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Fatal Fury and Cyberball now on XBLA

It's time for the age old Capcom vs. SNK debate to begin anew, because Fatal Fury Special is now available on Xbox Live Arcade. Alongside the classic fighter is Cyberball 2072 which brings Xbox 360 gamers the palpable mix of robots and football. Ooh, and explosions too, can't forget explosions. Both games are available for the tantalizing price of 400 Microsoft Points.

So, now that you've had a taste of both, which is it going to be fanboys, Street Fighter or Fatal Fury? We can tell you right now that there is one thing Fatal Fury has that Street Fighter doesn't: the lovely Mai Shiranui. Your move, Street Fighter.

Cyberball, Fatal Fury hit XBLA next week, special price drops too

Wow, the Xbox Live Arcade press release came early this week and it is loaded with goodies. First and foremost, let's discuss next week's games. There are two games arriving next Wednesday, Fatal Fury Special and Cyberball 2072. If you're a longtime gamer, both titles are likely to bring back heady arcade memories. We're talking about real arcades of course. Fatal Fury Special is old school 2D fighting at its finest, whereas Cyberball 2072 brings us robotic football with a ball that explodes if you don't make those touchdowns quickly. It is, put simply, football for nerds, and it always managed to draw in the same two guys at the arcade. You know, the guys who put their drinks on the machine and played nothing else for five hours. Good times. Both Fatal Fury and Cyberball will be available for 400 points.

In other Arcade news, a select group of XBLA games will be available for half price this weekend in celebration of Labor Day. The four titles are Zuma, Small Arms, Dig Dug, and Gauntlet. Zuma and Small Arms will be available for 400 points, while Dig Dug and Gauntlet will be a mere 200 points each. The Labor Day special runs from 5:00PM PT September 1st though 4:59PM PT September 3rd. Hachi machi, it's so much Arcade goodness we can barely stand it.

Read -- Cyberball 2072 XBLA site
Read -- Fatal Fury Special XBLA site

Achievement lists for a bunch of retail and XBLA titles

Over at Xbox 360 Achievements, there are a slew of new Achievements listed for retail and arcade games alike. They have Two Worlds, Skate, which came straight from EA, Fatal Inertia, NHL 08, & Medal of Honor: Airborne. On the XBLA side of things, there is the cheaper of the two Arcade games that came out today, Space Giraffe, Fatal Fury Special and we're especially happy to see Sonic 2 make it there as well. A cool little reveal about Sonic 2 is that it will have online multiplayer, derived from the splitscreen multiplayer found in the Genesis version. So, those are plenty of lists for you to examine for your next target of 1000 or 200 Gamerscore.

Read: Two Worlds
Read: skate.
Read: Fatal Inertia
Read: NHL 08
Read: Medal of Honor: Airborne

Read: Space Giraffe
Read: Fatal Fury Special
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ESRB rates Fatal Fury, Tempest, more for XBLA

We love the ESRB. With the group constantly rating titles that have yet to be announced, it's like getting birthday presents year round. XBLArcade breaks the news that the ESRB has rated 4 new games for Xbox Live Arcade, though not all of them are "new." The three we already know about are Tempest, Mutant Storm Empire, and Fatal Fury Special. We had nearly given up hope on Fatal Fury though. We hadn't heard a peep about it since last August after all. Finally, coming out of left field is SEGA's Streets of Rage 2, a classic beat-em-up from the Genesis era.

We have to admit we've been impressed by Xbox Live Arcade lately. Here's hoping Microsoft can continue the stream of new titles unabated.

SFII is lame, Fatal Fury hits Live Arcade

New technology seems to have rekindled old rivalries. No doubt burned by the success of Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting on Xbox Live Arcade, SNK is bringing Fatal Fury Special to the service as well. It's like arcades in the 1990s all over again. Who will win, Capcom or SNK? Maybe someday they'll put SNK characters and Capcom characters in the same game. That would be kuh-razy. Expect more information during the Tokyo Game Show next month.

In the meantime, rest assured that there's one thing Street Fighter will never have, and that's Mai.

[Thanks, Lorul2]

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