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120GB HDD pricing analyzed and it's overpriced

The crew over at MTV Multiplayer did some detective word, analyzed the cost to produce the Xbox 360's 120GB HDD peripheral and guess what? They concluded that it's one over-priced hard drive ... shocker! According to their research, the 120GB drive (which retails for $179 in the U.S.) costs around $75 for the drive itself, another $5 or so for the special software and casing bringing the total to about $80. Tack on a Microsoft profit of around $20 per drive and a retail profit of around $80 and you've got yourself a $180 120GB HDD. Way too expensive. You'd think Microsoft would want to make it cost effective for gamers to upgrade their 360's storage seeing that the majority of the content being put on them is paid XBLM content. Guess not though.

Today only, get a 120GB HDD for $139

For those of you who didn't win the Xbox 360 120GB HDD in our fanswag giveaway a few weeks back, we've got a money savings deal for you. As part of's Deal of the Day, today and today only they're knocking off $40 and offering the 120GB HDD for "only" $139. Not too shabby, eh? But if you're interested you better check your bank accounts quickly, because this daily deal ends tonight and the $139 price tag will revert back to original $179 status and the evil in the world will corrupt your soul. Well, maybe that's a bit much, but trust us when we say this deal will disappear tonight

[Thanks, Ben Koca]

The 120GB hard drive winner is...

It took us all morning to pry our 120GB hard drive from Li'l Chief's fingers -- he may be small, but he is a Spartan after all -- but we promised to give it away and dagnab it, we are. We've chosen the lucky winner of the 120GB hard drive and that winner is ... Noxat! Congratulations on your glorious (and completely random) victory! We'd also like to tell you that you've now made life at Fanboy Towers a living hell. Seriously, Li'l Chief will be pouting for months. Thanks a lot, Noxat. Thanks a lot.

For all the fanboys out there that weren't lucky enough to win (and there were a lot of you), take heart because we've got more giveaways coming. Keep your eyes peeled, the next one is coming soon.

Reminder: win a 120GB HDD for Xbox 360 [update]

[Update: The giveaway is now closed and our winner selected. Once the winner is verified, we'll put up an announcement post.]

Hey kiddies, don't forget that we're giving away a 120GB hard drive for the Xbox 360 in celebration of the impending arrival of Halo 3. Entering the giveaway is incredibly easy, and it will take you less than two minutes. That's two minutes for 120 gigabytes of awesome. All you have to do is head over to the official giveaway post and enter. You've got two hours to do it before we pick our lucky winner, so get to it already! Oh, and if you don't win fear not, because we've got lots more stuff to give away this month. Keep your eyes peeled next week for the next bit of swag*.

*Hint: next week's swag is even better (and more valuable) than a 120GB hard drive. Think about that.

Fanswag: Win a 120GB Hard Drive for Xbox 360 [update]

[Update: Comments are now closed and a winner has been selected. Once verified, we'll post the name of the winner so that he or she can gloat and the rest can grumble.]

As you can see, Li'l Chief loves his 120GB Hard Drive, but it's September and it's high time we started giving away some swag in celebration of Halo 3. To kick things off, we're giving away one 120GB Hard Drive, which includes a transfer kit so you don't lose what's on your crummy old 20GB HDD. With one of these babies, you could store all the media you want and a bag of chips*. As you may be aware, 120GB Hard Drives cost precisely 1 million dollars $179.99, which is no small sum. We're betting that most of our readers would probably prefer to have one for free, so here's your chance to win. All you have to do is:
  • Post a comment below. You can say whatever you want, but keep it civil, m'kay? Be sure you only post one comment. Posters of multiple comments will be disqualified.
  • Entries will be accepted until Friday, September 7th at 11:00AM ET
  • On Friday we'll choose our winner at random and notify said winner via email. Once verified, we'll post the winner so that he or she can gloat about how they "never run out of space."
  • The giveaway is open to U.S. residents only, ages 13 or older (younger children need clearly defined boundaries, and 20GB is enough for them)
If you'd like to read the official rules (and who wouldn't?) you can find them here. Best of luck to everyone, and keep an eye out for more giveaways this month!

*Warning, under no circumstances should you attempt to store a bag of chips in your 120GB HDD.

