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What are you playing: Aloha edition

You may have noticed a few hints that I'm getting married soon. Well, tomorrow actually. Incidentally, that's why I wasn't in Barcelona covering X06 -- much to the dismay of many of my friends: "You should totally go, dude." But no, I'm getting married and that's more important. The point of all this is that I won't be here for a little while. I'll be enjoying the sunny skies and sandy beaches of Hawaii with my beautiful new bride (assuming we don't get rained on the whole time). As such, I won't have time for posting, because I'll be ... busy. Of course, Ken will still be here and Joystiq's own Chris Grant just might be popping in as well.

On a personal note, I really hope you have all been enjoying our new energy around here. Some of you may have guessed that this is now my full time job, and I'm taking it seriously. We're going to be growing X360F like crazy and all of you are a part of that. That means more community, more posts, more everything. We want to know what you like, what you don't like, and if you think something is bull, by all means call us on it. Stick around, it'll be worth it.

So, what will I be playing this weekend? Nothing -- looks like Dead Rising will have to wait 'til I get back (just when I thought it was over ...). How about the rest of you? Hope you all have a good time. I'll see you on October 12th.

-- Richard Mitchell

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1. I shall try to play and finish up Dead Rising this weekend, but I'm REAALLY itching to try out both the new NBA games and see which one is best.

Posted at 11:50AM on Sep 29th 2006 by ceej989 0 stars

2. Ds lite!!! whoops did I say that?

I mean Saints Row and Dead Rising.

Congrats Richard and have fun!

Posted at 11:54AM on Sep 29th 2006 by Mike 0 stars

3. I didn't know I wanted Doom, but now I have it and intend to play it. I might go through the Sonic and Lego Star Wars demos again too.

Posted at 11:54AM on Sep 29th 2006 by Ninegauger 0 stars

4. Congratulations.

And I'll be not playing anything with you. My 360 recently took a vacation to the "Three Red Lights District." She isn't due back for a week and a half, and I miss her already *sniff*.

Posted at 11:58AM on Sep 29th 2006 by KilgoreTrout XL 1 star

5. I will be playing Test Drive Unlimited, and I suggest others check it out if you haven't already.

Posted at 12:08PM on Sep 29th 2006 by Shaumarai 0 stars

6. I just finished Enchanted Arms so it will be all Doom all the time. It has become my #1 FPS for Live right now... lovin it.

Congratulations and have fun in Hawaii.

Posted at 12:12PM on Sep 29th 2006 by DrunkPenguin 0 stars

7. NBA 2K7...ALL weekend!

And Congrats Richard! My wedding is on May 19th on the beautiful island of St. Thomas! Get sh*t-faced for me (after the ceremony preferably) and enjoy yourself!

Posted at 12:18PM on Sep 29th 2006 by joba78 0 stars

8. I hope your wife like gaming, but then again I guess you could alway tell you're "working". Hope the weather good for ya.

Posted at 12:23PM on Sep 29th 2006 by jayman16 0 stars

9. My 360 also entered the red light district last night. I won the beast a week before launch and it just now died on me after attempting to play The Godfather a game I didnt really want but that good ole gamefly cue sent it my way. I should have just tossed it back in the mail, because it looks like I will be without my white box for a while. I feel your pain KilgoreTrout XL. But I would still rather be without it for 2 weeks than to be waiting on that Black box from "Sorry" opps Sony. And to Richard Mitchell you have my sympathy :)

Posted at 12:28PM on Sep 29th 2006 by Concerned Gamer 0 stars

10. getting married and working for 360fanboy as a full time job? I didnt realize they paid you that much for these postings.

Anyway, congratulations. Im playing saints row still now. contemplating on purchasing doom. I want to buy it, but I only do if my freinds will play co-op with me, and I cant get any of them to buy it :(

Posted at 12:31PM on Sep 29th 2006 by Mike 0 stars

11. I'll be driving around Oahu in my S7. If you're into racing games, give TDU for 360 a shot.

Posted at 12:32PM on Sep 29th 2006 by h0tr0d cO 0 stars

12. Congrats dude, and have a great weekend...

Posted at 12:34PM on Sep 29th 2006 by jc 8 stars

13. Hopefully I finnish Oblivion this weekend, then I can dust off some of the other 8 games Ive purchased since I got Oblivion, (4 months ago)

Posted at 12:46PM on Sep 29th 2006 by deter1ii 0 stars

14. Congrats! Let us know how Hawaii is for a honeymoon. I'm getting married next October and we're considering Hawaii for ours.

I'm gonna be playing more Lego Star Wars II. Time to start attempting the "Undefeated" Achievements.

Posted at 1:08PM on Sep 29th 2006 by Dracula Jones 0 stars

15. Congrats Rich, hope all goes well. Dont try to sneak the 360 in the luggage!!!!!!!! lol

Posted at 1:12PM on Sep 29th 2006 by AZ I BORICUA 0 stars

16. Hey I'm getting married Oct 6th and then heading to hawaii in June... congrats!

Posted at 1:17PM on Sep 29th 2006 by Roadzy 0 stars

17. Congrats Richard! What are you doing updating the site today though? Go get ready for your wedding! I hope you two have a beautiful wedding and a great honeymoon!

Posted at 1:18PM on Sep 29th 2006 by AoE 0 stars

18. - Pal, you'll remember this day for the rest of your life.
- But... I'm marrying tomorrow, uncle!
- I know!

Posted at 1:22PM on Sep 29th 2006 by Alex 0 stars

19. Congrats, Sense!

I see you totally kicked my score's ass in Dead Rising. Over double. LOL!

I'm still working on those damned achievements. That 7 day survival one is going to suck hard, and I can't imagine the 53k zombie killing spree will be amusing for more than 10 minutes.

Posted at 1:35PM on Sep 29th 2006 by SuicideNinja 0 stars

20. Congrats Richard!

As for me my life is upside down as I'm moving this weekend to a new place. So, less playing for me this weekend but once I get into my new place I can finally start shopping for my new HDTV! So it's all worth it.

If I get setup in my new place fast enough I'll be playing some Chromehounds (which isn't as bad as many people told me it was) and a bunch of Live Arcade stuff too.

Posted at 1:43PM on Sep 29th 2006 by LunarDuality 0 stars

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