have become somewhat tired over time. You can check out videos of the new levels and characters after the break. Also added to the game are 2 new achievements, which can obtained with very little work at all. Should you desire the new content, it will set you back a reasonable 250 MS Points.

An free update to the game has also been released, which includes game performance tweaks and bug fixes. The update also includes some much needed weapon balancing. In particular, we've noticed that the electricity gun's secondary fire has a much slower rate of fire. If you ever found yourself frustrated by the game's weapons, you might want to give it another go with the new update in place.

How about it fanboys, do you plan on picking up the new DLC?

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New Small Arms content releases tomorrow

Gastronaut Studios has announced that the new downloadable content for Small Arms will be released tomorrow on Xbox Live Marketplace. As we've detailed before, the new content contains 2 new levels and 2 new characters (though no new weapons, regrettably). The two new characters are Ivar, a saber-toothed tiger, and Gullarp, the elephant. The new maps are Arctic Ice Floe and Pillaged Village, the respective stomping grounds of Ivar and Gullarp. The new content also packs 2 new achievements for finishing Mission Mode with a new character and for hosting an Xbox Live match on a new map. The new content pack will be available for 250 MS Points.

Alongside the new content, Gastronaut Studios will also release a free update that will address certain issues within the game. Chief among these issues are weapon balance and bug fixes. Check out some shots of the new characters in our gallery below.

Gallery: Small Arms (XBLA)

Video: New Small Arms maps and characters in action

We recently revealed to you that Gastronaut studios has a couple of maps and new characters coming over Xbox Live Marketplace downloadable content for Small Arms. Well, Godfree over at Gamertagradio has a video showcasing Ivar and Gullarp in the new arenas. Since the new characters are barbarian in nature, the new areas follow suit. Unfortunately, we only have the name of one map, Iceberg, as the other is shown through a mission instead. So how do these look, or would you rather have them come with new weapons?

New Small Arms characters revealed

Gamertag Radio breaks the news that new content is on the way for the Xbox Live Arcade.title Small Arms from Gastronaut Studios. X3F readers may recall that we have something of a soft spot for the game, so new content is great news. In addition to the new content, an update will also be released that should address several bugs in the game (and some weapon balancing, we hope). The new content pack will include 2 new characters and 2 new maps. We don't know about the maps yet, but the new characters have been revealed. Above you can see Ivar the tiger. Check out Gullarp the elephant after the break.

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Small Arms site officially launches

Gastronaut has finally launched the official site for Small Arms. Just a place holder before, the site is now fully functional and loaded with content. Those unfamiliar with the game can learn about all the characters, check out the weapons, and get a glimpse at the levels, too. We recommend looking at the weapon models. It's amazing how much detail they packed onto them (especially considering you can never focus on it during play). There are plenty of downloads including wallpapers and IM icons. There are also links to the Small Arms forums and blog. Finally, there is a section for viewing the Small Arms leaderboard, though it's not up and running yet.

Small Arms is still one of our favorite Live Arcade games. Here's hoping we get some new content soon.

[Via The Xbox Domain. Thanks, Tom]

Small Arms pictures and theme on XBLM

We missed this earlier today (thanks to my recent move, I haven't had internet for three days!) but there is some new Small Arms content available on Xbox Live Marketplace. The theme (150 points) features Fox Claw, Marky Kat (fear the shotgun), Tyrone, and Lord Peet. The gamer pics (100 points) feature the same characters and also ... um ... a ham. Yes, a ham. We may be stepping over the line here, but that just might be the best gamer picture ever. It's also perfect -- and a little diabolical -- that we have just enough points left over for these after purchasing Small Arms. Go grab 'em if you're so inclined (you know you want the ham).

And since we're talking Small Arms, how is everyone liking it (or not)?

Small Arms debuts in XBL top five

Gears of War may be king of the hill for the second week in a row, but it isn't the only game making statistical waves on Live. Small Arms, you know, the game we've talked about incessantly for months, debuted at number four on the overall 360 Live charts -- and number one in Xbox Live Arcade specifically. It's really no surprise that the latest XBLA title would debut at number one in the Arcade list, but making number 4 overall is very impressive. For our part, we probably played Small Arms for 4 hours straight the night it came out (and that was just me). As long as you're not stuck in a room full of Unit 51 electricity gun spammers*, there's a lot of fun to be had. How many of you spent time with Small Arms this weekend?

*Seriously, that gun could use some tweaking.

Small Arms impressions, it's real splodey [update 1]

I downloaded Small Arms this morning and played it for a good solid hour. I managed to fight our way through single player and played a few Live matches, too. What was the experience like? Is Small Arms worth 800 points? Read on to find out.

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WRUP: "More stuffing, please" Edition

"What are you playing" hits a little early this week, thanks to the holiday of Thanksgiving. For most lucky Americans, Thanksgiving means that today is actually Friday, and we have a long weekend ahead of us. As such, Thanksgiving is about more traditions than turkey. Thanksgiving is also traditionally a time that we all gather around the TV to play videogames. But, we wouldn't want our friends up north, down south, or across the ocean to feel left out, so we have something for the rest of the world to celebrate, too. Celebrate the fact that Small Arms is now resting comfortably in its new home, Xbox Live Arcade. Take comfort knowing that a multiplayer demo of Lost Planet is arriving tomorrow (hopefully worldwide).