Data transfer demo for your new HDD

If you're a current 360 owner and are in the market for a new 120GB HDD or the Xbox 360 Elite in the coming weeks, then you'll be dealing with some HDD data transferring. And thanks to Major Nelson's data transfer demo, the whole process will be painless. In the embedded video above, Major and his clothes twin Albert walk you through the whole thing step by step and even do a little Xbox 360 Elite unboxing to boot. It's actually quite simple and should take less than an hour to move all your data to your new 120GB behemoth. And, as if it wasn't mentioned enough, the data transfer will be permanent and can only be done once. So, make sure this is what you want, as there's no going back.

Save some cash, use your own 120GB HDD

The hard drive prophecy has come true. Xbox-Scene is reporting that the new version of HDDHackr has been released allowing the use of an unlicensed 120GB hard drive for your 360 storage. The HDDHackr program uses the newly found 120GB signature and will allow anyone to use a specific 120GB WD HDD for their 360 storage saving roughly $100 over Microsoft's official Xbox 360 120GB HDD. Though, you'll need to be somewhat familiar with hacking programs and PC hardware setup to get the drive up and running. But, if that's your thing, you can save big bucks and up your Xbox 360 hard drive capacity to 120GB the l33t way. So, is anyone up for the challenge?

120GB 360 HDD worth only $100

Perhaps you've heard of the brand new, super fancy Xbox 360 Elite. You know, it's black, has HDMI and a 120GB hard drive, and it's super cool. You may have heard that the Elite has been utterly gutted, all of its vitals exposed to the world. It just so happens the 120GB hard drive was part of this dismantling process. With the drive cracked open and exposed, we can finally see the wondrous, ultra high-tech hard drive that justifies Microsoft's $179 price tag. Or can we?

It turns out that the drive inside the plastic case is in fact a Fujitsu MHW2120BH 2.5" laptop drive. did some Google searching and discovered that these drives generally cost around $100. Not long ago, Aaron Greenberg stated that the drive in the Xbox 360 is comparable to a self-powered external hard drive for a PC. Alright, so there must be some sort of additional work that justifies an $80 increase above retail, right? The thing is, according to Shindakun, the 360 drive isn't self powered. You have to shut down the console to install it, because it's just an SATA drive with a proprietary connector. So, where does the extra cost come from? The plastic casing isn't that nice. Granted, there are R&D costs to consider, but $80 extra per unit seems a little steep. Without a direct explanation of the costs from Microsoft, we can make only one conclusion: we're getting ripped off.

Buyer beware.

120 GB hard drive snagged for $99

If the Xbox 360 has one consistent complaint, it is undoubtedly the cost of its peripherals. In particular, the price of its hard drive has been the most difficult to stomach. $99 dollars for 20 gigabytes seems positively ludicrous in today's world of cheap storage. The new 120GB hard drive isn't much better, clocking in at $179. Microsoft has defended the pricing structure, saying that they demand very strict specifications from manufacturers (things like drive speed, security, etc.), but it's hard to believe it couldn't be had for less.

Enter one lucky 360 fanboy by the name of Scooter. Scooter spotted a 120GB hard drive at his local Wal-Mart. Looking closer, the drive was priced at a cool $99.88. Seizing upon the opportunity, he asked a clerk to open up the case and ring it up. Of course, once the item was scanned, it came up as $172. After a quick interchange with customer service, it's revealed that Wal-Mart store policy requires that items be sold for the price at which they are marked (even if the price is incorrect). So, he walks out with a 120GB drive for a full $80 less than retail price.

Granted, we're sure the display price was corrected immediately following the sale, but it's nice to hear that at least one fanboy managed to stick it to the man. Our advice: scour your area Wal-Marts for mislabeled hard drives. You might end up with a killer deal. Follow the "read" link for photographic proof of the $99 120GB HDD.

[Thanks, Scooter]

How not to spend $179 on a 120GB hard drive

An X3F regular, AoE, has reminded us about a nifty little trick that lets you use SATA hard drives with the Xbox 360. We reported the story back in January. Just as a refresher, here's how it works: using a bit of software from Xbox-Scene, you essentially trick your Xbox 360 into thinking any Western Digital BEVS drive is actually an official 360 drive. Of course, you'll have to possess some hardware and software savvy to get everything humming along.

