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WRUP: melting faces edition

We're going to go out on a limb this week and guess that lots of our readers (and at least 2/3 of our bloggers) will be playing Guitar Hero III this weekend. That doesn't exactly make for a compelling edition of What Are You Playing, but what can you do? We suppose there might be a few folks out there rocking some Virtua Fighter 5 or The Simpsons or TimeShift, but we've learned not to underestimate the power of Guitar Hero III. Regardless, we are required by law* to ask you what you will be playing this weekend. So, what will you be playing this weekend?

*Our lawyers note that we are required by law to inform you that we are not required by law to ask you the above question.*

*Our lawyers said no such thing. Nevertheless, we feel it necessary to inform you that the above statement and the statement to which it refers are, in fact, jokes.

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11-02-2007 @ 10:03AM

xenocidic said...

I'll be playing some GH2, yes, GH2, since I just got it.

Now... my question to yous is... what kind of psychopath can actually play on Expert? i can't even seem to play on hard. is it just that I need a lot more practice?

started Jordon on Expert and it blew my mind. I even went into practice on slowest and I couldn't fathom how someone could do that.

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11-02-2007 @ 10:16AM

wubenz said...

Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked, have been sacked.

Practice and you'll be okay -- if you just play for an unhealthy amount of time every day in a few weeks you'll be rocking Expert too!

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11-02-2007 @ 10:17AM

UNSCleric said...

GH3, Halo 3, Mutant Storm Empire for me.

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11-02-2007 @ 10:17AM

kp said...

guess i'm in that 3rd of your readers who won't be doing up GH3.

i WILL however be playing orange box (just beat portal the other night, effin awesome game). so i'll go back to HL2 and picked up the Simpsons game. and its actually a lot of fun, gameplay isnt anything to write home about, but for a long time fan it is pure genius.

once cod4 hits though...

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daniel j5

11-02-2007 @ 10:20AM

daniel j said...

Naruto Rise of a Ninja! and GHIII when I get bored. BAM!

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11-02-2007 @ 10:22AM

TORO said...

I won't be playin any new instrumental games for awhile, but H3 will suffice. UNScleric what do you think of Mutant Storm? I d/l the trial yesterday but Halo 3 kept me from playin it.

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Jonah Falcon7

11-02-2007 @ 10:35AM

Jonah Falcon said...

I got Hellgate: London for the PC - what a disappointment.

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11-02-2007 @ 10:41AM

UNSCleric said...

If you liked Mutant Storm Reloaded you'll like Empire, they're both awesome.

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11-02-2007 @ 10:44AM

Realists said...

Halo 3 all the way.

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11-02-2007 @ 10:45AM

BluesmanTLU said...

Teh Halo 3, of course, and some Puzzle Quest. I'm debating whether to pick up GH3 today... I'm just hesitant to purchase anything with Mass Effect 3 weeks away.

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Neon Jebus11

11-02-2007 @ 10:45AM

Neon Jebus said...

I've been without a system for a week. I just got my new Holiday Bundle Elite. My old system is now in the hands of my girlfriend who has enjoyed GH3 and is bringing to me this weekend.

Looks like GH3, Orange Box, and Halo 3 for me this weekend. I might check out Forza 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance since I now have those in my library.

Everyone have a great weekend and be safe!

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11-02-2007 @ 10:47AM

rockeranimefreak said...

For the living! :)

meh i'll try to pick up gh3/wireless controller set if not.. then maybe I'll keep on chugging through Orange Box since I'm barely at Ravenholm... (i don't play alot as I don't have much time except weekends and I play tf2 on weekends too much...)

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11-02-2007 @ 11:02AM

ArmoredWeeman said...

Halo3 all the way! =)

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11-02-2007 @ 11:04AM

Tony said...

Nothing really on 360. I might pick up Hellgate: London today. I would like to see that hit 360, personally.

Maybe some Lord of the Rings Online too.

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11-02-2007 @ 11:16AM

thisguyrighthere said...

Just finished all the OB has to offer and I'm getting bored with both Halo and TF multiplayer.

I'll be playing Dementium on my DS this weekend.

I would LIKE to be playing Ace Combat 6 or TimeShift but neither are "must buys" in my opinion. They're definite bargain bin titles or rentals if I can find them but they aren't begging me to drop $60. Well, maybe AC is if I get bored. Some Live dogfighting would be awesome.

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11-02-2007 @ 11:19AM

NATO_Duke said...

I need to finish the Orange Box and hit some Forza I think.

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11-02-2007 @ 11:25AM

decadeofevil said...

halo 3 orrrrr raibow six vegas.... tuesday needs to be now cod 4 !!!!!!!

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Zoot Suit Jedi18

11-02-2007 @ 11:28AM

Zoot Suit Jedi said...

Damn legal eagles with their jargon and pesky "laws." Curse you fine print.

OH yeah, I'm OD'ing on threes this weekend.

COD3 (want to finish single player)

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Gemini Ace19

11-02-2007 @ 11:40AM

Gemini Ace said...

skate and maybe Halo.

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11-02-2007 @ 11:43AM

Jonathan said...

I'll be playing TimeShift! This game is awesome, the campaign atleast. Online is so dead it's not even funny. It's disappointing.

But the campaign is awesome. You have to be smart with your time powers to hide, recharge your health, fight enemies and even solve some not so obvious puzzles(crates on conveyor belt, anyone?)

So yeah. Timeshift FTW. And maybe I'll force myself to play some more Blue Dragon. Even though I hate Blue's so long. Maybe I'll sell it.

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