So what am I playing this long weekend? Small Arms is a no-brainer, maybe some Gears of War, and still Lego Star Wars II (damn you Minikits!). I hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving. And don't fret, we're not going away. We'll have news for the rest of the day and some posts for Thanksgiving and "Black Friday," too. But enough about that, what are you playing this weekend?

Xbox 360 Fanboy Leaderboard
Xbox 360 Fanboy Leaderboard Mk. II

What were you playing (WRUP archive)

Small Arms hits XBLA, shoots it in face

It has been a long time coming, but Small Arms has made it (after all) to Xbox Live Arcade. Sure, it brings 4-player rapid-fire blasting action to the Arcade, but we all know that its major innovation is the introduction of psychotic Mexican chickens to videogames. It's a milestone that is long overdue. We're getting on in just a few minutes to try this puppy out, so all the working stiffs out there can rest assured we'll have impressions soon. While we're at it, we'll see if we can't find a Gastronaut employee so we can grab the awesome "Six Degrees" achievement. With any luck, the whole readership of 360 Fanboy will be "infected" in no time!

See Also:
X360F Interview with Small Arms' GastronautDon
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It's official: Small Arms this Wednesday!

Microsoft has officially confirmed what we had all hoped, Gastronaut Studios' Small Arms is finally hitting Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday for 800 points. Small Arms, for those of you who have somehow missed our near continuous coverage, is a 4 player fighting game featuring crazy characters that use any means necessary -- from molotov cocktails to sniper rifles -- to blast each other to smithereens. Described by many as Metal Slug meets Smash Bros, people (especially us) have been salivating for its release. The wait is almost over, folks. This Thursday, eat some turkey and look for some 4 player action on Live. That's what we'll be doing. Full press release after the break.

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Small Arms in time for Turkey Day?

We know, we know. We just won't shut up about Small Arms, but Mike from the Xbox Domain just sent us an interesting find. Check out this list of the official Live Arcade game forums at Look closely, and you'll see that Small Arms is the only unreleased Arcade game with a forum. What's more, it looks like both the Defender and Small Arms forums were created last night. Is it possible that Microsoft had Small Arms on deck to release and hit a snafu? Was Defender on standby for just such an occasion? We don't know, but we suspect that MS has a pretty large catalog of old arcade titles that are ready to be published at a moment's notice, just in case a bigger game hasn't made it through certification (and of course there are the UNO decks to fall back on). The upshot of all this is that Small Arms just might be releasing next week -- or maybe even as another surprise Friday release à la UMK3. Will Small Arms see the light of day before Thanksgiving? We hope so, because it sounds like the perfect way to wind down after a turkey dinner.

Small Arms' old name, Lost Planet interview

Our friends at Gamertag Radio recently sat down with some of the team behind Capcom's Lost Planet and got a surprise interview with Gastronaut Studios (the team behind Small Arms). While he was at Gastronaut HQ, Godfree snapped a picture of the above poster. Apparently Small Arms was originally called Hipshot (good change, guys). Listen for talk of Lost Planet multiplayer (six grenade types?!) and plenty of info about the Small Arms development process. Unfortunately, the real questions were never answered. For example, will Devil May Cry ever see the light of day on 360? No answer. What about a Small Arms release date? "Soon." And so, we're back where we started. Still, if you're looking forward to these games, it's worth a listen.

Maybe we should do one of these "podcast" things ...

Small Arms video available in HD

GameTrailers has released a new video of Small Arms, one of the most anticipated games on Xbox Live Arcade. The video shows an entire round of play and gives a great overall impression of what it will be like to play the game. What we love most is how much noise each character makes. We especially like hearing the characters scream when they're on fire. Nice touch, Gastronaut. Now how about actually releasing the game? Let's say, oh, next week? See the video after the break.

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Atari games on XBLA, holiday titles confirmed

Alongside the press release for Contra hitting XBLA, Microsoft sent another press release outlining a slew of Atari classics heading to Live Arcade next year. The six Atari games to be released are:
  • Centipede/Millipede
  • Battlezone
  • Asteroids/Asteroids Deluxe
  • Missile Command
  • Tempest
  • Warlords
All of the games will feature both original and "evolved" versions. The evolved versions, similar to Konami's offerings, will feature revamped graphics and sound. All games will have leaderboards and achievements, and multiplayer games will have Live support. Surprisingly, many of these games are receiving some pretty impressive new features, including Live Vision support for Battlezone and Warlords. It looks like many of the games will receive three dimensional upgrades instead of simply using high definition sprites, too. Finally, and this is not a joke, Centipede evolved has motion blur. Motion. Blur. In Centipede. If that's not worth $5, we don't know what is.

Also worth mentioning, the press release confirmed that the following titles should hit the Arcade before the end of 2006:
  • Small Arms
  • Assault Heroes
  • Novadrome (?)
  • Heavy Weapon
  • Defender
It should be noted that this isn't necessarily all the titles we'll be seeing by year's end (we're looking at you RoboBlitz). Full press release after the break.

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