Before now, the software would work only allow for 20GB of space, because the ID located on each official HDD says as much. Now that official 120GB hard drives will be hitting the market, it should be possible to grab the ID file from a 120GB drive. Of course, we don't condone such things, nor would we have any idea where to find such a file, but there it is. So, if you've got the technical knowhow, you may want to wait a while before laying down 179 smackers for 120GB of space. We'll let you know as soon as this comes to pass (or not).

$179.95 120GB HDD: you're the man now dog!

Negative fanboy sentiment is gathering around the price of the uber expensive $179.95 120GB HDD. And what better way for us to illustrate the pain in our hearts (and bank accounts) than by viewing a very professionally done YTMND entry. Go ahead, click the link and give it a listen ... we'll wait here. You gave it a listen right? Good, now our commentary will make sense.

The clip features Major Nelson's "ouch" reaction from his latest podcast and is obviously poking fun at the new HDD's price. From what we can decipher, Major's reaction to the HDD's price goes something along the lines of "uhngh,uhngh,uhngh,uhngh eh eh uhuhuh ooh ouch", but don't quote us on that. You can't deny it, that new drive is one overpriced piece of hardware. Though, we still love you 120GB HDD, but you just cost way to much and don't get along with our longtime friend 20GB HDD. Heck, we might as well just open the floodgates and hear what everyone thinks. Go ahead fanboys, unleash your opinion on the new 120GB HDD and its price structure. But be nice guys, constructive criticism is always better than hate darts.

[Thanks, tapoxi]

Preloaded content revealed for 120GB HDD

Over at TeamXbox they got the dish on what content will be preloaded on the newly announced Xbox 360 120GB HDD. First off, all the preloaded content will be available on both the Xbox 360 Elite hard drive and the seperate retail version. As far as content goes, everything that's preloaded on the 20GB model will be included on the new 120GB drive. We kind of expected this since the new drive is huge ... uber huge. This 120GB behemoth will also come preloaded with a bunch of other content not available on the 20GB drive including demos like Lost Planet, Street Fighter II, and Call of Duty 3. You'll also see more trailers, gamer pictures, and themes, all of which you can delete instantly or savor for the long run. A full list of the 120GB HDD's preloaded content can be found after the break.

[Thanks, Derka]

Continue reading Preloaded content revealed for 120GB HDD

Gamestop's accidental 120GB HDD preorder

Getting sick of the Xbox 360 Elite or the 120GB HDD rumors yet? Didn't think so. Today, TheDiggMan posted a screenshot from his online Gamestop searching where he stumbled upon the rumored 120GB Xbox 360 hard drive. Soon, after TheDiggMan found the listed 120GB HDD the item was taken down from the website, pulled by the Gamestop webmaster gnomes.

We're 97.4% sure that a 120GB HDD will be releasing soon, but what's interesting about this screenshot is the ship date and price information. $150 isn't a horrible price point seeing that it's $50 more than the 20GB HDD, but it's still a darn expensive peripheral. And if the April 1st pre-release date is correct we'll be putting all this HDD and Elite speculation to rest, because Microsoft should be making an announcement soon. Fanboys, if you're looking for more hard drive space, will you be purchasing the new Xbox 360 Elite or the seperate 120GB HDD add on? You know, that is if they are real.

[Via Digg]

Xbox 360 120GB HDD advertising appears

It looks like promotional materials for the new "rumored" Xbox 360 120GB hard drive are surfacing. We received this picture from fanboy reader Ralph, who says it's a shot of Gamestop's promotional poster for the much rumored 120GB hard drive. Yes, we know it's a tiny picture, but Ralph says it's so small because it was sent to him via his trendy little Blackberry. Stupid Blackberrys and their small screens. So, is this confirmation of a new 120GB hard drive and possibly the Elite 360? Not exactly, but it makes for great speculation goodness. And we all know how much we love our rumors and spec.

[Thanks, Ralph]

Rumor: "Official" word on 120GB+HDMI 360?

Apparently, Microsoft Australia has informed a local retailer named Myer to get its store ready for a Black Xbox 360 with an HDMI port and 120 GB Hard Drive. The MSRP for the 2.0 360 is $749 AU (which translates into about $582 USD/ $690 CAD) and it is expected to be released in April, although Microsoft allegedly wants to push for late March to compete with the PS3's launch on the 23rd. Interesting news, but at the same time, don't believe everything you read.

[Thanks, Feelz Good]

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