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Video: Video Marketplace demonstration

GameTrailers has posted a nice video rundown of the upcoming Video Marketplace (embedded after the break). While we're as excited as the next person about downloading TV shows and movies, we do have one concern. The rep in this video assures us that the prices are not set, and that the prices used on the demo are just placeholders. Still, the prices listed, if accurate, seem a little high. 320 points ($4) for a high definition TV episode is fairly steep considering iTunes episodes usually run for $1.99. Granted, those episodes run in the tiny, tiny window of a video iPod, but we still hope that the Video Marketplace is similarly priced. The video is fuzzy, but the high definition downloads shown looked to take up about 2 gigs of space, whereas standard definition episodes were 0.5 gigs. An hour long TV episode is trimmed down to about 42 minutes when commercials are removed, so that should give us an idea of the amount of space we'll be consuming with TV and movies.

The video Marketplace is visually much more interesting than the regular one we're used to. Each show has a themed storefront, highlighting some aspect of the show. Another neat feature is that users will be able to watch a short sample clip of potential downloads. There clips have no sound, but at least you'll have an idea of what you're purchasing (and maybe we're one step closer to video streaming?). Overall, the Video Marketplace should be an interesting addition to the Xbox 360, and possibly the console wars as a whole. Do you plan on using the Video Marketplace, or are you content just playing games?

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11-08-2006 @ 1:44PM

Jesse said...

depends on price and if I can store it off the 360's tiny hard drive! I just bought a 1.5 terrabyte RAID 5 array I would hate to waste.


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11-08-2006 @ 1:52PM

Shugs said...

Not sure how much I will really use this considering that I have a Hi Def DVR and Comcast on Demand. I'm just not into these shows enough to pay for them because I forgot to record it. I would pay for games though.

Make it more affordable so more people would want to download it. $4.00 is way too much


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11-08-2006 @ 1:58PM

Tony said...

I don't see how the price is steep... the movie downloads are comparable to on-demand prices from Satellite companies and you guys mention the iPod video prices directly. How should it not cost a dollar or two more for HD videos as compared to ones the size of my DS screen? The increase in file size alone justifies it lol.


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11-08-2006 @ 2:15PM

cubbiechris said...

This video was already debunked by MS. MS already said the prices in the video were incorrect.


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11-08-2006 @ 2:18PM

DA360 said...

Not sure how the prices are "steep", their about the same price, actually abit CHEAPER than what's on my Digital Cable service. It seems like an awesome feature, and I hope this kind of thing rubs off on the rest of the marketplace as well (for game content and whatnot).

Personally I think people complain too much, especially about Marketplace and XBLA. If you complain about XBLA prices, you will HATE owning a Cell Phone, EVERYTHING, from ring tones to themes, to especially cell phone games, costs money, yet you don't see many cell phone owners complaining. Cell phone games are usually $8-10, and their much simpler than what were getting on XBLA for the same price.

But of course you got the nickel-and-dime problems, primarily EA who's running hog-wild with the whole micro transaction idea (their supposedly ALSO charging for cheats on PS3 as well). But every company is different with content and prices, so don't slam the entire marketplace because of what one company is doing with it.

Anyway, I think this going to be a excellent service and it definitely expands the media capabilities of the Xbox 360, and makes it more of a media hub. Yes, we all love it for games and that's what I mainly own it for but there's people out there that also love their TV and this is perfect for them. I think this is also important because consoles are becoming in more and more people's homes, so it is important to make them not just play games, but do these kind of functions as well. This also helps attract the more "casual" person into the platform as well.


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11-08-2006 @ 2:19PM

DA360 said...

To add to my previous comment, I do agree that space might become an issue, especially seeing the HD versions of some shows being 1.5GB, but that's not too bad. I hope MS really, really does launch that bigger HDD soon, especially with them wanting to do this video marketplace.

Also, about the prices, I noticed they said the prices are PLACE HOLDERS, and are NOT the final prices they will charge when the service is live.


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11-08-2006 @ 3:28PM

EnderAl said...

As both an Apple fan and a recent Xbox 360 fan, I'm wondering about the competition between Apple's upcoming iTV (January) and Xbox Live. Both will offer streaming video from the computer (though the 360 doesn't stream from a Mac yet), and both will offer HD content if the rumors about the iTV are true.

I'm just wondering if MS actually is going to do what I thought wasn't possible: steal my money from Apple on a competing product. If the Xbox Live service provides what I want, I won't feel a need to buy the iTV since I'm already paying for Xbox Live (and loving it).


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11-08-2006 @ 5:09PM

Measure said...

If the movie rental fee comes down to 3 bucks, what I pay to rent a movie down the steet, then I could see myself using this service.

I don't see myself paying for TV shows that my Tivo gets for free... but perhaps I could be convinced if the price was low enough to make up the difference if I dropped my cable sub and bought everything from xbox.


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11-08-2006 @ 5:42PM

Doc said...

price is the key to it's success consider that music isn't far off and they need veriety all standard channels not just CBS they need ABC NBC and even HBO and comedy central would be nice. Ipod can be played on your tv they just look bad in HD. I like the HD aspect and hope that they dont shoot themselves in the foot with high prices for TV shows compared to itunes


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11-08-2006 @ 10:31PM

Chris said...

Price will be a big deal if they hit 1-2$ per episode im in 110% ... especially for numb3rs... but i hope they get house/scrubs/supernatural/heros... then ill be 120% in :)

Oooooh oooh and lucky larry too

AND I REALLY REALLY hope they combine the video marketplace with the zune marketplace so we can also grab the tv shows we have purchased and put them on our zune/pc muhahahahahha that will be wicked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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11-09-2006 @ 4:08AM

Tom said...

Anyone who steals TV shows off the internet knows that the typical 42-minute episode is about 350MB, while being about equal in video quality to most of the 480p music videos/trailers currently available on XBL.


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11-09-2006 @ 9:40PM

Refugee said...


- Where did you read that the prices for the videos in the MP were already debunked by MS. I have read this also, but would like to get a like to the official response.

Thanks in advance if you can provide that link.


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