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Capcom dragon punches Unreal Engine 3

We're starting to think that Epic's Unreal Engine 3 is the core component of Skynet. As more and more developers sign on to use Unreal Engine 3, its network -- and its intelligence -- grows. Soon, when enough developers latch onto the Gears of War creating powerhouse, our world will be overrun with diabolical machines that wish for nothing but out destruction. The latest victim is Capcom, which has licensed the engine for an unannounced North American project. We'd love to imagine the possibilities of a fully rendered Ken Masters in Unreal glory, but we're pretty sure that Capcom wouldn't hand over any Street Fighter development to the US. Could the project be a sequel to one of Capcom's hot 360 properties like Dead Rising or Lost Planet? Only time will tell. Let's hope they get the game finished before the machines attain sentience.

[Via Xbox Addict]

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Activision uses Unreal Engine 3 in new game

Activision uses Unreal Engine 3 in new game

With the Xbox 360's number one game under their belt -- 3 million copies and counting -- you'd think Epic Games would be satisfied. But no, not Epic. No, Epic has to have a much larger slice of the video game pie (mmm ... video game pie), licensing their Unreal Engine 3 to every company under the sun. The latest victim is Activision, who has licensed the engine for an as yet unannounced project. All that is known at the moment is that the game will be an action title. Said Mark Rein of the deal -- no doubt following peals of maniacal laughter -- "We've admired them for a long time and we're pleased that they've chosen to use Unreal Engine 3 and we're confident they're going to make a great game with it."

What could be the game in question? Dare we dream that it might be a good remake of Pitfall?

[Via Evil Avatar]

Unreal Tournament III Trailer on Marketplace

Major Nelson has let us know that there is an Unreal Tournament III trailer available on Marketplace. Although it is not available in Mexico or Asia. Perhaps it's a bit of payback for releasing Crackdown early. Still, the game features the Unreal 3 Engine, and is going to easily be on par with Gears of War in terms of visual fidelity. The trailer comes in two flavors, 720p or 480p and weigh in at 66 MB and 33 MB, respectively. So hop on Live, download the trailer and tell us what you think.

Video: Huxley has a lot to prove

Let's make one thing clear: I've been pimping Huxley since before I began working for 360 Fanboy. The idea of a massively multiplayer first person shooter is almost too delicious to contemplate. In the intervening months, with the release of several AAA 360 titles, Huxley has been all but forgotten. As fate would have it, a new video of the game popped up on the net today, and Xboxyde was kind enough to create a streaming version of it, as is their wont. Call me jaded, but the video is uninspiring. It's just a generic montage of blasting things with a tiny bit of the actual MMO aspect of the game thrown in. Considering the main selling point of Huxley is its MMO nature, you'd think they'd make more use of it in a promotional video. But, I digress. Check out the video and make your own judgments. Does it look like it can stand up against the likes of Gears, COD3, or Vegas?

Unreal Engine 3 gets Digimasked

The creative genius' behind Gears of War have a little program they call Unreal Engine 3, have you heard? Well it looks like Digimask and their face mapping software is officially a part of the Unreal Engine. Digimask is the same company that incorporated face mapping technology using the Xbox Live Vision camera into World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions and Rainbow Six Vegas. You just can't help but to speculate whether or not our beloved Gears of War (which utilizes the Unreal Engine) will incorporate the new face mapping technology through a future auto update. Though the more I think about it, I highly doubt we'll see this happen because that would totally mess up the feng shui Cliffy B has painstakingly worked to achieve in Gears. We can always hope that we'll see some Digimask face mapping in the uber-hyped, Xbox 360 exclusive, Unreal Engine based game: Jazz the Jackrabbit 4.

Unreal Engine 3 prepares to Roboblitz XBLA

Time to take another look at the trailer for Roboblitz from indie developer Naked Sky, the first Xbox Live Arcade game to sport Unreal Engine 3. Mike from K1lla's Xbox Domain spotted a forum post from one of the devs that says:

The game is super close to complete. Design and art wise, we're pertty much locked, now we're just making sure the game is bug free and fully optimized. An exact release date...still don't have one. But considering the state of the game, it can't be much longer. Believe me, we want the game out asap! The only thing we know for sure is that it'll be 1200 MS points, and the PC version will include (TBA) bonus content. SOOOON!!

The best part is it actually looks like it's worth 1200 MS Points.

Slaying Dinosaurs in Turok, totally Unreal

Xboxyde got a handful of screenshots for the upcoming next gen Turok. The game is running on Unreal Engine 3 (then again, what isn't?) and looks awfully nice. The game pits players against humans, dinosaurs, and -- if previous iterations are anything to go by -- robot dinosaurs. The game supposedly mixes up GOW style cover and some intense melee combat as well. The game isn't coming out until 2007, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Anyone willing to place their confidence in this ailing franchise?

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